'Flytilla' organizers eye future fly-ins
Elior Levy
Published: 21.04.12, 16:33
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31. I'm curious
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (04.22.12)
do Israeli's ever demand more from their politicians or, do they just kvetch without action? I don't know but, I suspect like we, they vote and then bitch rather than vote and keep the politicians on their toes by staying in the touch with them over their policies that most Israeli's seem to dislike ? We Americans have a cure and it's coming early in november, VOTE ROMNEY !!!! bama sux.
32. if its a regular thing it will loose its attraction
zionist forever   (04.22.12)
These anarchists and do gooders are attracted to taking part in high profile one off events which is why they are so popular when they do take place. If its something thats being done every month then where is the attraction? Another thing thats essential to these things is the media and when they are just an odd event that takes place now and again the media is interested but the media has a short attention span and you don't get front page stories about regular events. Eventually even Al Jazeera will get bored and the only media outlet that will be reporting on all these fly ins will be Haaretz. I do hope that the officer who rifle butted one of the anarchists will get a promotion.
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