'Authorities are trying to silence the public'
Boaz Fyler
Published: 23.06.12, 11:19
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1. Will they also get trampled on by horses & beaten by police?
Allan ,   PT   (06.22.12)
Or is it only haredim who merit getting beaten over the head and body mercilessly with truncheons and trampled under police horses?
2. Israel has no opposition so Bibi can do what he likes!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.22.12)
The left, the right and the Haredim have starting using the term "Police State"! So much for Netanyahu's statement bout Israel being the only democracy in the Middle East! With 94 seats in the Knesset occupied by sheep, it will not be long now until the High Court of Justice is removed, Kadimah becomes part of Likud and the storm troopers hot the streets! The strange this is those who voted for Likud and its right wing bleat brigade are the people being hurt most by this obscene power drunk Government. Got to give Bibi credit though. He sent Mofaz to destroy Kadimah and he succeeded!
3. Let daffy first do her I.D.F. service, then
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.22.12)
she can protest all she wants.
4. Israeltopia
J1 ,   earth   (06.22.12)
typical socialist. The goverment can not fix anything. The utopian masterminds will always fail.
5. Well of course they're confiscating tents. Much easier
than actually fighting real crime.
6. # 3
Orlando ,   Or Akiva, Israel   (06.22.12)
She is medically unfit for army service.
7. Protest but don't disturb the peace.
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.22.12)
8. #5 whats about these religious chicks dodging draft!?
Ze'ev ,   Nbg, germany   (06.22.12)
Send them to serve too, not only the seculars!
9. LOL
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.22.12)
The leftists are angry because they believe that only non-leftists should should not be able to protest. Besides which aren't leftists exempt from mere laws?
10. David @ #2:
Israeli 2   (06.22.12)
"He sent Mofaz to destroy Kadimah and he succeeded!" He succeeded at what? Allowing the Kadimaites take over Likud? Are they now all Likudniks? The truth is: They are all the same. CORRUPT!
11. why does leef have a right to set up tents to protest ?
zionist forever   (06.22.12)
IT IS INCONCECEIVABLE THAT IN A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY THE PUBLIC ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PROTEST. Other than the fact that Leef & her pals are not the public they are individuals nobody has denied them the right to protest just the right to set up tents anytime they feel like holding a protest which Leef seems to want to do on a regular basis. Whilst it might seem hard to believe not all the residents of Tel Aviv wanted their lives disrupted by this tent city last year and don't want to go through it all again now. Tel Aviv does not revolve around Daphne Leef so she doesn't have a right to set up tents and disrupt other peoples lives just because she wants to protest. What would Leef and her supporters say if hundreds of haredi set up tents on her front door because they were objecting the changing the Tal Law? I imagine she would object strongly. These people wear funny clothes and are religious and certainly not the sort of thing she wants to have to live with on her front door. Time for Leef to accept there are laws and they don't change because she wants to protest.
12. 8
zionist forever   (06.22.12)
WHATS ABOUT THESE RELIGIOUS CHICKS DOGING THE DRAFT Firstly the haredi are not draft dodgers they are exercising a LEGAL right when they chose to serve because until the law is changed it gives them a right to chose. Draft dodging is when the law says you are obligated to serve and you refuse. Second what exactly does religious chicks who do not serve have to do with Leef & her desire to set up tents because she wants to hold a protest. Don't turn this into a haredi bashing issue as this whole story has nothing to do with haredi.
13. How to protest
adviser ,   Israel   (06.23.12)
If you want to protest without punishment destroy olives and mosques
14. Ms. Lief & her friends behaved in an incorrect manner...
no better than the ultra right wingers. They got what they deserved. There is one rule of law for all of us...violate it and pay the price for your actions.
15. SECURE BIG ISRAEL,READABLE spelling,socio-econ. 3rd WAY
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (06.22.12)
16. @ #5Fighting real Crime?
Lenya ,   Australia   (06.23.12)
...Like what stopping PA terrorists from infiltrating Israel and extreme leftist activist who do everything to stop the IDF from doing their job? I thought you also demonstrate against fighting real crime.
17. failed alyah
someone sad ,   Brazil   (06.23.12)
how many olim (like me) return back to their countries of origin every day ? Whom cares? Nobody. No jobs, no home, no life in Israel.
18. Finally some positive news!
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.23.12)
19. by public she means the 0.001% who protested?
Danny   (06.23.12)
20. Maybe BB and his right wing fascists should look up decoracy
Haim ,   TA   (06.23.12)
The right of every group to organise a peacefull protest. Israel claims to be a democracy is a joke, guess that explains why thousands of Israelis who want to marry have to go to Cyprus .
21. Poor Daffy
Devorah   (06.23.12)
She promised more "extreme" protests this year. She is an Enemy of the State who does NOT enjoy the same legal protection as the haredim (Naturei Karta in particular). The filthy little martyr is managed by George Soros' New Israel Fund. The sole purpose of them all is to undermine the government. Don't kid yourselves by thinking Ms. Leef is protesting for the benefit of others. She sold herself out and will do as she is told.
22. Govt Silencing
Bubbie ,   ISRAEL   (06.23.12)
The article just before this describes our fellow countrymen sitting in shelters, as rockets bombard them. These spoiled brats have the attitude that they and their desires come first. Let them go south and feel what the people in Sderot are going through and earn the right to lambast the government. No patience for these mollycoddled self absorbed idiots.
23. #20, Who is stopping her protesting?
Danny   (06.23.12)
What they are stopping is her illegally camping.
24. #13 and have the crap beaten out of you by police
Danny   (06.23.12)
25. Since last summer prices did not go down . . .
nibor ,   israel   (06.23.12)
not only that, they went up very high. Salaries have not gone up a bit. At least she has taken it upon herself to try to do something about it by putting herself on the line. The rest of you complainers, you deserve to pay those high prices.
26. Bullshit
Mikael ,   Tel Aviv   (06.23.12)
I was there just passing by with my kids. We had to run the scene when these demonstrators made a rush against the police in our direction. No one minds you making your message heard. But now everyone has heard it and will vote accordingly if you confinced them. Now, pack your stuff, move on with life, get a job, buy a home and contribute!
27. Daphni Leef makes one assumption
Liz Harris   (06.23.12)
to many and one that the world is finally waking up to. Israel is not a democracy in the western sense, it is more a military democracy which is now emerging in Egypt. Where the people vote for who they want to lead them, and the military install someone who will ensure that their budget will not be cut. To achieve Social Justice and equality in Israel the Israeli military budget will need to be cut from 50% of GDP to a more normal 3% of GDP, they will not let that happen.
28. # 6 Your sentence is too long
Sagi   (06.23.12)
Should read. She is medically unfit.
29. #27, when was military spending 50% of GDP?
Danny   (06.23.12)
30. #29
Liz Harris   (06.23.12)
Read the last budget, defence spending in Israel is running at 50% of GDP. Which is why the rest of tthe Israeli economy faces a squeeze. It is simply not sustainable to spend the amount of money that Israel spends on defence in the longterm without the economy collapsing. How long can Israel spend $18820 per hed of population on defence?
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