Eyewitness: J'lem brawl was lynch against Arabs
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 17.08.12, 18:36
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1. if i keep reading stories like this
courtney ,   usa   (08.17.12)
ill pull my monthly donations to israeli charity organizations. tired of this crap
2. A chilul hashem. If this is the type of behaviour that is
a ,   canada   (08.17.12)
being condoned, then Israel is in more serious trouble than I thought. This can destroy Israel.
3. although I dont condone these things
alsky ,   toronto   (08.17.12)
it is logical that Arabs will be attacked due to the Arab assaults/killings of Jews
4. This warrants a report, but when its the reverse: Silence.
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (08.17.12)
5. neighbors
jc ,   madison,wi   (08.17.12) god with all your strength,might,and heart your neighbor as yourself until these are taught and practiced ,the jews and arabs(cousins) will agree to disagree
6. story rings true, this is how it all starts
elisha   (08.17.12)
Anyone who has ever been the victim of a hate attack, whether as a Jew, a member of a minority or gay understands how these thing start and the terror of being assaulted by hatred and physical violence. Zion Square was also the site of Bibi's hate filled speech just prior to the assasination of Rabin.
7. Strange....
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (08.17.12)
When arabs attack jews, there is no eyewitnesses. Interesting? Strange?
8. My condolences as a Jew and as a human...
John ,   Europe   (08.17.12)
Idiots are everywhere - Jews and Arabs do not lack of them. Perpetrators should be persecuted for full extent of the law. We cannot moan and protest against antisemitic attacks if these kind of attacks on our soil go unpunished.
9. i await "there is no way this was started by jews"
jj   (08.17.12)
and maybe a "the arabs beat each other up disguised as jews in order to get sympathy. or "its good for them to feel what it's like. theyre all criminals anyway" come on Sarah B! dont let us down!
10. These kids should be brought to justice.
Itsik ,   London   (08.17.12)
Rabbis should condem and attackers brought to justice. Shabbat or no shabbat...
11. fight back. arm the resistance
brian ,   cork ireland   (08.17.12)
12. They throwed rocks and stole vegetables bla bla bla...
Frank ,   Z├╝rich, Switzerland   (08.17.12)
The 3 arabs throwed rocks or stole vegetables thats why it was justified that dozends of Israelis lynched them, isn't it? It must have been like that. There is no other possibility...
13. Shameful acts like this must never happen
Jordan ,   Toronto, Ontario   (08.17.12)
These types of acts, however isolated, must never be allowed to occur. Not just because it is unethical and shameful, but also because even isolated acts it will be used to justify people's tremendous hatred towards the Jewish state. Find the teens who did this and charge them accordingly.
14. ''witnessed on facebook'' = fake source
15. ynet, the voice of the Arab imperialism
16. so what ? A brawl is a brawl all over the world
17. So, Sarah B
Yaakov ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.17.12)
Which leftist organization dressed up as Jews carried out the false flag this time? Please, bestow your wisdom upon me.
18. Lynch?
Mike B ,   London   (08.17.12)
It's not a lynching unless someone is killed. A beating maybe but not a lynching. Why is the word misused in this way in Israel?
19. Millions of jews were also slowly walking by in the socalled
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (08.17.12)
Arab countries !
20. So The arabs Don't Like The Taste Of Their Own
21. #17 I am curious
AAV ,   San Antonio   (08.17.12)
Where does the article provide any REAL evidence other than the usual anonymous comments that even Ynet could not validate. But we all do await for Israel to do the right thing and offer to exchange the TA Anti-Jews to their comrades in hamas
22. #12 Frank-How's that blood money working for you
AAV ,   San Antonio   (08.17.12)
The Swiss and their holier than thou with their history of befriending and financing Hitler, the ICRC refusing to make any comments about the concentration camps and most recently arming and financing Iran. But why question a country whose foundation is built on the blood of others
23. 3, 7, 18 - Wow...
Glen ,   NYC, USA   (08.17.12)
It never ceases to impress me how even when the majority of commenters are sane, logical people, there are always a few lunatics out there. You immediately rush to discredit this, or condone you enjoy being hypocrites? I am 100% confident if it was reversed, you would be up in arms, and not finding any way to justify it. Yet you're really trying hard to condone this obviously deplorable act. So what if some extremist Arabs attack Jews? If some extremist Jews attack Arabs, would you really legitimize Arabs attacking Jews back? From the sounds of it, these punks were completely wrong, and will hopefully be dealt with accordingly. You could concoct whatever conspiracy theories you like, or reach for straws to justify this heinous act, but then you'd be just as pathetic as the attackers.
24. sorry # 1 you are wrong
avramele   (08.17.12)
Don' t hold back on your charity. Just vet your charities carefully to ensure they coincide with your values. The outreach organization that works with the "lost" teens of Zion Square would be a good start. Invest in the Israel that speaks to your heart.
25. So what?
David Masada ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.17.12)
For every 1 Jewish attack there are 100's of arab attacks that go unreported! Every days the arab scums throw stones at Jews and no one says a word!
26. An activist at an aid organization for youths at risk,
Rod ,   Fargo N..Dakota   (08.17.12)
May we know the organization?
27. #1 Courtney - Don't be so dramatic
Rachel ,   US   (08.17.12)
Of course they're no hooligans in US, right?
28. #1 Courtney- I wouldn't trust an activists!!
Netanya ,   Netanya   (08.17.12)
If the eye witness is a human rights worker, you can be sure that the amount of truth here is zero or very close. Not that a Jew is perfect and couldn't do this, but the witness is totally unreliable. The turkish activists on the flotilla were all wanting to be shahids and the other human right groups which are in Israel and Arab areas have nothing to do with human rights. It would be nice if ynet would wait till an investigation prior to writing crap which may be based on nothing but lies of a so called activist Also, the freak Jews who commit terror just like the Arabs are very much in the minority (if that is what happened here) Seriously though, don't trust the word of activists or the Arabs who were around or involved.
29. a truthfull witness????,
tiki ,   belgium   (08.17.12)
An activist of an aid-organisation, ''who happened to be in the neighbourhood and ''saw with her own eyes an Arab being ''lynched by Israeli youth. We all know from past experience how truthfull activists from aid-organisations are, don't we? We also know the 'truth-value of Arab accounts of incidents, especially when Israeli's are involved. It's funny that these '''activists are NEVER are in the neighbourhood when Israeli's are attaqued by arabs.
30. if this were any other country
E. G. Marsch ,   Nahariya, Israel   (08.17.12)
people would just say, oh yes, there are hooligans, criminals, and bigots, like there are everywhere else. Only when there is criminal behavior in Israel does it evoke these sorts of reactions, like perhaps the whole country is invalid because there are some bad people in it. And even "bad people" may be an exaggeration because these were apparently kids, very possibly drunk, in a mob, and hopefully, God willing, some of them will grow out of this and become decent in their behavior. But the main point is--yes, out of the millions of people in Israel, there are some bad ones. If you think this is a scoop, look into yourself and ask why you think that way.
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