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US: Israel can't destroy Iran's nuclear program
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 14.08.12, 22:55
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31. Unwanted Opinion - Don't Ask
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (08.15.12)
The Pentagon runs a daily briefing and at least weekly, the SecDef and Chairmen take questions. It is a forum open to all accredited press. If you don't want American opinion, stop sending reporters and stop asking questions.
32. These generals have opinions
Ezra ,   SanDiego USA   (08.15.12)
They would have Israel fall in line with their negative thinking, to maintain control over the situation. Yes, and if Iran gets the bomb; they'll say ...oh well!
33. to mr dummy
postroad ,   orange, ct, usa   (08.15.12)
calling silly child-like names is, well,child like.who got OBL? No Bush.
34. Destroy Iran's nuclear facilities
DEB ,   WASH DC   (08.15.12)
I think Panetta and Dempsey are simply continuing to downplay the threat and thereby help Obama avoid upsetting his re election hopes. Dempsey is another Mullins, afraid to get his uniform dirty. Israel can surely set back the Iranian nuclear program several years using conventional weapons. And the nuclear program and facilitier can be totally destroyed several times over using nuclear weapons. The recent emotings by Iran emphasize the "existential threat" they pose - rises to an act of war maybe? Perhaps NOW is the time to use nuclear. Iran will not stop for economic/political reasons. By the way, don't forget about Bushehr and the possibility of Iran's reprocessing.
35. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW! We can and must do it.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.15.12)
Iran's nukes must go. No matter what it takes. Obama is clearly on Iran's side. That much is obvious. We must not let anything discourage us. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW! We can and must do it.
36. And US can't stop the Taliban
Samuel Prime ,   Canada   (08.15.12)
Panetta is trying to embarrass Israel by saying Israel can't destroy Iran's nukes. Well, his Obama admin could not defeat the Taliban who are, after 10 years, still actively fighting and killing US/NATO troops. Further, can the US actually destroy or slow down Iran's nukes? The one way that Israel can stop Iran is by nuking certain sites. After all, what are nuclear weapons for? Not to be used even when your existence is blatantly threatened? They're there for a reason.
37. Israel was the only country to be able to
Israeli 2   (08.15.12)
destroy Iraq"s and Syria's reactors. Whois dempsse or Panetta to say otherwise? Each country is looking for his own interest and benefits. Meanwhile, Iran is shaking in its boots with wishful thinking. Israel cannot afford to be a coward like them and they too should act in their own interest.
38. Obama's mouthpieces
agokoy ,   cebu   (08.15.12)
It may very well be gleaned from these meetings with Obama's emissaries that they are engaging in double talk. They are saying on one hand "don't do it because you can't", at the same time they are saying "Obama has accepted a nuclear Iran ---- don't rock the boat". It could very well be that they/he has just thrown Israel under the bus and telling the Israelis to "just get with the program". It sounds grim, and Obama can just say 'life isn't fair'.
39. attacking in order to delay Iran bomb OK
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (08.15.12)
Dont worry about response. Israel is already at war with Iran
40. A strike on Iran would destroy the credibility of Israel
41. #6 wants the end of Israel.
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (08.15.12)
Why is it so hard for some people to understand that if Israel uses any of its nukes, it will quickly lead to the end of Israel? Once Israel uses a nuke, the US will be forced by the rest of humanity to throw Israel to the wolves, then the rest of humanity will severely punish Israel. Although Israelis seem to have the worlds largest egos and are filled to overflowing with hubris, they can NOT survive if the rest of the world decides to punish them. Using a nuke is equivalent to committing suicide.
42. No one wants war
Matt   (08.15.12)
But Iran does not care, example everyone knows people can survive for weeks under rubble, yet they call off the search within days, leaving people to die. Because they don't care. That is the problem, not about their own people or Lebanon, Syrians.
