Nuclear Iran has its advantages
Uri Weiss
Published: 06.08.12, 10:06
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1. WTF!?!?
Marcelo ,   BA/Berlin/TLV   (08.06.12)
are you serious? there is no single positive issue about an nuclear terror-suppor Iran!! they will use the nukes through proxis as hamas and hizbullah, how is the weather on your strawberry planet? how can someone be so delusional or is it just stupidity?!?!?
2. Moron.
Scott ,   USA   (08.06.12)
3. No Mr. Weiss, we are not in favor of a "balance of terror"
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (08.06.12)
4. I doubt Uri gets past level 1 in his game
Chopper4 ,   CPT, South Africa   (08.06.12)
I have never read such utter BS in my life before. It seems the only advantage to Iran getting nukes is the destruction of Israel, because all he talks about is Israel giving up this and that...is that not what the Israeli government is already doing without a nuclear Iran? I think Uri is one of those academics that should be kept far away from reality and he should stay in his fantasy world. He really has no grasp on reality and is willing to sell his country out and for what?? He must have ulterior motives, otherwise he would not squirt out BS like he has. I just hope his theory never comes to fruition otherwise we are all finished.
5. Have you gone mental?
Vlad   (08.06.12)
You want the world to be more intrusive into Israel's affairs and try to restrain it whenever it responds to terrorism? You want terrorists to attack Israel with virtual impunity and fear no real IDF response because it might "start a new conflict"? And you want to achieve this by giving Iran the power to kill hundreds of thousands of Israelis? You, my friend, are completely out of your mind.
6. Unbelievably Stupid and Naive!
Davi ,   Sanda-shi, Japan   (08.06.12)
LOL at how ridiculous such a proposition is! There are a whole host of different variables at work in the thorny and contentious relation between Israel and Iran, not to mention the complexities of Shia and Sunni rivalries in nearby M.E. nations! Presenting weak hypotheses by comparing this to the situation between India and Pakistan and that of America and Russia does NOT contribute to a valid theory of detente! Any random variable can crush a "theory". Way too risky! Go greater Israel! All the way! Judea and Samaria for ALL of Israel!
7. Uri....hates Israel.
Yael ,   Israel/US   (08.06.12)
8. Complete BS
Daniel ,   Rehovot   (08.06.12)
A game theorist thinks he knows better.. Reality is not the same thing as your lectures
9. 10 reasons why we must not let Iran get nukes
zionist forever   (08.06.12)
1) Saudi Arabia nukes from Pakistan ( which they have said they will do ). Turkey & possibly Egypt developing their own nuclear weapons arms race that includes more than Israel & Iran 2) As most the oil supplies are based in the Gulf investors in the oil would worry which is bad for the stock markets. 3) Oil prices would go up and stay up 5) There is an issue of global nuclear terror. The more nuclear powers there are in the world the more raw materials there are for a major terror group like AL Quaida to make a dirty bomb and terrorists don't worry about treaties or politics. 6) What happens if the Arab Spring spreads to a nuclear Saudi Arabia and the House of Saud is replaced by a radical Islamist group? 7) Ahmadinejad is all hot air for the most part and is unlikely to ever use a nuke but what about his successors? What if there is a Persian Spring and radicals take control of the country and its nuclear weapons? 8) Iran has an advanced missile program, what is going to happen when they get ICBM capability which is just a matter of time and they have a nuke to put on top which they can then point at the US or anybody else they don't like. Forget Israel now everybody better tow the line if they don't want a nuclear weapon headed their way. 9) Will Iran play bully boy and try to dictate the future of the entire region? If they do it will either increase the chances of regional conventional wars in the Gulf or possibly even an alliance with the arabs and together they will decide they want the US out of Muslim territory. 10) How will Russia take to the idea of a nuclear Iran? Iran has always been their ally but now its a strong and untouchable ally and if they can get base in Iran and its going to make their voice in the Middle East and what if they use that new found influence to get some of the more moderate Arabs to turn their backs on America in favour of Russia? Israel could once again find itself surrounded by well armed enemies on all sides the way it did before 1967 only this time there will also be missiles & nukes to add to the equasion. Also remember we live in a region where suicide to kill an enemy is seen as an honerable thing so the MAD doctrine that stopped the Cold War ever turning into a nuclear war doesn't apply. Do we really want that so we can get the west to try and defuse some tensions with the palestinians? We can deal with that issue using tanks can be pretty effective when it comes to fighting terror that might arise over issues like Temple Mount and at other times we can use politics we don't need a nuclear Iran.
