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Turkey says Israel not welcome at NATO summit
Published: 23.04.12, 15:55
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1. The last time I looked
Ge ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.23.12)
Turkey does not have the authority to prevent any country from attending a NATO conference. Their egos are writing checks that their ass can't cash. Turkey has exactly one vote in NATO and that is all.
2. Turkey's Pity Party
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (04.23.12)
These whiners are becoming more pathetic by the day. It's time for them to grow up and move on.
3. cry me a river
cc ,   T-A   (04.23.12)
4. Throw Turkey out of NATO. They're Islamic radicals.
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (04.23.12)
5. Turkey must apologize for acts of war and genocide!
6. Soon, turkey will be "excused" from NATO
7. Who cares what a genocidal dictatorship says?
Turkey is nothing more than an "Iran " in sheep clothing. Hopefully the Turkish people will wake up and throw out the petty, racist and genocidal dictator who has been usurping Turkey's standing in the free world.
8. Turkey can't decide on NATO matters!
It better shut up and pray that NATO still sees it as an "ally".
9. Would Turkey Come to Israel's Aid?
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUsA   (04.23.12)
If I recall, Turkey is not allowing Israel on the NATO grid, which observes missile launchings from Iran. Now it by itself is banning a NATO offilicated country?Wha? This is not to Na?TOs advantage, nor Turkey forthat matter. NATO is a protect its fellow members from aggression, and Israels military is avantageous. Its cutting its nose to spite its face. And what about it admitting the Armenian genocide or illegally going after the Kurds in Iraq and elsewhere? Erodogan is playing the Islamic game to its fullest. I dont know whether any NAtO country wouldome to Israels defene however? It is good for bombing Mammar..but thats about all. Just another justification for Israel's nuke deterrent. Smart thinking by Peres, and BenGurion in the 50s, realizing tht we Jews are alwaysalone, in the final the insurgents in Syria. As in France, Erdogans days arenumberered. His people will realize that allying itelf with Iran, etc. is playing with fire. As wit Egypt's natural gas..Israel must be independent of others..whether political reasons or not.
10. shame
caglar ,   antalya TURKEY   (04.23.12)
shame for my beatiful country..real Turks always stand with israel and jewish people..history saying this not me. %50 voted for him but another %50 hate him..i always stand with israel
11. EU take note what happens when you allow Turkish trash in.
12. To Caglar in Turkey
Con ,   Scandi   (04.23.12)
If you are a Turk this is great news and hope you do not just hate your leader. Hate will not further the cause I think. Simply try to agitate against him. I do not know much about your country - but I do know that there has been a lot of bloodshed and conflict. I hope there will be stability, democracy and peace in your country! On the other hand I hope that Israel also could assist Turkey in matters where there should be no fights! For example work together with issues regarding the European Union, NATO and trade? Or why not help them with the Syrian refugees? Maybe I am naive but they do not need to make a political standoff out of everything just send some help through Magen David Adom. It does not mean that Israel should side with any of the Syrian rebels - just help Turkey (if they need it). Shalom.
13. israel doesn't need nato
mohson   (04.23.12)
israel doesn'tneed nato as turkey sits humbled by assad and does nothing while his sunni collegues are being slaughtered in homs. Erdogan is a big bulls**ter and empty sloganeer. barak and ben eliezer bowed down and suggested apologies to turkey and permitting egypt to send soldiers into the sinai and where did that get israel- zero-only problems. israel must replace barak with yaalon and fast because it faces dangers and barak is no good in large land battles as his record is littered with failures over the last 13 years.
14. Typical Turkey...
Yiannis ,   Nicosia, Cyprus   (04.23.12)
Just like the neighbourhood bully, who refuses to play with the other kids unless thay all play by his rules... The turks think that they are now strong enough to throw Israel away now that they got all they wanted from this relationship. Their arrogance will be their downfall. There are lots of benefits to an alliance with Israel for ANY country. I hope that my country continues to build closer ties with Israel - and I hope that we have something to offer back to Israel for all the help that it can offer us, so that we can move away from the frosty relations we had for decades and build an honest and lasting pertnership. Democracies progress only through mutually-beneficial relationships. Turkey is too absorbed in its dreams for the resurrection of the Ottoman empire to remember that.
