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Paratroopers fall asleep during ambush

Soldiers stationed along Lebanon border were supposed to be keeping watch over sensitive area to prevent smuggling, infiltration

Soldiers from the Paratroopers Brigade 101st Battalion fell asleep while lying in ambush along the border with Lebanon, Ynet reported.


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During the incident, which occurred a few days ago, a company commander and his soldiers were caught sleeping when they were supposed to be keeping watch over a sensitive area along the border to prevent smuggling and possible attempts to infiltrate Israel.


The force failed to respond to radio calls from the company's "war room" at the base, and a subsequent investigation found that the soldiers had fallen asleep. The battalion commander sentenced the company commander to 14 days in a military prison, while the soldiers have been confined to their base for 21 days.


In another incident, a paratrooper belonging to a different company accidentally fired his rifle during operational activity along the northern border. No injuries were reported.


The soldier did not fire towards Lebanon, but was nonetheless sentenced to 20 days detention. The battalion commander also ordered that he no longer serve in a combat unit for the remainder of his army service.


Lieutenant-Colonel Alon Madens also sentenced four combatants stationed near the Lebanese border to 20 days in military prison for refusing to carry out various orders.


Several months before the end of their service, combat soldiers start to enjoy various benefits as "veterans" and are exempt of administrative duties, such as cleaning, in favor of more complex assignments.


The four combatants decided to rebel after they were not declared veterans and announced they will stop performing tasks reserved to "rookies."


It is not clear whether they will regain their combat status.




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