10. No! Very well written article
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (08.06.12)
Hunger strike has transformed into Arab spring. ( 2008 Cairo rice price hike protests) Vietnam's population will reach 100 million by 2024. Turkey's 100 million by 2050. Egypt's 160 million by 2050. 9 Billion world population!! U.S. economic aid to Egypt is nothing! No more fresh water, food, cheap oil, American corn & wheat, etc. Sunni Arab world will need USA more than they need today. Therefore rich and clever Molla regime of Iran will easily provoke poor Arab/Muslim world against Israel and US (despite vital aid and US backed Sunni transformation) and Iran will need a New Temple on the Temple Mount. Jewish Yerushalayim or Jewish West Bank (Judea and samaria :) is not the problem but the Temple. Iran is a religion state. They dont care Jewish-Arab friendship and peace.
11. One thing is holy war and another is pure empire bipolar de
Rick ,   Miami Fl   (08.06.12)
One thing is holy war and another is pure empire bipolar d...It is iportant to review your mindsite and comments with your Psicoanalist, ASAP, never the less open thinking is a way to mirror the other side position and mood . Pissing contests are well expected in this west and middle east dominance. A bomb really threatens the core side of the trade balance equation. Swiping us from the map is that part of the equations that makes us think protective and emotionally reactive to most and a scenariom end idea that is not survival, PLove... Business as usual. 3 strategies that we know about virus, killings and psyco warfare what is the 4th one, and te 5th,... If things get complicated then the ecuation is swipe the army capabilities an subs and lidership out of the map. One by one! Sending the country and to that extent parts of the region 100 years back in time!
12. Help the students of Uri Weiss
laura ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.06.12)
if this guy teaches at university level where are we??? you can't get more idiotic
13. A textbook example of the saying: "There is no Idea stupid
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.06.12)
enough that an Intellectual will not entertain"! Peerless idiocy.....
14. And he gets paid for this drivel
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.06.12)
I must wonder who is more stupid Weiss or the university and this newspaper that pay him for his stupidity
15. Idiotic!
Reuven   (08.06.12)
16. Everything has a limit!!!
Jusanz77 ,   Vzla.   (08.06.12)
So to be silly we must have a limit, Mr Weiss crossed that limit long ago.
17. prize winner
Sigfried S. Kuhn ,   Aberdeen USA   (08.06.12)
I've read many deranged articles that have been accepted by both print media and internet sites. This one wins a prize for being the stupidist, poorly thought-out, and craziest that I have ever read. I sincerely hope that Weiss is pulling all of our legs by satirical writing because if he is not, civil commitmant is the only solution to his dual problem of stupidity and psychosis.
18. Basic facts
Max ,   Wash DC, USA   (08.06.12)
1. Iran is not anti-Semitic. All the rhetoric is about politics not religion. Jews live in Iran and practice their faith freely as they have for over 2500 years. 2. Iran is not suicidal and will not launch an unprovoked attack on a nuclear-power Israel. 3. Iran's attacks are "Zionism" not Jews. Zionism is an ideology. Jews are a people.
