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Rabbi Yosef: Treating gentiles violates Sabbath
Published: 17.05.12, 13:36
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1. SHAS Leader
Maurice Solovitz ,   London, England   (05.17.12)
Has the 'great man' ever heard of hilul has shem - what he has said is obscene and he should be charged with incitment to murder - because if he says it is acceptible for a single physician NOT to treat a non-Jew then he is in violation of Judaism. At the very least he should lose any state benefits he receives. To think that the majority pay for him to talk evil before the world is disgusting but words really do not do justice to how I feel.
2. More rantings from the $h-ass cult leader
Haim ,   TA   (05.17.12)
The unmitigated arrogance of Ovadia Yosef only serves to drive a further wedge between people raised secular who may have a small spark of interest in religion. This man, this so called "rabbi" is a bloated goat whom G-d will profoundly punish. His service is to his cult followers the weak and vulnerable members of society who bleat at his side, kissing his hand only to further bloat his twisted ego. His ignorance of how he appears to the world and how he represents Judaism to the world, who like all other cult figures before him actually is only concerned about the power and the money , which 7 convicted and jailed Shas MKs on charges of serious fraud and corruption go's to prove. This man is a grave sinner and a fraudulent representative anything and everything holy. He is a criminal that wraps himself in religious garb of the most flamboyant nature yet flaunts the very basic laws he claims to represent
3. Mr. Josef, this is outrageous
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (05.17.12)
You are apparently incapable to feel shame. You represent the picture of the ugly Israeli. Shame on you.
4. Alterior motives for incitement?
Maurice Solovitz ,   London England   (05.17.12)
Interior minister Eli Yishai and now it possible that they want to orchestrate a coalition crisis that necessitates their leaving the coalition? Shas with its 11 seats will not bring down the government but it would place it in a position where it can campaign against the government in preparation for when the current coalition government falls (or worse case scenario for Shas, when elections come round in 2013 (?)
5. Garbage
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.17.12)
Any respect I had for this man is gone. And no, he is not ‘just’ repeating what is written. There are different interpretations of everything. And if you don’t have to be Jewish to get to heaven (a gentile needs to observe the Laws of Noah, but not the Ten Commandments), why make the distinction in what could be a life or death matter?
6. Nonsense
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (05.17.12)
There is a gemarah mefureshet in shabat, that you have to violate shabat to save a gentile on shabat, if you don't you are guilty of murder and transgressing don't stand idly on your brothers blood.
7. Racist "Rabbi"
Abu Yussef al Yahudi ,   Bue_Aires-Argentina   (05.17.12)
As a Jew of Sephardic origin, I'm ashamed for the statements of this wrong named "Rabbi". His speech proves that he has a grave mental disease. The name of his malady is RACISM, and unfortunately, there is no cure for that serious condition of his mind. His despicable behaviour is a stain that affect all of us, the Jewish People, both in Israel and in the Galuth. Moreover, IMHO, as a Jew and a "Rabbi", he hasn't understood the teachings of our holy Torah, that states clearly that ALL of us, Human Beings, disregarding our religion, race or skin color, contain a spark of G-d in our souls.
8. Racism
Jack Browser ,   Rehovot   (05.17.12)
This kind of statements are unacceptable. How about a Christian doctor letting a Jew die on Sunday? We will be outraged.
David H, M.D. ,   Marietta USA   (05.17.12)
If that man really does think of himself a Jew, then I am embarrassed to consider myself as one, and wouldn't want to be in the same room that aberration. Sign me as a proud Sabbath violator! As my goyish friends would say, let G-d judge to two of us in the end. The hell with the Black Coats!
10. Respectfully submitted
ESaenz   (05.17.12)
Leviticus 19:33 mentions words that regard issues of other than Jew that help to get to the source. Israel is back now and people are on the land.
11. Dumbest thing I've ever heard
American Jew ,   USA   (05.17.12)
This is so far from my conception and personal understanding of Judaism that I have a hard time reconciling the two, and luckily, I don't have to.
12. #2 as usual
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.17.12)
The extreme Left love/hate relationship with Shas is funny. When Yossef supported Oslo for money, #2 called Yossef a visionary. When Yossef supported Barak who tried to give Golan to Assad and Judea and Samaria to Arafat, #2 said how Yossef was the greates religious leader of our time. When Yossef supported the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif, ruining the lives of 10000 Jews, burning 11 synagogues, desecrating countless graves and bringing the children of Sderot into mortal danger, #2 praised Yossef the holy man. Now that Yossef is taking money from the Likud, #2 hates him.
13. Talkbackers above are the most illiterate Jews ever
Dumb and rude, that's what they are.
