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S. Arabia: We'll intercept any IAF aircraft en route to Iran
Published: 09.08.12, 07:34
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31. I have a better idea that . . . .
Iranian Hunter   (08.09.12)
The saudis would love. Why not, make a scene where israel lets saudi shot down one or two planes without pilot, just to make them feel safe from the "terrible wrath of the iranians who are mighty and a superpower". What is funny is that i know Iran would bomb Saudi Arabia even if Israel lets saudi shoot a couple of jets. Let us CUT OFF the head of the snake, together. Wahhabi muslims (troo moosleeem ) and jews. Very funny eh.
32. one wants this strike to happen..
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (08.09.12)
more than Saudi. Say one another.
33. Clearly, the sound is Saudi, but the text is Obama's!!
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.09.12)
34. To MR, #12: thanks for sharing!
Samuel Prime ,   Canada   (08.09.12)
Best regards.
Saudis will do no such thing.Should they try to shoot down israeli jets ,the saudis will regret it big time .Put THAT in your pipes and smoke it.
36. #22, you won't do anything...
Israeli ,   Haifa   (08.09.12)
You will only do what serves your own interests, and the interests of your Arab oil buddies. The Israeli people and our nation be damned. Some ally you are.
37. Easy enough to estimate, #27
Cameron ,   USA   (08.09.12)
Those forever parked & silent Israeli jets tell all. Again, Israel has the limit with employing conventional weapons. One can hardly blame Net for being unwilling to hazard a desperate, dubious IAF longshot. He knows the odds on Israel trying to roll solo on the Persian nukes. Blunt reality obliges Israel to wait on orders from DC for the final resolution of this issue.
38. #37 Cameron
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (08.09.12)
The alternatives are: conventional war now or nuclear war later. It seems as if BHO has chosen nuclear war later.
39. Chatter
PaulZion ,   Israel   (08.09.12)
What IS it with all this chatter about options, directions etc? Let's just publish the times, the routes, the number of bombers and all. The whole monty. Then we can make absulutely 100% sure that there will be no element of surprise and they'll be waiting for us with flowers and rice.
40. Now Obama collaborates with Israel's enemies to prevent
Adam Smith   (08.09.12)
the nation-state of the Jewish people from doing what it must do, before all else: defend its sovereignty and the lives of its citizens. And, this is from the man who statements, during elections times..., still echoes: Our commitment to Israel's security is unshakable.
41. arabs!
xortan ,   west azerbaican/iran   (08.09.12)
I dont think IDF should be scared of the arabs! they cant shoot down anything unless it is an isrealie transporter just landing in their airfields! but be careful of Iranians! but try and enjoy good weather, nice food and wine and stop thinking of wars! please? Regards
42. The conclusion of all this is . . .
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (08.09.12)
That WAR is near and we all know what is the outcome..."Haverim" G-D is in our side and there is no Obama our Saudi guy to Stop History. Israel will do what is wise and STOP once and for All the Gangsters in Iran.
43. #37, Cameron...YOUR antisemitic brain is
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.09.12)
parked and silent...that's all...
44. find me one real arab country
milson   (08.09.12)
saudi is so scared of iran that they say they will shoot down idf aircraft when secretly they hope iaf hits iran. Egypt says it will hit islamic terror and it doesn't do much.Turkey talks tough yet shrinks from syria like the coward that erdogan is bigtime.Haniyah blasphemes israel 24 hours but sends his sister's family to israeli hospitals for treatment. You won't get a more duplicitous gang of characters that god has ever created. liars and cuthroats of the first order. The only one who knows how to deal with them is vladmir putin. yes we can obama and olso peres and barak are wasting their bloody time along with crybabies and oven writers of haaretz.
45. Strike
michael Pielet ,   israel   (08.09.12)
Correction, the U.S. will only support a strike on Iran after Tel Aviv is a burning crater. Yediot wants Israel to take the first hit.
46. Mmm.Just look out for developments in Hormuz
Tim ,   Brighton   (08.09.12)
The Iranian Navy is on Full Military Alert and feel all powerful and invincible - so can we expect 'fireworks' in the Hormuz very soon?
47. I but speak the truth, Rettenmoser, you lil ankle-biter you
Cameron ,   USA   (08.09.12)
48. the problem
iraj   (08.09.12)
bibi is uncertain and relies on barak who is an empty bag of wind, botched the marmora, failed to stem west bank terror and is an overrated general. Barak for a general boasts and brags incessantly which tells you the whole story. I don't remember kalahani, or eitan boasting only barak. There is no chance that barak will hit iran unless yaalon and liberman and begin line up behind the action which is coming. As for kameini and his jews sabjourian ahamadinejad, you better make your getaway to moscow because the nuclear plants are not theonly ones to get a devastating hit.