19. #18 - how about the truth instead?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.06.12)
1. Iran is extremely anti-Semitic. Jews are extremely oppressed and not allowed to practice their religion freely and subject to arrest, torture and murder by the fascist regime. 2. The Iranian has already launched many attacks on Israel and yes they are suicidal. 3. Zionism means the desire of Jews to live in Israel. That is extremely racism. 4. You are ignorant of the Middle East
20. Error in Theory
Aharon   (08.06.12)
The problem with this theory is the assumption that Iran or other players in the Middle East would act rationally, in the view of the west, in not wanting to be killed. However, the reality is that it is very much apart of the Islamic culture to die for Allah's cause. If they believe Allah wants the Jews to die, they will sacrifice themselves to do it. So while, they may die in a nuclear attack, to them, all that matters is that the Jews are dead. Also, by suggesting that the Jews give up the temple mount is akin to asking the Muslims to abandon Mecca. Why are Jews the only ones who have to defend their right to have access to its holiest site?
21. Back to The Ivory Tower Please
Al From Brooklyn ,   Petah Tikva   (08.06.12)
Mr. Weiss's "theories", even in the abstract are beyond deeply flawed, they are dangerous. Even the kindest interpretations of his views still cannot overcome the fact that a nuclear Iran is not necessarily a rational "player" like the USSR, or Ahmedinijad's Hiterlesque rantings are just playing to the Moslem street (and if so isnt that still cause for concern) or that Israel abdicating its sovereign and historic claims will solve the fact its mere existence is a problem for many in the Arab World. Let's put theory to practice: go jump in lake holding a live wire. If you survive, you will surely be cautious about not doing so again. Legal Negotiating 101: Understand your adversary's intent.
22. Israel
boris ,   ny,us   (08.07.12)
in troubles! This person teaches!
23. Uri; Two minor points...
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.07.12)
in this discussion that may have been missed: 1. The Temple Mount is NOT a symbol; it is Jewish. 2. There is no occupation, but a containment of terrorists bent on killing Jews. This doesn’t speak well about your ‘knowledge’ of facts.
24. Nuclear Iran
Debbie ,   Trumbull, USA   (08.07.12)
You have to be kidding. Nuclear holocaust will just bring on the Hidden Iman so there is no deterrent in Iran's mental mind. AND, what do you mean " it may encourage Israeli society to abandon symbols such as the Temple Mount and Greater Israel, and perhaps lead Israel to end the occupation or agree to regional demilitarization."????? Abandon Temple Mount? To who? Those who won't let either Jews or Christians pray there? What occupation? You mean Israel's righful use of their own land? Remember the old saying, "If Israel's enemies lay down their weapons today, there will be no more conflict. If Israel lays down her weapons today there will be no more Israel." Get real, I may never read another ynet article again.
25. We're far too paranoid for this proposal
ZionistBill ,   Israel   (08.07.12)
We have hundreds of nuclear weapons, the backing of the most powerful nation on the planet, and the region's best army. But in many ways we're like scared little children who hide under the bed until mommy gets home. As we're scared of our own shadows (even when on valium) I believe we're far too paranoid for this idea to work. Also, if Iran had nuclear weapons, we would no longer be the region's biggest bully. And we're very proud of that title.
26. Did an Israeli write this? It's simply moronic
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.07.12)
Here is someone 'speculating' that nuclear weapons in the hands of those who have vowed to bring about the destruction of one's own nation may be a good thing. How foolish and self- deluding can a person be.
27. Easy question Weiss - Hamas/Hezbollah will benefit from
David ,   Israel   (08.07.12)
A nuclear Iran or not?
28. So many Israeli idiots dreaming of becoming "Protected Jews
ab   (08.07.12)
Has it worked in the Middle Ages ,Mr. Weiss ,when your ancestors might have been "Overseers of the Jews of His Benevolency the Archbishop " ?
29. rarely read such crap
charles ,   jerusalem - Israel   (08.07.12)
The writer should reconsider is naive position. Iran would not fire nuclear missiles, it would sign the end of Iran as it is. Proliferation is the risk, nuclear dirty weapons fired or sent to Israel from various countries, who can live with such pressure?
30. #25 zionist
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.07.12)
You’re getting a swelled head and ego. Look at what the arabs have, how many there are, what they can do, and what they’ve done in the past. You seem to say that Israelis lack a sense of reality, but it is you that needs a reality check.
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