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Chinese: 'Jews make money'
Liron Nagler-Cohen
Published: 23.04.12, 16:27
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1. I can second that
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (04.23.12)
I have an 8 year intense working relationship with a Chinese educational and child development institution, and I can second - even underline - every word Ms. Rachel Guo says here. The Chinese I know are enamored of Israel and visit here with some frequency.
2. and yet ...
wingate   (04.23.12)
... it's still racist.
3. Stereotypes
Ezra ,   Sandiego   (04.23.12)
Still the stereotypes reinvent themselves to a new generation. HaShem is still the source.
4. china and jews
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (04.23.12)
i have a friend who married a chinse girl , and she told me they look for western men with big noses , dont know about the money thing still waiting lol
5.  jews are cowards
Gardag   (04.23.12)
jews love money, gold and $$$$ can not fight with but with a lot ... a lot more weapons
6. Similarities
kai   (04.23.12)
Jews have been strongly influenced by the nations they lived in while in exile. Yet there are many similarities between the Jews and the Chinese: both stress education, are good with money but at times generate mistrust by their handling of money, have close family units, respect their elderly and generally both are a gentle people. The dissimilarities are foods they eat, they Chinese being more adventerous in their selections and creative with their cooking. And Chinese have discovered that opening restaurants is one way to make a living. I don't see many Jewish restaurants.
7. The Problem With Her Responses...
David ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (04.23.12)
First of all, how is 'Jews have long noses' something said in 'admiration'? Besides I have never found that to be true anyway. And also, how much influence does Jews have on Chinese economic policy? 0.1 %? Sure, Jews may hold high positions in Western financial instutions but mind you: even Goldman Sachs, the former arch-Jewish bank is no longer owned by Jews but by a group of companies, most of whom are not owned by Jews. Jews are servants, perhaps high servants, but servants nontheless in the Western financial machine. And most Jews who make it to the top intermarry anyway or have a very weak identity. And also, if Chinese think that 'Jews run the world economy' what happens if China loses it's speed? If everyone thinks that Jews run everything, won't it be easier to just blame the Jews for all the problems? And what happens then? No, anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism even if hid behind a smile. This is dangerous and should be called out. Because I sure don't want to be on the hook if China goes down and Jews are somehow implicated. And neither should you, because we don't control even 10 % as much as these people think we do.
8. #2 - maybe, in a broad definition
William ,   Israel   (04.23.12)
but usually the term "racism" refers to things that are NEGATIVE about a certain race. One can say "Those Africans can really run fast" and that could be racist. Though, every year in the Boston Marathon, someone from African wins the race. This year, again a Kenyan broke the record. Jews are smart. Everyone knows that. It's a cultural thing that focuses on education, and dealing with money is an inherent plus which Jews learned when they were banned from so many other industries in the past. Sorry - but your use of racism here just seems to show yourself as a moron who wants to denigrate the planet into "humans" and "non-humans", thus erasing each groups' special traits.
9. To #7 David from Sweden
Jose FARIAS ,   /sao PAulo - Brasil   (04.23.12)
David I'm going to read the "Volkischer Beobacht" you are very pessimist.
10. Very nice movie
Yossef   (04.23.12)
and I think that the chinese people is also a great people, smart and resilient.
11. #5
M.J. Eizen ,   Petah Tikvah, Israel   (04.23.12)
Gardag, why don't you come over here, and pay us a visit, and I will be happy to introduce you to a lot of Israelis, including me, who are all combat trained, and can kick your ass easily without any weapons, at all.
12. Trolls
ZT ,   Rochester, NY, USA   (04.23.12)
Don't feed them.
13. #5 way to show them little buddy...
ed ,   canada   (04.23.12)
however, if you had more than 2 healthy brain cells , you might have been able to convey a rational thought through your writings. Don't give though just remember to take the medicine the nice man in white gave you.
14. Jews of the Orient
I. Saihai ,   NY NY   (04.23.12)
Since my youth, growing up in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, I have always had Chinese friends. I believe that from a secular standpoint there are many shared common values; importance of family and education being two of them. Chinese, like Jews have been a persecuted race too....In recent history, The Japanese did to the Chinese what the Nazis did to the Jews and Gypsies (based on racial not religious hatred...but hatred none the less).
15. 8 - Jews learned when they were banned from so many other,..
snag ,   USA   (04.23.12)
Who bans you today ? ,... Couple attempts to succeed on their own failed miserably, in 1928 the Soviet Union set aside a territory of the size of Belgium for Jewish settlement, officially acknowledged as a Jewish national territory a first since ancient times (Birobidzhan) The Jews got a land and after less than a decade of its existence as a Republic failed dismally just like the settlement in Clarion US (Utah) couple decades earlier that lasted less than five years before disappearing into oblivion. Why did the Jews fail where others like Amurians, Chinese, Mormons and others before them managed to survive and prosper?,...
