The ugly face of Israel
Ziv Lenchner
Published: 17.04.12, 00:46
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1. Ziv Lenchner ya smolani zevel
ester   (04.17.12)
my eyes were burning as i was reading this... shame on u and on the people like u!!! shalom eizner is a hero!!!! he did the right thing!!!! love him!!!!!!!
2. BDS!!!
Israeli abroad   (04.17.12)
Base, Disgusting, Scandalous! This valuless abominable little op-ed written by an enemy agent 5th columnist makes every humane and honest Israeli sickened to the core, wanting to vomit.
3. Propaganda fatigue...
M Carr ,   Baltimore, USA   (04.17.12)
“This is a moral nadir that a moral society cannot tolerate and certainly should not accept. It must not.” Nice try Mr. Lencher. I took the time to look up moral nadir and it basically means a moral low-point. Are you serious Mr. Lencher? At worst Col. Eisner lost his cool and lashed out while in a stressful situation. Understandable human behavior and nowhere near a nadir. If Col. Eisner had produced a razor sharp knife and removed the activist’s head, then I could buy into your argument. But…wait for it…it’s the followers of the religion of peace that are infamous for this practice. I’m sorry Mr. Lencher but I am a victim of lefty propaganda fatigue and I'm not swayed by your hype.
4. Did you miss the story of border police beating a 9 yr old
Ilan   (04.17.12)
Also in yesterday's news, but the child didn't first break the policeman's hand was Jewish and lives in Hebron. There is no choice but to question the motives of people who react so much vociferously when the victim is a Danish anti-Israeli and violent protestor and not a settler child.
Pro-Israeli Centrist ,   Netanya   (04.17.12)
It doesn't take a leftist, pacifist, peace activist to realize that the behavior of Eisner (sorry my brother, but I personally will not use your title - you make my service in our great army look like time at a terror training camp) was uncalled for, unjustified and just plain stupid. It hurts me after all of the counter-protests in San Francisco where I proudly donned our Israeli flag amid tens of thousands of anti-Israel protesters - a handful of them violent and all nearly psycho - that I have to come Home to this crap. Eisner should be officially stripped of his title, dishonorably discharged, and his unit properly trained on how to deal with these situations.
6. The Ugly Face Of Israel
Elyah ,   Los Angeles   (04.17.12)
"not the fact that an idf soildier behaves like a syrian thug in homs". give me a break zwi, if it had been in homs these protesteres would have been either shot or imprisoned and tortued probably never to be heard from again. instead this bozo got a fat lip. he still should have been arrested and deported fortwith.
7. OP-ED
Oscar ,   Melbourne Australia   (04.17.12)
Dont look in the mirror, look across the borders to the North, East and South, you will find volumes to criticise.
8. Mirror, mirror, mirrror
Boris ,   Canada   (04.17.12)
I looked at my face in the morning while I was shaving and I didn't see any difference. I met my friend Bill for coffee this afternoon, and he didn't notice anything different about me, either. However, after reading this Ziv's article I was quite proud of Colonel Eisner. As to comparing him with a Syrian thug, I think the difference is that a Syrian thug would hold the weapon in a different way, and use it it in a very different way, and not just against an anti-Semite foreigner.
9. You called the IDF officer a thug?
Tom ,   USA   (04.17.12)
You are a wretched, lowlife scum, a Gideon Levy wannabe. Disgusting person, you deserved to be spit on.
10. You remind me a bygone era...
Tom ,   USA   (04.17.12)
When your type of spineless, boot-licking, servile Jews marched obediently to the camps.... They did not want to "aggravate" the Arrow Cross.... Hungary, 1944....
11. Thgis artuicle is absurd & treacherious!
Reuven   (04.17.12)
Lt. Col. Eisner deserves a medal. It's about time these terrorist supportyers were dealth with harshly!
12. Sadly, the article makes perfect sense
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (04.17.12)
Provided that the facts really happened as described, it is really a depressing situation. It seems to me that a seasoned, experienced officer should know better than to fall into such an obvious trap; anyway, and no matter how provoked he was, his reaction was effectively disproportionate and violent. I despise all these demonstrators and Palestinian supporters, who come from far away (btw, who pays for their travel expenses?!), but there's no conceivable reason to give them such a beating, there's certainly a more intelligent, smarter way -and less brutal- to deal with those people. Frankly -and once again, assuming are as they seem to be-, it is a shande!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. why not to use wather cannons
avi ,   brasil   (04.17.12)
why not to use wather cannons
14. Israeli press takes pride in attacking its country
JELLYFISH   (04.17.12)
an article like this belongs in Haaretz, never imagined that ynet would follow them to that dark and smelly pit.
15. Uggly face of peaceful activitist
Avinoam ,   Ashkelon   (04.17.12)
That's rather show the uggly face of those "solidarity" movement which search for such problem to be filmed and not for peaceful cooperation. Instead of blaming this soldier, we should think how to deal better with this kind of activist confrontation. We should find smart and strong way to cop with them while being pictured.