15. So NATO countries have chosen
Chris 4077   (04.23.12)
Turkey over Israel. Prehaps the anti ballistic missile system and the runways capable of taking the B 52 has something to do with it. All Israel has to do is apologise and pay compensation to the victims on the Mavi mamara. netanyahus ego is writing cheques that Israel can ill afford to pay. To paraphrase another poster on here.
16. Sounds like BS to me
Danny   (04.23.12)
Either Israel wasnt coming anyway or they will be coming despite Turkey.
17. Mmm.Thought this might be a good opportunity
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.23.12)
to quietly mend fences This so called break up in relations between two ertwhile ridiculous And the excuses for perpetuating the spat are so contrived - its like kids sulking in the playground. Surely the Diplomats on both sides can work out a form of words acceptable to both..and just move on...ALREADY!
18. #10Cağlar
Atilla ,   istanbul   (04.23.12)
If you were a Turk you would call yourself as Çağlar not caglar and have a respect for Turkish citizens killed by Israel in international waters.It is obvious that % 100 israelis hate Turks and you're only one of them.
19. We'll keep slapping you until you behave.
Ahmet, Turkey ,   Istanbul, Turkey   (04.23.12)
Forget NATO until you apologize and compensate.
20. How about 11,000 apologies?
John ,   Boise, ID, USA   (04.23.12) for every rocket that has landed in Israel, one at at time. Fair enough?
21. This is why Obama Loves Erdogan
jeff ,   Beverly Hills, CA   (04.23.12)
Obama hates Israel, any other president would of tried to kick turkey out of nato given their leaders open anti jewish stance
22. re#1 That one vote prevented Israel from attending!!!!!!!!!!
Cali Cal ,   Los Angeles, USA   (04.23.12)
I guess the checks they write can be cashed.
23. Islamists looking after themselves not NATO.Is that what
PETER SM ,   Australia   (04.23.12)
NATO needs? Senior NATO officials have already condemned the Islamists ego trip. How can Turkey be trusted as a team player?
24. Actually, it is Turkey who should apologize
EST ,   Miami USA   (04.23.12)
... for sending criminal elements to Israel. These guys were armed and were on a homicidal mission as outed in reports, both Israeli and international. Israelis get out of Turkey...their tourism industry is crashing down!
25. Erdogan is a 1st class demogogue! Don't blame all of Turkey
Rafi ,   US   (04.23.12)
... on his account!
26. Ha! Ha! Ha! The tail wagging the dog! Too funny!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (04.23.12)
27. When did turkey apologize for the Armenian genocide?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.23.12)
28. Turkey is a frontman for Iran and
Stephen in New York   (04.23.12)
will eventually betray NATO on the alter of "Islamic solidarity." Is that not obvious? Is there nothing that can be done about an Islamist Turkey participating in the war counsels of the West?
29. #14. It boils down to Erdogans ineptitute
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.23.12)
He has felt that his School of Ducking and Diving and Two Faced Politics somehow ingratiates himself with the Arab world Yet even the Arab World (as does the rest of the world other than Iran) look at Erdogan completely bewildered because instead of being a respected conduit, an important facilitator for building bridges in the Middle East he has gone to savaging Israel and destroying an invaluable political and mediating role for Turkey. As for the Flotilla - it was a provocative farce...I would ask Atilla-How would Erdogan react if some group of Israeli Activists tried to smuggle provisions into Kurdish Territory? I would have no sympathy for these Activists EITHER!
30. #15 chris
solomon ,   bklyn   (04.23.12)
If the US was in Israel’s place, would we apologize for our soldiers defending themselves against attack while they were enforcing a legal blockade? Thank G-d the Cuban Missile Crisis didn’t come to that, but what if it had? Giving in to something it did not do is not a price any country can afford.
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