14. Who knew that Rabbi Yosef became a stand-up comedian
Jacob Blues ,   New York City, USA   (05.17.12)
He's no Lewis Black, but hey, it's his first run. So rabbi - how many Jewish doctors does it take to operate on a patient. Rimshot please - and don't forget to tip your watiers and waitresses. He'll be here all week folks. OY!
15. We treat everybody equally thats the Jewish way
orthodox MD   (05.17.12)
and our duty which we take very seriously
16. He is RIGHT!
Michael ,   Canada   (05.17.12)
Let me tell you I am a very Modern religious and i have learned this halacha myself. Why do other jews moch one of the greatest leaders of our time??? The Rabbi is trying to protect us!!!
17. we, Jews , are entitled to have our idiots too!
Oleg   (05.17.12)
why not ? just look how many idiots Non-Jews have? plenty..this Rabbi just proves --we have them too..
18. TheReligious can use Shabbat Goy, but let him die on Shabbat
Charles   (05.17.12)
19. #16 - He is very very worng!
Ben ,   Chutzlaaretz   (05.17.12)
I'll take Rambam over Ovedia any day of the week: And he allowed medical care on Shabbat for Jew and Gentile! Bottom line.. not providing essential medical care is the equivelent of causing death.. or Murder! Even within the 10 Dibrot, there are Hierarchies, and murder trumps Shabbat!
20. What an idiotic statement...
PO ,   Ramat Gan, IL   (05.17.12)
Would be acceptable that a Catholic bishop would issue a statement like: "Non Christian lives should not be saved on Sundays"? Of course NOT. So why should be acceptable a statement privileging saving only jewish lives on Shabat from a Rav? This is UNACCEPTABLE too!
21. Rabbi Yosef
owainglyndwr1416 ,   Tipperary Ireland   (05.17.12)
Rabbi Yosef has a problem.. It's called Breathing !!
22. born AbdAllah; is it the gentile, not Yosef who is Jew hater
observer ,   Egypt   (05.17.12)
23. This horrible facist is one of israels leaders!
christianpalestinian ,   las vegas   (05.17.12)
His hate and hostility for gentiles is so obvious and clear to the world.
24. Incomplete Facts
Susan Colman ,   Portland, OR   (05.17.12)
I just finished studying this subject in a Jewish Medical Ethics course. Jews believe in the value of human life for every person, be they Jewish or non-Jewish. However, there is a PURELY TECHNICAL problem within the Jewish legal system (Halacha) which poses the problem of violating Shabbat for a non-Jew. Therefore, the majority of rabbis today follow the opinion of the Chatam Sofer (a great rabbi from a few centuries ago), who said that in today's day and age, [since Jews are not living in an isolated community with only Jews, for which this law was originally formatted], JEWISH DOCTORS HAVE A COMPLETE OBLIGATION TO TREAT NON-JEWS ON SHABBAT. Now, it is possible that R' Ovadya Yosef doesn't follow that opinion (Jewish scholars tend to disagree a lot), but THE GREAT MAJORITY OF RABBIS DO FOLLOW THE ABOVE OPINION, and advise their congregants to treat everyone equally. Once again, in R' Ovadya Yosef's defense: he is dealing with a technicality within Jewish law that he, like everyone else, is trying to get around. The technical law is not a reflection on whether he thinks non-Jewish lives are as important as Jewish lives, etc. It's simply a technicality, which has already been solved. So let's not blow this out of proportion.
25. Basically what he is saying is a religious
jason white ,   afula, israel   (05.17.12)
Jewish doctor cannot treat a member of sh-ass on Shabat. Any other person spouting nonsense like ayatollah yusuf would be locked away in an institution and treated for metal problems. Why wasn't old yusuf locked up years ago?
26. any doc who treats a rabbi on sat must be excommunicated
ralph   (05.17.12)
from judaism. get these rabbis off our back.
27. too no 23 and what do you think gentiles think about Jews???
28. What a sorry excuse for a rabbi
Carl ,   USA   (05.17.12)
Absolutely shameful to think that the noble profession of physician should verify pedigree before treating a fellow human being. Perhaps he forgets the lesson of a much more accomplished rabbi who stated that "he who saves a single life is as if he saved the entire world" with no qualifier that it only pertains to a "Jewish life."
29. Perhaps the good rabbi forgot to take his meds
Scott ,   USA   (05.17.12)
He's an embarrassment.
30. Typical of rabbinic mentality re marriages, conversions, etc
Thinking Jew ,   Israel   (05.17.12)
why do you put up with being ruled by, and "Judaism" defined by anti-scientific illiterates? Frum means hypocrite, not shomer Tora
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