Man stabbed to death for complaining about noise
Ilana Curiel
Published: 05.05.12, 20:23
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1. Need clarification
Max ,   Jerusalem   (05.05.12)
Were these teenagers religious or secular? What did they teach them in their school?
2. Once again...
Taz Man ,   USA   (05.05.12)
...the Police proves their worthlessness!
me   (05.05.12)
4. @1 I'm not sure what difference that makes .
rebecca ,   Modiin   (05.05.12)
5. The kids were drinking.
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (05.05.12)
Smashing bottles. This is about teen drinking.
6. Are we in America by any bad chance?
Ya'akov ,   Be'er Sheva   (05.05.12)
In America cops loose their time eating doughnuts all the time, rather than police their districts while violence runs rampant. Are we importing that sickness too? I remember having called the police last year on account of an intolerable noise at 2 or 3 AM. They never came! Drunk secular teenagers -- yes, secular! -- roam the city at night throwing bottles. How should that be called, and punished as? Terrorism! That's right, terrorism. And our police does nothing about it!!! Having said that, our police force is not full of abusive cowboy-wannabes like is the case in America, where cops are taught that they are a superior caste far apart from the rest of society -- this is being done since America is on the way to become a police state. I do respect our police officers in Israel, but if they want to keep the respect of society they are to do their jobs; and if they are afraid then quit. The chief police of Be'er Sheva should step down or be removed from his position. There is no point to keep the employment of he who does not deliver what is expected from him.
7. beersheba-parents must share responsibility.
eddiE ,   S.A.   (05.05.12)
Both parents should be summoned toattend all the ensuing court cases even if it means missing work and be fined for not keeping "dangerous persons" out of public domain.
8. To #4... Murder in the Park
Sam ,   Bersheva   (05.05.12)
I would now expect the media to get down on the widespread violence in the secular school system, the lack of morals etc. just as they do when a "hilltop" kid smears a message on a mosque (by the way, the police never did find anyone who "burnt" a mosque. That accusation was allowed to drift away). Or when one sorely misguided hareidi spits at a little girl and "all" chareidim are guilty. And of course, Rabin z"l when ALL the relig. zionists were guilty, right? Well, after the gang rape or sex party on a TA beach in broad daylight, and after this killing, I'd expect to read that ALL the secular schools, kids, system, citizens in the country are also guilty. These kids in Bersheva were NOT religious kids drinking and stabbing people in the park on a Friday night. And THAT is why #1 has a point and #4 is wrong. Why do we insist on staying blind, deaf and dumb? Why can't we see that returning to ages old Jewish values and morality does indeed make for better people (despite the spitting chareidi)?
9. 5 Susan: No, this is about murder and teen psychosis.
Rivkah   (05.05.12)
What is making people psychotic? Toxins from air, water, food, clothes soil as well as mercury and aluminum from vaccines and dangerous drugs and alcohol are all factors. According to Leland Strong's book "Strong on Defense", methamphetamine and/or crack cocaine can make a person so psychotic that murder for no reason is normal under the influence of meth or crack cocaine. Alcohol also lowers the inhibitions to psychotic behavior and opens a person up to demon influence or possession. All good reasons for teens to read the Torah and Tanakh daily to feed their spirit and mind and souls with what is good rather than to hang out with thugs to have friends. The only friend that is worthy of the name is HaShem. All others may abandon a person, but HaShem is there to comfort the souls of His people. Teens in California tell me they prefer homeschool and relatives for friends because to have friends in public schools, they have to join a gang and do bad things. Moses put to death rebellious teenagers because they were so disruptive to society. To kill an father of young children for telling the teens to be quiet at a late hour is so evil it sickens me. I spit on those teenagers and hope they are cursed for life and that evil never departs from them and that they go to hell after they die.
10. Arab teenagers?
Jack ,   LA, USA   (05.05.12)
I wonder why there was not more details about the identity or descriptions of these thugs? Arabs maybe?
11. The police in Beer Sheva are a joke
Debbie ,   Israel   (05.05.12)
A year ago I complained about kids damaging one of the exercise parks 11 at night, i heard things breaking an hour later the police called me back to see if the kids were still there. about 2 weeks ago a women in Beer Sheva called to say there was a man in her back yarn no pants but he had a knife. She is still waitig for the police to show up. Our mayor has a lot of explaining to do
12. To Gadi's Family
Naftali ,   Maalot   (05.05.12)
May Hashem comfort you through this horrible time. If any of the other teens that where there are reading this, if you do not turn your friend in you too are responsible.
