Tel Aviv celebrates gay pride with annual parade
Boaz Fyler
Published: 08.06.12, 16:32
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1. gross
David ,   Haifa Israel   (06.08.12)
2. Fruit-of-the-Loom!
Jack B. ,   USA   (06.08.12)
Someone forgot to change their underwear!
3. Sin City at it again and then they whine
Allan ,   PT   (06.08.12)
about prostitue cards fluttering all over their sinful anti-Torah behavior.
4. Why? But...
Ellen ,   Netanya/NYC   (06.08.12)
I don't understand the need to parade celebrating one's sexuality. I don't parade celebrating that I am a heterosexual. I don't understand that gays claim discrimination. Why should what they do in their bedroom be anyone's business--unless they are making it someone else's business. I will say that those who scream Israel is an apartheid state and how terrible we are--well, imagine what would happen if this parade took place in a Muslim country--oh yes, this parade would be forbidden. Those who wanted to walk would have been killed long ago!
5. Can someone explain?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.08.12)
Are transgendered people male or female? Does their DNA lie? Oh, that pesky Y chromosome! So -- tell me -- what's accurate? Someone's claim and surgically altered physical identity, or someone's DNA? Which is it?
6. God is NOT pleased!
sk ,   USA   (06.08.12)
7. no 5, sarah again
jj   (06.08.12)
why do you care?
8. God created Adam & Eve
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (06.08.12)
not Adam & Steve ( joking), then again I personally don't care. I am a firm firm believer in what ever floats your boat and live and let live.
9. @6 how is it that ONLY U know when G-d is pleased?
10. have fun kids! love those colors! love you! have fun!
Hetero Granny ,   Israel   (06.08.12)
11. Have fun!
Rick ,   Israel   (06.08.12)
This is fabulous! Lots of love xoxo And by the way, who think/obsess of gay sex more than gays themselves? The homophobes! LOL. We gays don't even talk about it at all (unless we're in a private area) while you homophobes are always talking about gay sex and how "bad" it is. I bet you're still thinking about it before you sleep at night. There's nothing bad about coming out of the closet, you know?
12. Tel Aviv Pride Parade is Israel at its best!
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (06.08.12)
If the country had chosen to portray its tolerance and open-minded citizens(for instance those who live in Tel Aviv) instead of the constant "We are under threat" whining, that would've been more effective than all the world's Hasbara campaigns. It would've shown the difference between them and the Arab states, where no Pride Parade would even be considered. If only...
13. Don't ya just love those Tel Aviv Bubblies?
Jake   (06.08.12)
With their Gay Pride parades? Their Nakba Day commemorations? Their Neverending leftist protests? Their illegal migrant zones, which no Israeli dare enter? And most tellingly, their beach parties and anti-Israel protests during the height of the 2006 Israel-Hizbullah war? While Haifa and the North burned, Tel Aviv fiddled.
14. #4 The Reason Why...
Daniel ,   TA   (06.08.12)
There is a general consensus in Israel that it is okay to deny anyone perceived as gay employment. It is also considered by many to be okay to verbally and physically abuse gay people. A Pride Parade Is the gay answer to these actions. Show the world and especially the government that being gay is not grounds for second class citizenship. Gays are good parents, teachers, and members of society. This parade is one of the few times when they can be out en masse and prove to themselves an the world that there should be no shame in being gay
Aranaude Matias ,   Campo Grande, Brasil   (06.08.12)
FREEDOM is Israel's #1 export to the world. Gay people have a joie de vivre that exemplifies the Israeli spirit. The whole world looks to Israel in awe, for it's spirit of FREEDOM, it's spirit of LOVE and pride and HAPPINESS in good times & troubled times. G-d LOVES GAY PEOPLE TOO!
16. what is going
arne ,   chicago usa   (06.08.12)
there? Is this the beginng of the end for the country I love so much? With all the problems they face on a daily basis why in hell do they need these "freekes"to do their crap in public for the whole world to see. I worry--too much--way too much
17. What could they possibly be PROUD of????
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (06.08.12)
18. @9 Read His Word
Grace ,   USA   (06.08.12)
G*d is very specific on His thoughts of degrading what He designed for a monogamous man and woman union. It became so detestable with Sodom and Gomorrah that He destroyed the. Tel Aviv is slapping His face and forcing His hand again. This is shameful behavior. G*d has something so much better for these people... if only they would read His word... is it asking too much?
19. Makes a lot of sense
Sam ,   Canada   (06.08.12)
Applauding men having sex with men and women having sex with women. For this they throw a parade and thousands come out to see it.
20. "gay" parade
Christian grt-gma ,   USA   (06.08.12)
This is abomination, so says will be judged! Israel is for the People of The Book.....not this!
21. Where any Illegal immigrants also in the parade?
Rio ,   New York   (06.08.12)
Wonder if the Africans where there too.
22. #6 - sk - Think again...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (06.08.12)
Homosexual people were created by God. They did not choose to be homosexual. God does not hate His own creation.
23. #6 - no!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (06.08.12)
Gays do not choose to be gay! They are created as they are by G-d just like heterosexuals. Why would G-d hate His own creation?
24. Shows Israel's values andt its "pride"
m   (06.08.12)
Hate the settlers of the land, bow and scrap in front of the world and be PROUD to have a homosexual parade.
25. Very Sad
Chaim ,   Arad   (06.08.12)
#7, it's because you keep making a big thing out of it and it is open for discussion. Sarah can say what she wants. #9, Probably #6 read the scriptures and knows why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and along with everyone else knows that the down fall of every nation that fell in the past, homosexuality was at the core. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a racist. Nothing to see here folks, move along.
26. Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade Kicks off
Jim ,   Colorado USA   (06.08.12)
How about we trade you our president Ă˜bama in exchange for Bibi!
27. Gd is VERY pleased...He told me.
Abie Dee ,   New York, US   (06.08.12)
28. to # 14
Ellen ,   Netanya/NYC   (06.08.12)
Last I looked, 'What is your sexual orientation is not a question on an employment application. A person can only be discriminated against if they announce their being gay. Why is this done. Why is it relevant to know the teacher, MD, or any other member of society is gay. The complex i live in, in NYC is known as "gay friendly" I have many gay neighbors. However, they don't wear it on their chest. I had to live here awhile to LEARN who was straight and who was gay--and even after 17 years I am still learning. My building in Netanya--I don't know if there are any gays--and guess what, pay your VAAD Habayit and that is all I care about. ( and I am Orthodox)
29. what the ....!!
FANGS OUT ,   U.S.A.   (06.08.12)
At least their parents knew the difference. But seems there is no hope for their low morals ( wasted flesh) offspring!
30. Jewish population dwindling...duh!
Pasquinel ,   London.Canada   (06.08.12)
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