IDF officer who beat activist suspended
Yoav Zitun
Published: 16.04.12, 00:11
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1. Kol ha Kavod to the IDF
Golani ,   Vineland, USA   (04.16.12)
I am sure that there was much more to this video that what was edited. I have known Maj. General Nitzan Alon since he was 5 years old and I am sure that he will investigate and that Lt. Col Eisner was not out of line. Perhaps it would have been better not to have struck the terrorist supporter, but to handcuff him and put him back on his bike to continue his ride down Route 90.
2. 9 Israelis also arrested
leon ,   Britain   (04.16.12)
congratulations on your democracy. yeah yeah go to syria yourself and other excuses
3. It never happend !!PALLYWOOD!!
leon ,   Britain   (04.16.12)
OMG and not only that but it could not have happened because Palestine doesn't even exist!! But its ok because he was a provocateur so he must have provoked it. Shame you exposed your bloodlust over the last few days.LOL
Instead of supporting his harrassed army officers ,like Shalom Eisner ,Nertanyahu stabs him in the back . Netanyahu is a spineless creep ,he is hated ,rightly so ,by Obama ,Sarkosy ,Cameron and everybody who comes into contact with the lying toad.
5. It's a shame Israel has a yellow Prime Minister
Rachel ,   US   (04.16.12)
who doesn't support those who fight for Israel.
6. Lieutenant-Colonel
Shalom Eisner   (04.16.12)
There are dozens of cameras around him. Is this guy just unprofessional or how dumb can one be?
7. Stupid Nyet-a-boo-hoo Stand Up For Jewish Rights Once!
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (04.16.12)
8. Typical israeli brutality
let the world know   (04.16.12)
All you israelis and zionists out there: way to go! Once again the world can see your true colors. Eisner=typical israeli.
9. #4 You're right
Rachel ,   US   (04.16.12)
Remember Menachem Begin did not win any overseas popularity contests, but he was respected. Everyone (Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron, Merkel) who comes into contact with Netanyahu detests him. There's a reason for that.
Enough of the blame game.Eisner deservedly smacked one of the antisemitic provocateurs in the mouth and Netanyahu should keep quiet and stay out of this and should stop talking out of both sides of his mouth .
I don't know what happened to him ?
12. What was not shown
Golani ,   Vineland, USA   (04.16.12)
What was not shown was what went on for over an hour before what you do see. The "activists" using sticks were trying to hit the soldiers. The Lt. Col. had a finger broken and possibly his wrist by the perp. Thus you can even see the way he was holding his weapon. The perp is lucky that he was not hurt even worse than he was. The way the video was edited and shown, of course does not look good, but if a legit photographer would have filmed the entire incident, it would have been clear. This is what happens when good has to defend against evil. Kol Ha Kovod to the IDF...
13. Flytilla
Henri25 ,   Brussels Belgium   (04.16.12)
OMG poor little activist ! Try to harass thé same Way a Syrian soldier.
14. why is it?
daniela ,   panama   (04.16.12)
that everywhere the police use force against protesters but nobody makes a fuss, and here it like a declaration of war? If it was in Egypt, Syria, Lybia, Iran or even in Spain (see the last ones a few weeks ago..) in the US or EU (occupy Wll Street etc.. movements) were all beaten, pushed and arrested etc...and Im sure nobody was criticized as Lt Col Eisner was..
15. Only a true democracy
Golani ,   Vineland, USA   (04.16.12)
Let's not forget that although the Lt. Col will be exonerated, since he was defending himself, only a true democracy would suspend until further investigation. Could you imagine what would happen in Syria? The officer would happen in Syria? The officer would probably have been sentenced for not killing the protester. Kol Ha Kavod to the IDF and I hope that the Lt. Col. feels better after having been hit with sticks and having his fingers and wrist broken by the terrorist supporters.
16. Once more the wrong person is targeted
Yoav Naor ,   Haifa Israel   (04.16.12)
The way that Israeli soldiers are treated by Israel is scandalous,it's a wonder that they are able to do their job......You treat these unwashed stinking foreigners who run riot better than you treat your own soldiers....Sick.......
17. Netanyahu you are an idiot,show some backbone....
Yoav Naor ,   Haifa Israel   (04.16.12)
18. Syria Kills thousands and maims no fuss.......
Yoav Naor ,   Haifa Israel   (04.16.12)
19. No wonder they had their cameras ready! They were looking to
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (04.16.12)
to create an incident . Blocking a highway is illegal, even if you are a self righteous useful idiot without visible means of financial support .
20. A useless PM who is more concerned about PR and nothing
Al   (04.16.12)
else. God spare Israel for her leaders are useless clueless and worst. Here we have a useless excuse of a PM having an officer suspended, an officer who risks his life everyday to protect the ass of the PM. Mr Netanyahu...leave office are are doing more to disarm and eventually destroy Israel than you can imagine. ISRAEL IS NOT A 15 SEC PR MOMENT. It demands leaders who give a damn...You are useless.
21. Why??
Ram ,   London   (04.16.12)
Why doesn't the IDF film such events, including the crew filming from the other side?
22. If...
Ram ,   London   (04.16.12)
Eisner's finger was boken by the Dane than he is entitled to re-arrange the Dne's face. In this case, Netanyahu's actions are baffling!
23. Saddened that Ganz and Netanyahu play politics
Ilan   (04.16.12)
24. He contradicted himself.
Michal ,   Israel   (04.16.12)
And basically testified AGAINST himself: "There was no reason for me to fire a gas grenade as there had been no violence in the course of two hours of dialogue. I thought about using the kit, but I decided it would be better to let them calm down."
25. One picture says more than a thousand words...
me ,   here   (04.16.12)
Unfortunately, it is the picture that will be remembered worldwide, not the explanation of what went before it. Using crowd dispersal equipment would have been equally bad according to the world opinion, so what the officer here was faced with was an impossible task. Whatever he decided to do, he would be under international fire... IDF should definitely have had its own video photographers in place to document the situation!
26. I ponder whether this situation would have been better
me ,   here   (04.16.12)
handled by a (special?) police force than the army? Somehow it seems to be more of the task of the police? If necessary, the army could have been waiting nearby.
Pro-Israeli Centrist ,   Netanya   (04.16.12)
FROM THE ARTICLE: Obviously, they didn't show the part where they attacked us with sticks in the video." Eisner's jeep contained a crowd dispersal kit which was not used during the event. "There was no reason for me to fire a gas grenade as there had been no violence in the course of two hours of dialogue. SO, WAS THERE VIOLENCE WHERE THE ACTIVISTS "ATTACKED [THE SOLDIERS] WITH STICKS" OR WAS THERE NOT, SINCE, "THERE HAD BEEN NO VIOLENCE IN THE COURSE OF TWO HOURS OF DIALOG"? GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT, DUDE. I'M ON OUR SIDE, BUT WHEN YOU DO STUPID ACTS LIKE THIS, IT MAKES US ALL LOOK BAD.
28. great done hero!!
ester   (04.16.12)
29. Lt. Col. Eisner deserves a medal!
Reuven   (04.16.12)
30. Next time
michael Pielet ,   israel   (04.16.12)
Tear gas, put them in a paddy wagon, drive them to syria. they will be happier there
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