49. b.H.o. Thinks He Can Squeeze The IAF?
Not Only has been given a Nobel Peace Prize For NOTHING he's NO STRATGIST! NO FOREIGN POLICY, No Economic Policy, and HE NEVER HAD Israel's Back Ever! American Jews WAKE UP, Don't you see what is Pathetic president is Trying To Do????
50. Baloney for public consumption. Saudis are drooling
leo ,   usa   (08.09.12)
at a prospect of anyone hitting Iran, be it Israel, be it US, or be it anyone else and all together. Saudis are scared stuff-less of growing Iran and will do anything to stop it.
51. #26
Andrew Michaels ,   Montreal Canada   (08.09.12)
Anton Israel does not require the US to protect it, it will do it's own work, unlike Turkey we make our own decisions, you should focus on replacing your pathetic leaders and quickly because soon you too will become another Islamic republic fanatical state and you will never be allowed to join Europe
52. Meanwhile, in the Strait of Homuz
Chaim ,   Arad   (08.09.12)
The seagulls makes their nest in the intakes of the F-16's that are rusting quietly on the rotting decks of the now powerless carriers. The Corvettes and other battle wagons sit quietly in the water rusting and not having ammunition to use. Submarines bob on the surface as they have no direction, no orders, and like the others rusting away. Meanwhile, back in Tehran, The God of Israel is pulling the plug on Iran. Mountains are imploding on the nuclear sites. Fear and terror is in the face of the Iranian people. In Washington DC, obama has just given the keys of the country to his friend in Russia, bowing and apologizing while doing so. Fictitious? Maybe so; but then maybe not.
53. why
Murat ,   Antalya   (08.09.12)
is this all happening to İsrael. You first loose your ally Turkey, then Hosni, now the Saudis. But don'y worry. You still have the pkk, mr. assad and the ultra-nationalist greeks on your side.
54. Our "hold me back" strategy is working!
ZionistBill ,   Israel   (08.09.12)
The last thing we're capable of doing is unilaterally attacking Iran. We wouldn't destroy much of anything and would only succeed in uniting the Iranians (and teaching them how to better bury nuclear facilities in the future.) We would also no doubt mess up the military part, much like we did in Lebanon. So I like this latest twist! We can now say that the Saudis won't ALLOW us to attack. And, also, that Obama is being mean to us. Of course this won't really fool anyone in the world with the exception of the many Obama-obsessed ynet talkbackers. Granted, fooling them isn't much of a challenge.
55. More can be done? So you've been doing LESS!
SG ,   Teaneck   (08.09.12)
Why? Clearly Obama and Clinton are not serious. Obama cares more about being re-elected than he cares for the West or Israel.
56. 51
anton ,   Istanbul   (08.09.12)
Nobody cares for eu andrew cheers...
57. #47 That may be your truth, but today America is..
little more than a dying ex-superpower who Israel can afford ignore when it's convenient.
58. Face It People. Bibi Is Not Going To Attack
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.09.12)
He talks tough but in reality it's all bluster and hot air. He's nothing but a politician trying to assure his electorate that he's a macho "war time leader". Much in the same vein as the war criminal George W. Bush. History will not be kind to either of them. Right now Bibi's ranting and raving is all an attempt to get the USA to do all the nasty work, as they did in Iraq and now in Syria. But alas, the Americans are weary of fighting these neo-con instigated wars. Besides the USA is dead broke. They are borrowing money at this very moment from China to finance their sad adventure in Afghanistian. Israelis need to face the fact that Iran might become a nation with nuclear weapons, just like Israel is. It will be no different than what the Russians and Americans face. MAD. Not an attraction option so they tend to try to resolve issues in a somewhat peaceful manner.
59. #58 I don't think that's what's happening
tzila ,   expat U.S.A.   (08.09.12)
Israel is in a lose-lose situation right now: If we attack Iran or Israel is forced to use military force, i.e. in the movement of chemical weapons from Syria to Lebanon, Obama gets himself re-elected, Obama will want to come to our "rescue." And even if Obama attacks Iran unilaterally, which I doubt, he gets re-elected. Bibi just hates for that to happen (and myself, btw). He's between a rock and a hard place
60. coalition of the ........
michel ,   Ashkelon   (08.09.12)
Obama; Ayatollas; Saudis; all very clever,advanced and liberal people. When they meet around a common goal: to hurt jews,that is what you get : threaths and ridicule.
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