Seize opportunity to stop radical Islam
Eitan Haber
Published: 04.08.12, 14:59
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1. Leftist delusions.
Jules   (08.04.12)
2. Mr. Haber
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (08.04.12)
Oilrich Iran is the root of radicalism. Other countries need US assistance. Except Iran, I dont see any longterm danger for Israel.
3. Can go the other way!
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (08.04.12)
If true democracy can be established in most (and eventually all) Arab states, this could actually help preventing Islamist hegemony. Supporting secular tyrants clearly didn't work, so hopefully the West has learnt its lesson now.
4. The US is helping radical Islamists ie Muslim Brotherhood
tf ,   herzliya il   (08.04.12)
The only hope is that the Army blocks them from real power in Egypt, which is the linchpin country. If Egypt falls fully to the Brotherhood surrounding countries will fall and there will be dark days in countries that try to resist, such as what occurred in Algeria and presently with Syria (make no mistake the rebels with a large MB presence, are every bit as ruthless and violent as the Assad regime, potentially even more violent. If you look at what they do to 'fellow' Muslims, then to other minorities, one can't even begin to imagine or comprehend what they will do to Jews given the opportunity.
5. Do absolutely nothing of this sort, idiot Haber
Marco ,   Spain   (08.04.12)
Let them kill each other and weaken themselves militarily and economically. This is the best for Israel. Nobody can do anything, stop trying to raise Arabs to modern civilization level if they don't have the will to do so on their own. The only help needs to be given to the people of Iran who are ready for democracy and to Kurds to establish their own independent country carved out of several existing Arab and Muslim countries. Furthermore create contact with Alawites to do the same and cut off the rest of Syria from access to the sea. Druzee too should be encouraged to separate themselves from Syria/Lebanon and ally their new country with Israel.
6. Education, Understanding And Acceptence/Tolerance
Is This Achievable? It's up to them, especially when they live in the West! שבת שלום/ברוך הא שם
7. IRONICALLY only a BIG ISRAEL can save Islam from Islamism.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (08.04.12)
8. The Gathering Storm.
John Prophet   (08.04.12)
For those who want to see, it's quite clear the Middle East Caliphate is well on its way to fruition. It should also be clear that Israel will be geographically squarely in the middle of it. Once fully formed, this Caliphate will rid itself of the tiny Israel an millions of its inhabitants. There is indeed a window of opportunity now, but if it's left to close, the future of humanity will be a living Hell.
9. But the Zionist original premise was the destruction and
Edithann ,   USA   (08.04.12)
destabilization of the Middle East and Israeli hegemony over all? Has anyone ever heard of 'Laws of Unintended Consequences'? . TATA
10. #9
Dennis ,   Nj USA   (08.04.12)
What in the heck r u talking about? Some delusion?
11. #9:I know there's drought in your country: plz drink more
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.04.12)
water, not chlorine which seems to cloud your mind! Get a grip on yourself Mun!
12. I am absolutely amazed what mess at end of Obama.s 1st term
Alan ,   SA   (08.04.12)
Four years ago I used to post on Y net that Obama would turn all M E over... Today I am in awe of the mess.... I never believed it would be anything like it is. Its like Hell has opened up.
13. @ 10... Don't you know Zionist history? It's not rocket
Edithann ,   USA   (08.04.12)
.science... .'Jewish History, Jewish Religion'...by Israel Shahak.... Then get back to me with some sense... TATA
14. #9,#13 Edithann - Go take your meds and return to the aylum
meir elazar   (08.04.12)
15. I hope that
Raymon ,   Cairo,Egypt   (08.04.12)
regardless my opinion about Israel but I respect this article .. I hope the next parliament won't be an islamic one .. the chance for Egypt not for anyone else to move forward still remains .. that will be showed after the nextt parliament elections next February
16. Israel fears Arab democracy, wants cold war dictators back
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.04.12)
17. I'd think, after Afganistan and Iraq fiasco everybody'd know
AK   (08.04.12)
that it is impossible to build democratic country, if the citizenry is Muslim. In every single Muslim country, including Turkey, when given a choice chose Islamists to govern them. Whatever liberal forces exist in Muslim societies are too small to have any influence whatsoever. It is high time to realize that we cannot change them, we cannot influence them, we can only fight them.
18. Leftist fantasy
Rachel ,   US   (08.04.12)
What's going on in Syria has nothing to do with Israel. Israel has no control over how Assad or any Arab leader treats their own people.
