The Arab-Muslim narrative
David Ha'ivri
Published: 10.04.12, 11:03
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1. Moshe Rabenu
The idiot man from the Waqf was saying that Moses was a muslim who led the Palestinians out of Egypt. I have two questions for this twister from the waqf. Is it written in the quran? So the muslims have two prophets. Mohammed who flew with his white horse to heaven via Mecca by rocket, and the second prophet called Musa who led the Palestinians out of Egypt. What an idiot and stupid man.
2. Islam is the original religion ! It is perfect ! It is the
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (04.10.12)
Religion of Peace ! All "Palestinians" were born in Palestine and none immigrated from anywhere else.! They are not Arabs,they are Palestinians a country that has always belonged to them.!
3. Islam defines al-aqsa as the entire temple mount!
Mo   (04.10.12)
So that might be why he said that it has been there forever...I really doubt that all Muslims believe what this member of the Waqf said. I could find you tons of Jews who believe that dinosaurs never existed!
4. I think they are ready to convert :-)
Yossef   (04.10.12)
5. What a tragedy
Nour ,   One State   (04.10.12)
People have peaceful relations with their neighbors because they respect them and treat them the way they themselves like to be treated. It has nothing to do with God favouring or loving you more than He loves your neighbour. Decency and common sense shall prevail. The author is asked to refrain from further nonesense about being "Chosen" and engage in some Earthly self reflection if capable! Besides, your own religion agrees with the above.
6. Arafat : Jesus was a Palestinian revolutionary..go figure
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (04.10.12)
7. True, and very sad
A ,   Belgium   (04.10.12)
that while lying, exaggerating and story telling are all accepted parts of moslem cultural...for moslems...many influential Western nations and leaders also accept these lies without question. Until Israel begins to answer consistently with convincing and TRUTHFUL p.r., as Ya'alon does with his videos, the West will continue to ignore the threat of moslem extremism by naively accepting their distortions as fact.
8. The Arab-Muslim narrative
Mickey ,   Sydney Australia   (04.10.12)
They also claim that Abraham was the first Muslim.
9. A simple solution: secularism
Philos ,   Herzliya   (04.10.12)
10. Peter SM no 2
You are wrong Peter.Islam is not repeat NOT the original religion. The true religion is Jewish , and the only Prophet who spoke to the ALMIGHTY is MOSES. JEWS received the Ten Commandments from MOUNT SINAI and in Arabic is called Jabel MUSA. How Islam got the Quran from which mountain,river,sea, or what? As far as I know that the QURAN was written by a Jewish Rabbi who was forced by Mohammed to write the quran. Religion of Peace. Are you kidding? Islam is religion of violence, killing, beheading,etc,. In every killing the Muslim do, first they shout allah akbar. Look at the flag of Saudi Arabia which shows the ruthless Islamic Sword. This is Islam trade mark
11. Isn't it ironic...
David ,   Jerusalem   (04.10.12)
...that we have to hear that Arabs/Muslims like to invent stories, from a religious fanatic who bases his nationalist claims on what is without any doubt a fictional story?
12. Nour "chosen" as in assigned a task!. The
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (04.10.12)
introduction of ethical monotheism. How many times have you read chosen here from other than Islamists and antisemites? When you have nothing factual to add prove it by filling a page with insults.
13. Friday attack Saturday People, then the Sunday people.
mary of bethany ,   singapore   (04.10.12)
Islam attack Christians as much as the Jews! but too bad, there are simply too many self-hate Christians (as much as too many self-hate Jews), apologizing to not supporting their brothers "suffering" in the Holy Land enough, yet naively ignorant that when Islam attack Jews by the Book, by deny truth in the Torah, they also deny the Christian Bible too. because the first 5 book in the Christian Bible happened to be the Torah. remember, Sunday cometh soon, too soon after Saturday! don't be numb when Saturday is been attacked!
14. Muslims attack Gospels more than Jews or Israel.
BUTSeriously ,   Australia   (04.10.12)
The Jews have prevailed 2000 years without the temple. When Muslims deny the Jewish temple which now safely tucked and protected by a part-time mosque dumped on it, they are negating the Gospels which says Jesus visited this temple. The truth is with the Jews.
15. Somewhere,.......
Gideon Reader   (04.10.12)
...Groucho Marx and Tinkerbell are sitting in aluminum lawn chairs sipping cheap booze and puffing cheaper cigars, laughing their asses off. "It's been there forever?" Moses led the Bajorians out of bondage of the Cardassians in the Gamma Quadrant. Oooh.Kinky. This particular element of humor is drawn from the flat out incongruous and plain outright silly is the essence of the sheer stupidity of rock ribbed belief here.
16. Arabs are full of it whether telling time of day or history!
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.10.12)
It's in the genes or in the Holy Kouran, who cares?!
