Ken, George and the Jews
Alex Joffe
Published: 01.05.12, 00:46
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1. Difference is George&Ken have Jewish useful idiot apologists
The same ones who become outraged if the same thing is said about their "proletariat" pets.
2. And the the news did not reach many Jews
Tom ,   USA   (05.01.12)
A large segment of the Jewry's main concern and worry is the lonely skinhead with swastika tattoo on his bald head. They are unwilling to internalize the reality that the Left in alliance with Islam, ostensibly rejects the Jews' right to a national homeland. Many stubbornly cling to the obsolete Stalinist propaganda clichés and don't want to open their eyes. Gentile Americans are baffled by the Jewish leftist fervor by which it blindly supports those whose sole goal is their avowed destruction. Nothing can wake them up from their stupor. There is no rational explanation for it: - it could be the effect of ghetto life, a pathological adherence to Marxism, the fear from the collapse of their make-believe ideology....who knows... Smart people comprehended the gathering storm and left Europe in the early 30's. The dreamers stayed and perished. Nobody learned a thing neither then nor now.
3. Not to worry
David ,   Ny   (05.01.12)
He doesn't have to worry about the Jewish vote. As an anti Semitic socialist, he probably has 90pct Jewish support
4. Why go all the way to Europe
More Worrisome   (05.01.12)
if anti-Semitism sprouts like mushrooms in Israel and among secular left in the US? Are the secular self-hating Jewish Left, including, the media, judges, any less anti-Semitic and haredi-haters than Europeans or Americans?
5. The attitudes were there all along
Leo ,   Tel Aviv   (05.01.12)
The left always had its antisemitic headliners: Proudhon, Marx, Bauer, not to mention all the Soviet and Soviet Bloc gentile antisemites and those of Jewish origin. The extreme right lost WWII, and so did its brand of antisemitism. The extreme left never got its antisemitic head bashed in, but it should.
6. Livingstone will win because of postal fraud in
Tower hamlets   (05.01.12)
"Red Ken " Livingstone has been branded " a Crook " and " a Hypocrite " in todays The Sun newspaper online .These are people who know this POS well . He has also been branded as " a Champagne Socialist " all in all Livingstone is a horrible man .
8. "usually confined to the extreme right" - really?
Sandy ,   Bet Shemesh   (05.01.12)
The Israel-demonizing attitudes shared by Islamists and the far-left is important. But where do you come off saying these attitudes are "usually confined to the extreme right"? Have you never heard of the anti-Zionist and anti-semitic excesses of the Soviet Union, and the scapegoating of Jews by international communism? I'd say Israel-baiting was always part of the Left's repertoire.
9. To the author
Sagi   (05.01.12)
The two mentioned, Galloway and Livingstone, are vile creatures to say the least. I personally had a conversation with Livingstone in which he expressed his view that Israel is a mistake, perpetrated by Balfour and The UN etc. I retorted by stating my opinion the he himself is a mistake perpetrated by genetics etc. Galloway was accused of taking payments from Sadaam and Iraq and presented himself to a Senate investigation committee on this subject and was eventually cleared. I suggest Sir, that you excercise caution when writing anything concerning these two, especially Galloway, he is a very sharp individual, well experienced in the art of rhetoric, and he is afraid of no one. He will take you to task at a moment's notice.
10. Not necessary to go all the way to Europe
More Annoying   (05.01.12)
Anti-Semitism sprouts like mushrooms in Israel among secular left as well as in the US? Are the secular self-hating Jewish Left, including, the media and judges, any less anti-Semitic and haredi-haters than Europeans or Americans?
11. Jew-hatred is ideologically blind
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.01.12)
Since it's root is much deeper. Something modern theorists refuse to acknowledge. It is a spiritual disease that has no religious borders or specific political leanings. It is born from the impurity of a dysfunctional moral contagiousness.
12. Britain and anti-Semitism
Joseph ,   London UK   (05.01.12)
In international studies of anti-semitism, the UK usually ties with the USA for the lowest level of anti-Jewish bias. According to an Israeli expert the British media is the least biased in the EU. The Guardian and The Independent have very small circulations and the big names like The Times and The Telegraph try to be fair. Galloway and Tong are 'eccentric' and do not represent a credible political party.
13. Europeans will never change.
Sami ,   New York, USA   (05.01.12)
Europeans will never change.
14. World champions of antisemites
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (05.01.12)
are hungarian "jobbik"s. A precise copiing of the style of "Der Stürmer" in their websites. The jews who rule the world - in their world wiew - are unable to act anything against these nazi criminals.
15. Galloway exploits the naval gazing victimhood mindset of
Muslims who will not integrate,unlike every other wave of immigrants. He is slipery and had no problem meeting,flattering and glad handing the likes of mass murderer Sadaam Hussein. He was not the only uberleftist Brit.to make the pilgrimage.He and his ilk know how to exploit every loophole in the democracy that allows them to behave the way they do.
16. That leftists do not condemn the exceses of Islamists
shows they are in the same camp and ideologically cannot bring themselves to notice let alone condemn the human rights abuse endemic in the Moslem world. Shouting Israel helps defect attention for their proletariat.
17. There is no difference between the extremes
Ethan ,   Eilat   (05.01.12)
19. Muslims call the shots in the UK....
The Rustbucket ,   London UK   (05.01.12)
Sad isn't it,that these Brits have lost their country to the Muslims,and to the likes of George Galloway and Ken Livingstone....
20. HATE makes brothers out of enemies.....
tiki ,   belgium   (05.01.12)
For a short while! The only binding factor of the Hating Left & the Hating Right is that they HATE succesfull Jews and therefore a whole country full of (more or less) succesfull Jews. That's why they call Israel a mistake, for Israel's Jews made the desert bloom, while their Arab friends dry up in the desert and in their own poverty & misery. Israel is a present & future powerhouse, while Britain is a past legend.
21. #9 when was he cleared?
Danny   (05.01.12)
22. What about Jew hating Jew Sir Gerald Kaufman MP (Labour)?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.01.12)
It appears that someone at YnetNews will not allow criticism of Jews hating Jews!
23. The very botton
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A./Israel   (05.01.12)
I've said Britain is not Great anymore and neither are British representatives. Now is just a question of time before we watch this nation wallows in the mud togheter with their 20% Muslim population.
24. Livingstone can invite GraSS for a typical
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.01.12)
British party...and don't forget Prince Harry...and dirty Mel ! (And a shoebomber...lol)
25. left-right really the same
moron ,   galut   (05.01.12)
they both believe state is g-d and jews do not worship their idols
26. Ken
Londonistan   (05.01.12)
The reason why he and all this antisemitics can spit there hatred against jewish people and Israel is that they have nothing to fear about. In case the just spell the word muslim wrong they might end in deep problems or fear for there lifes.
Marcus ,   Europe   (05.01.12)
28. 27 - Give them one good reason why ?,...
split ,   US   (05.01.12)
29. Marcus Eurabia is coming to YOU circa 2050, thank the useful
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (05.02.12)
idiots.nobody to blame but yourselves.
Dov ,   London   (05.02.12)
I beg all the British Jewish and Israeli readers to get away from their computers and out of their armchairs and vote tomorrow!!!! This London election is important!!!! We must all vote for Boris. Many Jews don't take Ken Livingstone seriously and think of him as some old anti-semite who is just ridiculous and innefectual this is not true he is an evil man who must be stopped! get out there tomorrow and vote!!!!!!
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