Video: IDF officer beats activist with M-16 rifle
Elior Levy
Published: 15.04.12, 20:25
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1. Personally I see nothing wrong with the force used
James Hall ,   asia   (04.15.12)
The left wingnuts were looking for trouble and they found it.
2. The guy is a hero now!
Eli ,   Raanana   (04.15.12)
All the leftist girls will be in love! The IDF created a lefty-celeb.
3. Was lucky
Paul ,   Israel   (04.15.12)
In Siria or Iran he would get a bullet
4. The burden of being a Democracy
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (04.15.12)
Being a Democracy is a burden. How can a government grant Rights and Freedoms; yet stand impotently, while those who RIDE ON THE SHOULDERS OF DEMOCRACY WHILE LOOKING TO CUT IF OFF AT THE KNEES, are tolerated? The USA and Israel share this burden. OUTSIDERS, AGITATORS, INSTIGATORS, who threaten national security under the guise of "Peaceful Demonstration" are pandering to the left-wing media who THRIVES on each and every chance to denigrate and belittle Israel and the United States. The brat got what he deserved and then some. He should have stayed home in his own country, and VOLUNTEERED HIS TIME to improve the lives of his own fellow citizens.
5. don't mess with the jews
marcel   (04.15.12)
The jews have been through enough. it doe slook that he dane was unreasonably butted with a rifle but we don't have context. also idf has been showing great restrain in general as abbas sits on shechm, shiloh and ancient jewish cities.
6. Better than an Islamic country
sk ,   USA   (04.15.12)
Relatively speaking these protesters got better treatment - try this BS in an Islamic nation and see if you come out alive at worst. At best tortured and jailed
7. just a little love tap
8. I hope they stitched both lips together.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (04.15.12)
9. why has the officer beaten him with M-16 rifle
observer ,   Egypt   (04.15.12)
because the activist was unarmed and that is why the officer couldn't subject him to administrative detention.
10. wasn't right, but...
E ,   Canada   (04.15.12)
these pro Palestinian people were looking for action, and they got it. There's much more going on in Iran and Syria. Though they are aware that they can't demonstrate there, because they would get killed.
11. Brutal attack?
Fredrik T ,   Sweden   (04.15.12)
Well why the hell shall they come to provoce situations and then whine when they got a response? A brutal attack would be to use the rifle the way it's supposed to... I suggest that they go to Syria instead but I suppose that they haven't found out a reason to blame the situation there on Israel as of yet...
12. a DANISH citizen?????
tiki ,   belgium   (04.15.12)
An ACTIVIST? No a provacateur. He, as a DANISH CITIZEN, can protest in Denmark all he wants but not in Israel, which is not his country and a dangerous place for terrorists & FOREIGN agitating provocateurs. So the beating with a rifle was probably well deserved. Stop appologising to these European nobodies.
13. I Feel Sorry for the Officer
GF   (04.15.12)
Who would want to serve in an army in which you are prohibited from protecting your country. TG I made Aliyah after I was too old to serve in such an army.
14. I love all the Syria and Iran comparisons
James ,   Canada   (04.15.12)
"Well, Syria would have done this...and Iran would have done that!" Do you even hear yourselves? Good to see Jews using Syria and Iran as their measuring sticks for human rights violations. Kudos!
15. The most moral ones;) ,...
split ,   US   (04.15.12)
This is what they are good at : A gang style maltreating defenceless ,...
16. Israel is a country at war, they came begging for troubles
Tim ,   Dresden, Germany   (04.15.12)
In Syria they would be long dead. I don't agree with police or army brutality but they just came to provoke and no brutal force was used against them.
17. The title is misleading...
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (04.15.12)
Nobody was beaten. One person got hit one time with the magazine of the rifle. Big deal. The worst of it is that it is a poor way to treat a rifle. I hope the rifle wasn't damaged. As #1 points out, they came looking for trouble and found it.
18. Highest medals for the officer !
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (04.15.12)
Thousand of such jewish men would be necessary all over the world !
19. Israeli soldier
Seth Gold ,   USA   (04.15.12)
That soldier is a disgusting pig. Tell me again about עם סגולה !
stude ham   (04.15.12)
these foreign pali stooges are anything but peaceful emissaries. by their presence among our enemies they have declared their war against our people.
21. that's nothin' go look up Chicago 1968 photos...
Paddy ,   Chicago   (04.15.12)
yeah "Chicago's finest" (Chicago Police Officers) shot to kill protesters at the 1968 Democratic National Convention... did that make the USA less of a democracy? Hell no! It made Chicago's finest more respected throughout the land! So give it a rest was just one IDF officer who lost his head and I am willing to wager that the so called activist, activated his big mouth and said something inappropriate!
22. great ! We want more officlers like him
23. I hope that stupid generals will not annoy this officier !
24. Ynet should present him as a hero
hadad ,   u.k   (04.15.12)
25. Officer and a Gentleman
Don ,   Indy USA   (04.15.12)
This activist would have had his head cut off in an Arab / Muslim country. The Officer should get promoted. If the IDF punishes the officer, shame on the IDF.
26. What "beating"?
andyboy ,   Israel   (04.15.12)
He appeared to strike the demonstrator once - in response to who knows what remark, insult or provocation? viewing the clip, I think the soldiers were were very restrained in the light of deliberate attempts to provoke them. These people put themselves in harm's way on purpose. They need to understand that contrived PR comes with consequences. This was what they hoped and prayed for.................
27. Horray - YNet found something else to blame IDF !
YNet lover   (04.15.12)
YNet is really part of Israels enemies , tirelessly supporting them - wherever YNet can.....Not the scores slaughtered in Syria worries YNet - no, its an IDF officer who hits one of these brainwashed neonazi assholes from europe. The officer did well - he just should have hit this bastard twice ....
28. Carmelo Anthony already has 22 first half points v Miami.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (04.15.12)
We'll have to wait and see how many he ends up with.
29. IDF
deborah lurya ,   irvine   (04.15.12)
IDF needs better crowd control techniques, and they should know that the camera is always ROLLING.
30. unacceptable & outrageous violence !
Paulht ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (04.15.12)
we should be ashamed!
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