43. Nuclear Iran is a danger to the all world;we must stop Iran
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (08.15.12)
Now is the time to stop Iran,later might be too late,not for Israel,but for the all world
44. did USA act against North Korea, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq
Amos J   (08.15.12)
Absurd, did America act against North Korea, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq when they were building nuclear reactors ? No, they just emitted a lot of hot air just like today. Israel acted promptly against Osirak & Syrian nuclear reactors (despite American & European objections), else those Scuds that hit Israel in the Gulf War in 1991 would have had Nuclear warheads on them. And who benefitted the most from Osirak attack ? Obviously America, they were able to throw Saddam out from Kuwait & invade Iraq easily. If Saddam had a few nukes, he would have been the Emperor of the Middle-East by now !
45. Obama, Panetta, Iran and Israel
Susan A ,   Lynchburg USA   (08.15.12)
IF I were Israel I'd tell the USA everyone else to mind their own blankety blank business! Israel is a SOVEREIGN NATION. WHOSE GOD IS YAHWEH! NOT Obama-NOT the (lol )UN. NO ONE ELSE has a right to demand they do ANYTHING!
46. U.S. Comments
Bruce ,   New Orleans USA   (08.15.12)
Those comments are hog wash, counter-productive, and etc..
47. #41
Jonathan ,   MN/US   (08.15.12)
Thats what i keep saying to her
48. Nuking the population centers would end it forever.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.15.12)
so also good ,   WORLD   (08.15.12)
50. I'm sure the Iranians will surprise these two idiots!
Father Abe   (08.15.12)
51. Good thing Israel didn't ask for permission
Act now!   (08.15.12)
to destroy the nuclear program in Syria. ... and the program in Iraq. Imagine if Israel had not acted in both cases.. Israel acted in both cases before it's elit poets and writers had the chance to write a strongly worded protest note, whew, lucky us...
52. BHO and his cronies
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (08.15.12)
"Britain and France had to choose between war and dishonour. They chose dishonour. They will have war." - Sir Winston Churchill
53. #6 Sarah B
Ivor EVenbiggergun   (08.15.12)
I presume with the Israeli government having given several week notice that they are going to attack Iran you have booked your flight to Israel? Particularly as there is intel that Iran brought 12 Nuclear warheads from Kazakhstan on the break up of the former Soviet Union. You seem to be under the impression that Planet Earth don't think that Iran is not nuclear armed, which is strange considering Reagan Bush, Bush Jnr, Clinton declined to bomb Iran even though it was clear Iran was behind terrorist attacks against American citizens. Looking forward to your posts from the frontline. Or are you 'better palaced where I currently am to better serve Israel' You seem very keen to want a war, I think for everyone, the fact that you are going to use the same bellicose language whilst in the frontline will be very comforting
54. Talkback #9
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (08.15.12)
Go right ahead, knock yourself out. Have no problem with Israel declaring war on whoever you like. Just don't want my country involved, do not want my country to pay for it, and do not want my children lives to placed on the alter of Israel.
55. Dempsey spoke cold truth
Cameron ,   USA   (08.15.12)
The Israelis simply can't swing the matter with conventional means. Nukes obviously would, but Net knows that move would bring bring disaster upon Israel by having the rest of the planet truly turn on Israel at every level. Only the US has the real ability and raw muscle offshore to hammer the Persian drive to a dead halt. We are the true, final key to resolving this problem. Always have been.
56. To: No. 53
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.15.12)
Yes. We are leaving for Israel this week.
57. Cameron # 55
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (08.15.12)
We thought we were the key in Vietnam too.
58. Dempsey and Panneta under control
Bill White ,   Dubuque   (08.15.12)
Obviously, Dempsey and Panneta were put on hold by oduma till elections are over. If or when oduma wins, the Israelis can forget about getting any US support.
59. General Dumsey
Rick Smith ,   USA   (08.15.12)
Did this cluck just fall off the turnip truck? Is this guy aware that Israel could totally annihilate Iran in one hour? I guess he's just another Obama stooge.
60. ungrateful
Larry ,   USA   (08.15.12)
Obama will not attack Iran,he's a freakin muslim himself,he's giving out military aid to the rebels long with alqeida,to surround Israel read Ezeikel 38 & 39.Israel will have to make the call.
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