UNESCO makes Church of Nativity endangered site
Published: 29.06.12, 16:56
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61. Really?
John ,   Tucson, USA   (06.30.12)
We are all creations formulated on purpose for some reason. The source of our existence is the same - no matter what form of free moving consciousness you take on the planet; and so thoughts within ourselves from our Creator unify; they don't divide. Nearly all the posts I see here are blatantly racist and spread hate. You think our Creator makes a mistake each time the blessing of life is bestowed upon any human being? Do you think this endowment of life that you received is a mistake? The blatant racist lies posted by nearly all of the posters here; as well as the fact that ynet does not consider these posts to be racist and so publishes them even though they violate their terms of use, makes me sad - for it shows just how lost so many people are. You - who seek to divide; You - who insult whole groups of individual people based on your racist perspective - YOU are a divider of creation...and that is not a position I would want to be in when I meet our maker.
62. Responses #55 and #56
Sarah B (No not her)   (06.30.12)
Prove why UNESCO protection of The Church of the Nativity is vital for Christendom. The Church of The Holy Sephulcre must also be afforded the same protection.
63. #57 Soloman
John Bull   (06.30.12)
So you deny the right for a people to exist? Yesterday in London a monument was unveiled commemorating my Uncle who gave his life for European Jew's right to exist. And read some of the talkbacks their hatred of Christianity is there for all to see.
64. "Mosque of the Nativity"
BH ,   Iowa   (06.30.12)
No culture is safe from the ururpers. Only those who fight back will survive.
65. Bravo!
David ,   Ramallah   (06.30.12)
Unlike Israel's unilateral moves to destroy the chances of two states, Palestinians are doing the most multilateral thing possible- going to the UN and UN bodies. Now compare that to Israel, which builds illegal, Jewish-only settlements all over the remainder of Palestine! Palestinians are Christians and Muslims. They get along fine, though today some Jews like to claim otherwise in order to try to garner support from American's after 9/11. Israeli's are Jews, and if they think that they can make claim to Bethlehem, that just confirms that they are an apartheid state. The church is safe under the PA. Under Israel settlers would just attack it, just as the IDF did 10 years ago, then spread lies about Palestinians holding clergy hostage and other lies. I've lived here fine all my life with Muslims. I don't know a single Christian here persecuted by Muslims. Any Christian will laugh at this idea. But of course to the Israeli's this means we are liars or "fake" Christians. So say the European immigrants(Israelis)!
66. It really matters little so not worthy of any fuss
Jo   (06.30.12)
This is just politics, meaningless politics. Now if Bethlehem was an independant sovereign self financing country it might have meant something. Remembering that Jesus was born, a Jew , in Bethlehem, two thousand or so years ago, does not really help their nationistic claims any. A Jewish village it was long long ago....well....ehhhhh......
67. The Jews have more claim to Jesus than Palestinians even so.
Jo   (06.30.12)
Back then it was a Jewish town, so highlight Bethlehem all you want, it helps. All you have to do is read the Bible and read the stories of ancient Israel.....even in the New Testament. And if you do, you will also read that Jesus said that no one takes his life from it, Jew or Roman.
68. #63 All due respect
Jake   (06.30.12)
Britain fought Nazi Germany tooth and nail, that it did, but not for the right of European Jews to exist....else it would not have enforced an unjustified and unjustifable policy of exclusion of Jewish refugees from safe haven in their Homeland, condemning untold thousands to death in Nazi-occupied Europe.
69. Pal. terrorists invaded&desecrated the Church,the UN does
whatever the Muslim bloc wants As Abba Eban said if the Moslem bloc moved the earth was flat,the UN GA would pass it. "Eyes on the UN"shows up that farce for what it is.Justice and human rights dies not get a look in
70. The Big church
basri ,   paris   (06.30.12)
Palestinians and UNESCO, a snake which will cut at the head in time.
71. Protected like the Buddhas & the sites in Timbuktoo
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (06.30.12)
72. to #40 Jesus was Judehans aka jew, he even went to pray
ghostq   (07.01.12)
in the synegouge in Nazarath. and it was the Romans who crucified jews.
73. to #51 the cohans were Jesus family
ghostq   (07.01.12)
union between Israelite monarchy and the holly family aka Leviticans existed since the first temple era and continu to the second temple era, the very fact the Miriam (not the mother of Jesus it's a very common name) the wife of king Herolds send her younger brother to the cohens to be part of the holly familly prove just that, it is an inner family thing, the biblical archyology is something unbelieveable.
74. #63 john
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.01.12)
I am grateful for your uncle and his efforts on behalf of Jews. I wish I could know where the monument is so I can visit, and pay my respects, when I return to visit London. The posts only reflect a disdain for those trying to convert Jews. I see no hatred of Christianity;: the opposite- I see a reminder to a blind world of the murder and subjugation of Christians living in the Muslim world. I do not deny the right of people to exist. I contest the perceived "right" of making up a false history while falsifying the history of the Jews. The arabs first came with the Muslem conquest of 676AD, more in the early 1900's and more in 1948 (when Jordan asked them to fill the vacancy left when they kicked out the Jews). The Cave of Machpelah (Hebron) is and always was Muslem? Ruths Tomb is and always was Muslem? Garbage, pure and simple. Don't forget that "Palestina" came from "Philistines", a greek people who no longer existed. The Romans gave the name to the area to try and eradicate the connection of the Jews to the area. They didn't have to eradicate the connection with the arabs, as there weren't any! I would have expected more from the nephew of such a distinguished and brave uncle.
75. Leave the UN
Naftali ,   Israel   (07.01.12)
Israel and the US need to leave the UN. The UN is just a mouth piece of terrorists. They are liars and cheats.
76. How Ironic!
daniel ,   Tel-Aviv   (07.01.12)
The place is famous for the birth place of a Jew and the Arabs get it as their heritage site.
77. Way to go #15. Well said.
Tel Aviv   (07.01.12)
78. C o N, Palestine
keg ,   AU   (07.03.12)
NOT in Israel actually.
79. UNESCO decision
Gene St.Onge ,   US   (07.06.12)
The more time goes on, the more the Israeli side of the issue is dominated by hate and fear. Look at how you speak of the Palestinians, as if they are nothing but animals - a 'sub-civilization' (using Mr. Sharon's categorization) not worthy of the rights and privileges granted to the Jews of the world. Doesn't this type of thinking trouble you in the least?? Where is your humanity??
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