19. This article makes zero sense
Makes no sense   (08.04.12)
20. to Gunnar #3
Mike S. ,   London; UK   (08.04.12)
True democracy is for the Scandinavians. The Arabs are at least a century away from it, but in the meantime, the author is correct : Israel should create an entente cordiale with moderate Arab/Muslim states that have as much to lose as Israel does...
21. Excellent article
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (08.04.12)
I congratulate Mr. Harber for this very good text. Verily, Islamic radicalism has been dangerous, not only to Israel, but also, to all Asian and African countries in order to be ruled under Democracy. Nevertheless, fundamentalistic positions, into Christianism or Judaism, are harmful too. God doesn't have our human failures. His Law is based on love, justice and solidarity. And, also, on firmness.
22. #20 Mike - If they need a century, let them start today
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (08.05.12)
Everything must begin sometime/somewhere/somehow The problem with your idea is that with temporary solution after temporary solution after temporary solution, there'll never be a lasting solution.
23. Unstoppable
Sagi   (08.05.12)
Let the truth be said. Islam will eventually rule the world. Am I an Islamist, no. Am I a fatalist, no. I am a very pragmatic and realistic person. Demography is the one ingredient but the other one is of unparalleld importance, not only today, but throughout history. Faith,and the determination that it creates,coupled with the violence and total disregard for human life, which is an offshoot and a result of the faith, shall cause Islam to prevail. The only way to prevent this is for the other camp to take a line of action which would be totally against its basic ideas and concepts of humanity. The pen is stronger than the sword, but the combination of both will pose an invincible opponent.
24. Haber: seen a lot; learned nothing.
rick ,   walnut creek   (08.05.12)
Eitan has seen a lot but apparently not learned much. he offers only fantasies upon fantasies. the first fantasy is that there is any serious, committed, partner on the Arab side. there is not. abbas wants concessions but is willing to offer nothing to Israel as a Jewish state except defeat. the second fantasy is that, if somehow an agreement with abbas were achieved, it would in any way diminish the islamist tide. Eitan, wake up! the islamists will always find an excuse for belligerence. if one needed an example, refer to the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon. hizb is still complaining.
25. What?
jay abouaf ,   Jaffa, Israel   (08.05.12)
I'm sorry to say, but you said nothing.
26. Obama
Gene Graczyk ,   Santa Rosa, CA USA   (08.05.12)
A thousand foreign policy mistakes--really? Seen through an ultra-nationalist Israeli filter, perhaps. The rest of the world does not share that view, dear friends. We have strong military alliances, a battle-tested military second to none, the world's largest economy (still) and the best leader we have had in decades to steer the ship. Israel, on the other hand, has trouble convincing its own people that the IDF and Mossad are really up to snuff, that the rich in Israel do not control the show, and that religious zealots do not drive foreign policy to the harm of Israel's future. I would not trade Obama for any other leader on the world stage. He will be re-elected handily so get used to it, dear friends. Mind your own business--it needs serious tending at the moment.
27. Is this guy, Haber, still getting paid?
EZ   (08.05.12)
Why does Ynet pay him? Israel cannot influence moderate Muslims. Pals don't want to compromise: they've had several opportunities (2000, 2008) and said "No." Fundamentalist Muslims are no more a danger to Israel than the Arab nationalist leaders were/are. In fact, since I cannot see anyone selling them arms, I bet Islamists in power will only benefit Israel.
28. What exactly should we do?
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.05.12)
The Sunni regimes which like us oppose the present regimes in Iran and Syria have no love for us. We cannot win their love by concessions. Conceding or bringing about a Palestinian Arab state like withdrawing from Lebanon or Gaza will not win their acceptance. They will feel it only as weakness. We are presently managing as best we can in some kind of tacit agreement with the Palestinian Authority. What else can we do? The first thing of course is to make it absolutely clear that anyone who dares attack us will be finished. Our survival depends on our power of deterrence not on our power of making concessions.
29. Not so simple
Bernard ,   Melbourne Austrakia   (08.05.12)
It is a grave mistake to think that "moderate" Arab countries will agree on anything with Israel. Their hatred of Israel is far too strong to allow for any mutual understanding or progress in relations with Israel.
30. #9, #13: If your source is Israel Shahak, no wonder!
Isaac Galili ,   Israel   (08.05.12)
Relying on Israel Shahak -- whose academic degree was in chemistry, who held no academic or rabbinic credentials in Jewish theology nor academic training as a historian -- is like relying on David Duke to understand race relations in the US.
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