13. Baruch Dayan Haemet
VK ,   Jerusalem   (05.05.12)
this is so inredibly sad - and there better be some serious follow-up and consequences taken after this, otherwise we can all count ourselves guilty of getting the situation amongst teenagers deteriotating!
14. #5 SPOT ON - alchohol is a BIG problem here
russ ,   Tzfat   (05.05.12)
welcome to the world, say goodbye to Israel, one drink at a time.
me   (05.05.12)
16. never err, but
observer ,   Egypt   (05.05.12)
they did murder the guy on Shabbat.
17. all because of the Shefa Beer
observer ,   Egypt   (05.05.12)
what happened to the honey and milk, are those not kosher only because they get both from "non-kosher" sources.
18. call Eisner
Alon51 ,   Israel   (05.05.12)
The city does not fit to live, if you're a normal person. Which city, this and the police. In short, call Eisner. A former resident of Beer Sheva.
19. shame
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (05.05.12)
If these kids were jews, things are going terribly wrong in Israel. What on earth is going on there??? How am I supposed to convince myself to make aliyah? Lower living standards? I don't care. High corruption? I don't care. Arab hatred? I can live with it. But this???? Apart from the arabs, jewish teenagers are also hanging around "armed" with knifes? Sick.
20. #1You must be very naive or to give the benefit of the doubt
Israel ,   Ramat E.   (05.05.12)
the first time reading secular media. You may be sure that if there would be the slightest chance the boys were religious it would have been screaming on the headlines loud and clear throughout the day. This is typical story with secular teenagers educated in a violent public school.
21. The laws need to be changed
Arie   (05.05.12)
Terrorism should receive a mandatory death sentence. Murders of this sort should be provided a choice: life in prison no parole or 25 years in jail followed by permanent exile to Gaza
22. #6, America is quiet. No chosen people making holly noise.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.05.12)
23. Too lenient
aline silverman ,   israel   (05.05.12)
When I arrived in Israel in 1983 and began to teach in high school , I already thought something was amiss...No discipline in schools,...Teachers have no authority. They are afraid of students' parents...They are blamed for everything so most of them keep the peace by "making friends" with the students...(The Sakhbak approach!)...I knew that would lead to a disaster....I am not talking about ALL the schools in Israel...However the schools who need the most discipline DON"T HAVE IT !!!!
24. someone ought 2 tell Meotti about this...
particularly in view of his column this week. just sayin'!
25. Gee, this could have been me...
David ,   Bat Yam   (05.05.12)
I also had problems with noisy neighbors last night. Yelling to the top of their lungs; singing like no one around. I usually try to keep Shabbat but I had to call the police about this. At first I regret not having confronted the perpetrators myself; but now I realize that perhaps this had saved my life. Sad truth here in Israel. There is a Psalm: "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity (133:1) Does this still hold true for our country today?
26. Friends of Trayvon?
The Prophetess ,   SC,USA   (05.05.12)
If these BRATS are old enough to drink, they are old enough to strap on boots and uniforms and serve their country: the ONLY DEMOCRACY in the ME. Yet, sadly, ignored by their parent and fueled by the apathy of the police, these putzim are emulating the worst of American youth.
27. Religious or not? Why should it matter?
Sarah ,   Modiin   (05.05.12)
They're murderers and should be behind bars. It's sickening to see the level of violent crimes skyrocketing and the inept police failing to do anything about it.
28. took time
mike north ,   karmiel israel   (05.05.12)
We had exactly the same situation in Karmiel-nightly disturbances by rowdy teenagers.Many calls to the moked-the reaction took time.We complained continuously and now the situation has really improved-cameras installed in parks and in underground mall parking. This Beersheba murder is tragic.Why did it take the police so long to react??
29. # 26...Youth are takeing lessons from their elders..
Edithann ,   USA   (05.06.12)
Israel gets away with doing anything they want to Palestinains with .no accountablity for the worst attrocities. You complain when your own youth do the same to you.. Israel is a society of bullies.... Our troubled youth are in certain areas, not all over the country....and when caught, are severely punished...and most are caught.! TATA
30. No. 29
Zippi ,   Israel   (05.06.12)
Israel is not a society of bullies - it is a society where children are sorely lacking an education that begins at home. Just like most bratty, spoiled and lawless youth roaming our troubled world today. And I blame the parents. Your troubled youth are every bit as disgusting as any troubled youth anywhere else, and then your troubled youth grows up to be sickos and weirdos who gun down people in shopping malls or in schools. And are most caught? Really? Surely you jest. As for the Palestinians and what we do to them - Of course being a person who is against Israel, you feel that ridiculous need to take everything out of context and make a ridiculous comparison to the Palestinians. And of course - they are absolute angels, aren't they?
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