Paratroopers fall asleep during ambush
Yoav Zitun
Published: 15.04.12, 08:47
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1. This is the very bad sign This is worst than 1000 flytillas
leo ,   usa   (04.15.12)
2. This actually never really happened
Israeli 2   (04.15.12)
It is a come on ploy to make Israel's enemies believe that Israel is sleeping
3. When soldiers are not given ....
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.15.12)
the opportunity to sleep the min.hours they need,falling asleep is a natural phenomenon . Why punish them?
4. 20 days in prison for not doing "rookie" cleaning according
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.15.12)
to tradition because some newbie commander wanted to push around the troops that were almost ready to get out. Well, the people under him WILL NOT be loyal to him, he lost his credibility among the troops and now he is a leader in name only.
5. 3
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (04.15.12)
Come on ORA-not a sensible post from you.When soldiers fall asleep during ambush they deserve the punishment and then some.
6. COS Gantz..clean house and set the army straight
Al   (04.15.12)
The lives of millions of Jews in Isreal depend on this army. Please remember that. I have often been critical of you all the while knowing that the job you have to do is herculean. The sioldiers must be disciplined and that must come from you. Please stop pandering to the political stooges who worry about girls singing in mixed company etc. Set the army straight..The lives of millions of Jews lay in the balance.
7. #4 Wrong Bunny!
Israeli grandma   (04.15.12)
Tzahal is not a summer holiday camp! This is a serious life and death business, and I as an Israeli citizen feel a lot safer when I know that Tzahal is being kept up to the mark. Now that we have a zealous leader like B.Ganz I hope that many sloppy habits will be eradicated. And for your info, a lot of rubbish customs traditional in the harsh Russian conscript system has crept into Tzahal over the years, and no time like now to clean it out!
8. #6 is right
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.15.12)
The company commander not only fell asleep, he should have realized he and his soldiers were too tired to handle the mission and demanded reinforcements. But of course under Barak and Barbivai he learned that the most important thing in the IDF is not doing your mission, it listening to 3d rate entertainment. The fact is that Barak and Barbivai sacrificed 12 cadets who would not have fallen asleep just because they did not want to be forced to hear bad music. But let us not forget Netanyahu whose bizarre relationship with Barak is the only reason that Barak is still able to damage Israel.
9. is true
I know one of the soldiers personally
10. I agree with No. 2!
Jew ,   JewLandia   (04.15.12)
because if it is otherwise then my criticism is not of the paratroopers but rather of their commanding officers and of the idiot (yes the idiot) who released this information to the media and therefore to the entire world!
11. Even the best...
Taz Man ,   USA   (04.15.12)
...pound-for-pound army in the world has problems! Just tighten the discipline where it's needed. Although, I am surprised that it happened with the paratroopers...they're usually among the most well-trained and disciplined units. Perhaps, a point of concern? but, I tend to think it was an anomaly that will be quickly remedied. Israel can sleep easy: for the ultimate warrior (God) neither sleeps nor slumbers. God bless, Israel and His Jerusalem! A Christian Zionist
12. No Excuse!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (04.15.12)
They all should be disciplined: more so, the officer-in-charge! With that said, Israel doesn't need to worry, because when the time comes to kick-arse, the IDF will do just fine--guaranteed!!! God bless, Israel; praying for the peace of Jerusalem!
13. Does Yoav Zeitun serve in the army ?
YNet lover   (04.15.12)
Or is Yoav Zeitoun just one of these notorious leftists critizising others without contributing themselves to the countrys wellbeing ( Writing against the army, the settlers, the right government is NO contribution to the countrys well being - its the behaviour of a frustrated coward )
14. This is not about discipline
Daniel ,   Netherlands   (04.15.12)
Its about allowing soldiers enough hours to sleep. I never understood the need for a totally exhausted army.
15. Total breakdown of discipline AGAIN!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (04.15.12)
The disciplinary action take against the Company Commander and the troops is totally is laughable particularly when take take the Shalit incident into consideration! All this country needs is another kidnapping and these soldiers should made an example of and the officer should be dishonorably discharged!
16. they r human.. of course they'll sleep if they dont sleep in
esther   (04.15.12)
17. Military discipline should not be national news
Grace ,   USA   (04.15.12)
Every move in life does not need to be posted on the internet.
18. Internal
michael Pielet ,   israel   (04.15.12)
this is an internal army matter not for the press. You Israelies talk to much.
19. come over do it better'.
mery ,   israel   (04.15.12)
20. I see Mr.Zitun writes for
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (04.15.12)
Group 194 if you don't know what it is google it.Having said that i know the IDF is in need of discipline
21. @14
Darius   (04.15.12)
What don't you understand?Depriving soldiers of sleep is training in order to look how they act and react under pressure and stress.There is no need for a exhausted army right, but there is a need for an army which can fulfill its duties even when exhausted and that must be trained.Those losers who fell asleep on a real mission should be discharged from the army.Dishonourably discharged
22. Kasher b'imunim, kal b'krav
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (04.15.12)
23. #5 It's a miracle!
Shlomo   (04.15.12)
For once JD I agree with you. Now everyone accepts that Gillad Shillat fell asleep on duty, just the same as these paratroopers, and was captured.
24. ORA @2, I do not know how IDF operates, but in some armies
leo ,   usa   (04.15.12)
it is mandatory to have a rest period before the guard duty period regardless of whether one feels needing it or not. 2hr sleep, 2hr at a ready 2hr on guard and 4 cycles in 24 hour all together.
25. 24 Leo ,thanks for the information.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.15.12)
26. 11 - they're usually among the most well-trained and discipl
split ,   US   (04.15.12)
That says something about the rest of IDF ;) ,...
27. They wouldn't dare - An act of arrogance ,...
split ,   US   (04.15.12)
so visible in the rest of you there that at the end is going to make you pay the ultimate price and waste the only chance in 2000 years ,...
28. What's your problem ? ,...
split ,   US   (04.15.12)
Last time one of your misfits took a nap he woke up as a POW but at the end became a hero ;) ,...
29. I.D.F sinking fast...
Avi ,   Israel   (04.15.12)
2006 defeat was not due to a Mighty Hezbollah, it was more due to a Minny I.D.F...
30. #28 - and he didn't have to smash a little girls head
William ,   Israel   (04.16.12)
to become a hero in Israel. Says something about the ilk you support, and by default - YOU!
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