17. Arab non muslim narrative
Ross ,   Jerusalem   (04.10.12)
It's really strange to criticize the Arabs on their beliefs while your own beliefs itself are based largely on the accounts of mythical and religious texts which does not have any scientific evidence on its historical authenticity. You believe that the temple was built centuries before the era of Herod. Is there any historical or archeological evidence that support this belief? Reliable Historical narrative (non Muslim nor Jewish) says that there was a Semitic people who lived in this country before the Macedonian and Roman occupation part of which converts to Judaism the only known monotheistic religion at that time. There are more evidences in the science of anthropology and genetic studies confirms that the Arab population who live in Palestine today are the closest people in terms of ethnic and biological ties to this ancient people, who was probably a descendant of the oldest Canaanite. The Jewish people who live in Palestine today mostly comes from the Aryan race, there is no evidence that they are related or descended from the old Israelites. You yourself assert in the article that you are proud to belong to the Western culture and its values and principles, the culture which most Israelis today believes and feels that they belongs to and in the contrary old Jewish people did not feel the same way when they resisted the Macedonian and Roman invaders to their lands.
18. Sadly, this is the reality we, Israelis, know and few abroad
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.10.12)
wish to believe this reality. Some people continue to deal with events based on "narratives", i.e. fictional short stories designed strictly for political expediency, and other, naive members of society, can't divorce themselves and instead begin to rely on factual based rational examination of matters.
19. To: Gideon at No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.10.12)
Yes, but instead of manna, they had quatrotriticaline. Of course, they also had the Horda who could tunnel through rocks and thus provide makeshift shelters in the way of instant caves. Handy, no?
20. Tahrir I was quoting what THEY believe not me
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (04.10.12)
Moadim Lesimcha! Am Yisroel Chair
21. They would all be better off
Devorah   (04.10.12)
taking up residence in customized theme parks where they could live out their fantasies like Mosque Merry-Go-Rounds of allah's white horses, terrifying Escape Egypt water rides, Balestinian Bumper Car rides utilizing Martyrmobiles tricked out with live explosives, Grads from Gaza rollercoasters that plow through their ficticious idea of Israel, shocking 72 Virgins Hootchie Kootchie shows and Give Me Your Money, Sucker arcade games scattered throughout the parks.
22. #5 You are absolutely right, Nour!
A ,   Belgium   (04.10.12)
Unfortunatly, the "palestinians" prove time and again that they not only have NO respect for Israel (witness the almost DAILY rockets being shot from gaza into Israel), but also for America and Europe (as long as they keep handing out free money, that is), and above all, themselves. Decency and common sense shall prevail indeed, about time you "palestinians" learn what the words mean, or do you prefer to remain being shut out of the picture completely?
23. Fantasy and Prevarication
Max ,   Washington DC   (04.10.12)
Sadly - Reality, Responsibility and Honesty are not emphasized in some cultures and doing harm to others by whatever means is considered a duty and form of "resistance".
24. How dare Arabs steal Jewish mythological figures!
TaylorT ,   Earth   (04.10.12)
Some of you people are so friggin lost there is no hope for you. Perhaps, just perhaps, before you begin judging others for having silly beliefs, you take a look at your own. And, perhaps, just perhaps, before you talk about an 'arab-Muslim narraitve' being wrong, you question how accurate your 'zionist, fundie Jewish narrative' is. Let me give you a hint: if you think that Arab narrative is silly....
25. HA'IVRI IS PEDDLING RACISM - which should not have...
Rafi ,   US   (04.10.12)
... a platform in Ynet. Whatever Ha'ivri heard from a member of the Jerusalem Waqf - or for that matter, another one hundred Muslims - does NOT apply to the ENTIRE Muslim/ Arab world!! Ynet should be ashamed for publishing this racist drivel...
26. plain truth
marcel   (04.10.12)
arab culture as haiviri writes is based on half lies, distortions, fantasy and paranoia and death. Take erdogan for example who says that moslems are incapable of killing moslems. As for suckers, beinart was on charlie rose the other day going on about the so called peace process. He without any military or security understanding feels israel can risk rockets at ben gurion from palestine notwithstanding the gaza and lebanon experience. and the olemrt oh my god demographics reared its head, we must, we must or we'llbe overrun. This is the beilin weak jews talking andyears of submission have produced a fearful and appeasing jew that it will decades more to get rid of.
27. Was their deep hatred "always" there?
Baruch ,   USA/Israel   (04.10.12)
This kind of historical narcissism may explain why they have no concept of self determination and no practical vision of the future.
28. Simplistic
Sidney ,   USA   (04.10.12)
One thousand years ago Baghdad may have been the most enlightened city in the world. Almost (maybe all) religions are nonsense, it is when people take them seriously that harm comes. Just think of what a horrible place Israel would be if all Israelis were Haredim. The hope for the future is that enlightenment comes to the Muslim world before they use weapons of mass destruction bought with oil money to destroy civilization. Israel is not at the center of the world's or even the Middle East's problems, it is a useful scapegoat.
29. Puzzled.
Gabe ,   Canada   (04.10.12)
What is holding this Government back from sending the Waqf to Mecca, Amman or Hell ? Past mistakes are possible to fix. No time is better than the present time.
30. Islam, a dead story
Beary White ,   Norway   (04.10.12)
No-one will ever say against what the author tells about islam, and what the arab people actually have learned and even learns in schools today, and what they actually believe is the truth. Somebody should start a validated, narrow investigation of this religion, how it is created, how it is spread througout the world and why the death and terror is a major part of this religion. At the same time there should be investigated why the world leaders have been hypocratic to accept "everything" from islamic countries, even beyond common sense. Bill Clinton actually corrected Arafat about the templemount, that the First Temple was the first building to be build there. And Arafat had to eat his words abouth al Aqsa..and that there never was a temple.
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