Ralf ,   Paris France   (04.23.12)
Are you trying to get the first prize of the most stupid people In GUINESS RECORD ? You are just a couple of inches away of your goal.
17. They see positives where anti-semites see negatives
Mychal ,   TN, USA   (04.23.12)
Rabbi Ken Spiro addressed this in one of his lectures, on the real cause of antisemitism. He said that when Hitler mentioned Jews to the Japanese, they were eager to have them move into their country. When Hitler argued that Jews would take over their economy, they were happy because they had heard that Jews were good at business and tended to prosper, and their economy could really use that. Rabbi Spiro uses that to point out the hypocrisy of antisemitism. People who are NOT antisemitic see the Jewish ability to thrive, to have good family values, to put a lot of emphasis on education--they see that as a boon. Because it is. (Incidentally, education, family, and financial success are very important to Asians as well.)
18. Chinese spirit and the jews
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (04.23.12)
I think chineses are very close to jews, also a commercial nation, respecting family ties and very innovative and talent people. But they are also partially infected with european antisemite lies. Also very interesting that in south east asia exists a large diaspora, like jewish galut. Time to time local malays and other peoples attack them in a "pogrom" style. I have no informations about that a drop of jewish blood were on chinese hands during the history.
me   (04.23.12)
20. #18 correct!
kai ,   USA   (04.23.12)
You are correct. The Chinese in Islamic nations of Malaysia and Indonesia are treated as 2nd class citizens by the Muslim majority, who also treat Indians, Christians and Hindus with the customary Muslim bigotry as well. There have been many, many killings of non-Muslims in these nations over the years.
21. And u ain't got nothing.
Moneytree ,   Usa   (04.23.12)
Don't be a hater cuz u got nothing! I'm Chinese and love and always support Jews and israel! And wat!?
22. 18 - I think chineses are very close to jews,
snag ,   US   (04.23.12)
They simply an ignorant and unaware unlike others they have no experience coexisting or sharing borders with you ,...
23. I agree with #1 Completely...
Israeli 2   (04.23.12)
The Chinese are a very sensitive, family oriented people. They are a good people and they love Israel.
24. Chinese: Jews Make Money
Jonathan Levy ,   Arlington, Virginia   (04.24.12)
To get a deeper understanding of Chinese attitudes about Jews read "Kosher Chinese: Living, Teaching, And Eating With China's Other Billion" by Michael Levy published in 2011 by Heny Holt and Company and available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble bookstores.
25. Jews Are G_d's Chosen
Roland ,   Singapore   (04.24.12)
Indeed, the Chinese, especially Christians, admire the Jews for their many abilities like invention, creativity and brilliance. And they know that they are a very special and tenacious people that could withstand the onslaught of hundreds of millions of hostile Arabs.
26. Chinese people
Justin ,   Canada   (04.24.12)
I have known more Chinese people than any other group, and I can tell you that I have never had a problem with them when they have found out I'm Jewish. This is quite different than when Muslims or certain whites find out I'm Jewish. Chinese people are hard-working and emphasize education just like Jews. I really do respect the Chinese in general.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (04.24.12)
Don't forget they have the biggest margins of Nobels in every category too. "CONTROL" is a strange word - it does not mean a negative, as seen in control of wealth by Islamic regimes and the medieval church. The Chinese are on the wrong track, swallowing the BS fostered by Islamists and Europe, who have their own agenda with no credibility.
28. Jewish Law: Honor the state which houses you [end].
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (04.24.12)
29. Jews and Chinese are similar
blu   (04.24.12)
The Chinese are highly intelligent, and they often keep to themselves when living outside of China. They are also known for being good at making money. As a result they have faced bloody persecution in South East Asian. When a Chinese person says ''Jews are good at making money'' they are saying ''Jews are good at making money. They are like us''. The Chinese , like many races secretly believe they are superior to everyone else. Saying that Jews are good at making money is more of a patronizing comment from someone who thinks they are superior than an antisemitic comment from someone who is jealous of Jews.
30. #7 example how to make enemies
Brian   (04.24.12)
Poor Chinese... their admiration for Jews and insistence that it is genuine admiration rather than distain is rejected and the friendly overture is met with demands that Chinese apologize and change their behaviour. How is it possible not to be enemies with people who respond to a sincere explanation in such an arrogant, rude and insulting way ? The Chinese don't hate Jews...yet.
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