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Egypt: Morsi sacks intel chief, north Sinai governor
Roi Kais, agencies
Published: 08.08.12, 18:23
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1. Well That's A Great First Step
Now Does'nt hayinah Owe An APPOLOGY To Mossad For The B.S. They were talking just YESTERDAY? I think gaza Needs to Have The IDF Controll these TERRORISTS, because hamas Can't find their ass even if they had their hands on it!!!!!
2. stupid president
Fad Egypt   (08.08.12)
the first one who should go is Morsi himself , since the first day , he has been supporting terrorism and doing his best to support hamas , and strength its terror HQ at the expense of Egypt national security and interests he set free many terrorists and mass murderers from prisons , which encouraged the terrorists to carry out their attacks all his decisions regarding firing the intel chief and the guard chief , has nothing to do with the terror attacks , he is just doing that to deceive the public that he is in charge !!!!!! shalom
3. Canadians seem to appear everywhere
Cynic #2   (08.08.12)
even in the most unlikely spots. Maybe this guy is studying the impact of Fukushima fall out on the flora in the Sinai desert!
4. Now that Israel is not to blame...
Essie HaKohanr ,   Florida USA   (08.08.12)
Will Egypt blame Canada ?
5. Allah have Morsi !
Iranian Hunter   (08.08.12)
CUTE Morsi is replacing the praetorian one by one with his MB brothers and sisters.
6. it's amazing how Suleiman died just at the right time
jericho ,   us   (08.08.12)
7. IOW Morsi fired Muwafi for exposing him a liar
ygalg ,   israel   (08.08.12)
HaifaGuy   (08.08.12)
Morsi, yr so lame Always need someone to blame As yr land descends into shame
9. Politricks as usual
shmulke ,   w coast USA   (08.08.12)
Did Morsi also fire the person(s) who stated as a fact on the MB website that Mossad was responsible for the attacks? No? Well, carry on then, business as usual.
10. They kill a few terrorists and call it victory, how silly
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.09.12)
11. prediction turned reality
N ,   N   (08.12.12)
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