16. Talkbacks? Very scientific...
Adam ,   Ashdod, Israel   (04.17.12)
Want to judge by talkbacks? I was on the Huffington Post last night and read comments such as, "We need to get the tribe out of our government" and "there is still room on the trains to Sobibor." From that is it fair to call the US antisemitic? This is a ridiculous piece.
17. Yellow op-ed
Ber ,   Montreal, Canada   (04.17.12)
What a thoroughly revolting piece! Talk about being self-righteous. "to figure out when exactly did morality turn into “self-righteousness” and “being a bleeding heart” in Israel." I'll tell you when. When endless gratuitous hateful provocation is not prevented by the so called morally superior left. when endless violence against innocent Israeli civilians is never condemned by the same self-righteous leftist Pal Lovers. Even experienced soldiers "lose it" It was only the Danes face. Not ours. If you stick your ignorant nose in someone else's business you should expect it to get busted. and he's so lucky to have gotten only a bloody nose. If the soldier was really a syrian thug as this disgusting yellow journalist would have us believe the Dane would be Dead and meat for the dogs. and the Sryian thug would go completely unpunished. Your moral equivalence it revolting and intellectually dishonest. and worst of all you know it and still you say it. shame on you!
18. No you do, Ziv
David ,   Toronto   (04.17.12)
Your speed to convict, Ziv, represent the ugly face of Israel. Where is the inquire first? Why does this man not first get a hearing?
19. What?!????!!
Cathy ,   Canada   (04.17.12)
Uh,excuse me? - - - "exemplifies Israel’s moral decline"? What are you on Ziv?! Just got back from Israel (again!) and was impressed (again!) with every brave and lovely Israeli I had anything to do with! Stop it with your Jewish self-hating already - it reeks!
20. I saw a photo that clearly shows the activist
ghostq   (04.17.12)
was holding a switch blade on his other hand before this soldier smacked him, when the soldier smacked him the activist droped the knife, so the only pictures of the soldier smacking him will look "representable" on the media. how low this so call freedom BSers can get.
21. Israel is a country where hatred prevails.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.17.12)
Ask anybody who is hated and you will get a very long list. Ask who is loved ... well, you know the answer. In my opinion, the root cause of hatred in Israel is the Jewish religion. The same as with Muslims. Judaism and Islam need corrections.
22. Stunning.
Michael Sitron ,   Palo Alto, CA USA   (04.17.12)
I don't know if this subhead: "IDF officer who struck Danish protestor with rifle exemplifies Israel’s moral decline" was the work of the writer or the editor (I assume the editor) but it is so disingenuous and so wrong. What moral decline? Who, exactly, has determined this? Israel has no moral decline. If anything, in the face of constant provocations, it has acted incredibly moral and ethical. As an editor, I get so tired of these junior journalists trying to be provocative in their headline writing. What this shows, actually, is a decline of the ethics and journalistic integrity on the part of the headline writer, not of the morals of Israel.
23. Not moral decline; just stupidity
Russ ,   Tlv   (04.17.12)
and arrogance.
24. Shame to Ziv
Rinah   (04.17.12)
and shame to the officer. The former is hurting the Israeli people and the latter someone who provoked him; not condoning the officer's action; i wish it was handled differently, but the officer's entire career needs to be in view; not just one reaction.
25. The ugly face of Israel
thejoker ,   sydney australia   (04.17.12)
they look/sound like hamas and that was a pathetic sneak attack
26. Ziv L exemplifies Israel's elites' moral decline
Manyu   (04.17.12)
Youi can't fix stupid, unfortunately...
27. That's a little dramatic.
Max Merbaum ,   Los Angeles   (04.17.12)
The M.O. of an activist is to get beat up on camera. So it's a little ingenuous to hear cries of 'how dare you'. It is the aim of the activists to cause discomfort to the army. Should it be such a surprise when this is reciprocated?
28. Correct but too harsh
Neal ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.17.12)
The writer is correct in condeming the action of this Israeli officer. But much as this further blackens Israel's image in the world, it is in fact one moment of bad judgment by one man -- evidently a man with an exemplary record as an officer who lost his patience, his temper or both. It's nice to know that Israelis condemn this moment of ill temper (and injury) and that this act makes some ask what kind of people Israelis are becoming. But in fact, it appears recorded by viideo as a momentary cruel, irresponsible act of a single individual, not of a nation that promotes cruel, immoral and brutal behavior. In fact, I was surprised that an Arab channel also showed one of the protesters being examined by a medic. That seems to me the more-typical face of Israel.
29. Lenchner's Op-Ed
Michael Wildman ,   NY, NY, USA   (04.17.12)
Ziv Lenchner - YOU should be ashamed for yourself - period!
30. Right on schedule
BH ,   Iowa   (04.17.12)
The obligatory bash Israel for defending itself column.
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