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Iran commander 'welcomes' possible Israeli strike
Associated Press
Published: 18.08.12, 16:40
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1. Peres, Mofaz, Dagan
We want to hug an Ayatollah !
2. Iran has lost Syria, Bahrain, Iraq.
Iranian Hunter   (08.18.12)
And it's economy has been weakened greatly. It's last hope is to drag Russia and China to their side. May God of Israel deliver his people from evil just like he has deliver his people from Pharaoh, Babylon, Romans, Nazi.
3. Israel should do a calculus. Why Iran wants you to strike.
Iranian Hunter   (08.18.12)
Think the benefit, cost, plans of war and when you have won the war / lost the war. Think whether it is better to delay Iran nuclear plant or to focus on Assad. Be prepared for Egypt, Hamas, Hezbollah attacking you, don't be surprised if Jordan backstab you. Be prepared for everything. Be prepared for the leftist arabs and traitors to cause unrest in Israel.
4. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh is a Mossad agent ...
David ,   Israel   (08.18.12)
5. It is inconceivable
Sagi   (08.18.12)
that people can become so consummed and obsessed with hatred for their fellow human beings. Do we not all have the right to live and breathe. How is it possible that one human can talk all day long of mass destruction, mass murder and annihilation of another race,religion or country. I wish harm on none, why do others wish harm on me.
6. Mentaly challenged Generals of Iran
Alex ,   Minneaplois, MN   (08.18.12)
Does he actually believe all o the garabage that comes out their asses? I guess you can believe anything if you believe in flying donkeys. To base you military startagy around some clown flying up on a donkey to save them from infidels is just idiotic.
7. some commander
postroad ,   USA   (08.18.12)
miltitary leaders seldom if ever "welcome" a war, being attacked. More bluster, in this case allowed by the hateful regime...Iran in bad shape internally and it fears an uprising if the military not in position to keep citizens in place.
8. Be Careful What You Wish For, Iran
emanon ,   USA   (08.18.12)
Somewhere, I'm sure, is a fable of a dog that wished for a steak. When he got his wish, he choked to death while eating it.
9. Sagi #5
Ali ,   Ramallah   (08.18.12)
Ask your leaders to make peace with us and you will live in peace; your leaders have the desire to destroy the whole world other than giving the Palestinians their right to live in dignity in 67 borders. They consider the land is more valuable than our (me and you) souls.
10. Let there be no mistake...
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (08.18.12)
In an all out war for survival Israel will use its full range of options up to including nuclear devices. During '73 planes were loaded with non-conventional weapons when it was assumed the war was a loss. Iran has made its intention to destroy Israel clear to the world community. Israel has the right to defend itself, including first and secondary strikes. So be careful what you wish for big mouth.
11. # 9 Ali
Sagi   (08.18.12)
No Ali,you are wrong. From day one we have wanted and actively sought peace whereas your leaders and your religion not only refuse to negotiate with us, they actively seek our destruction. I am totally irreligious so I am not defending Judaism when I say that your religion actively promotes death whereas Judaism places the highest possible value on human life,including yours.These are facts, indisputable facts.
12. Perpetual war justifies Greater Israel, prevents '67 borders
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.18.12)
...and further isolates Iran, a sleeping giant, from the West. Iran has no WMDs of any kind, period. But, attacking Iran will guarantee that Iran builds WMDs of every kind, Israel knows this. This is what Israel wants, perpetual war to justify continued occupation of Palestine, grabbing more land for settlements, under the guise of the need for greater security, defensible borders, to build Greater Israel.
13. I gave confidence in Israel
Detlev Meyer ,   New Jersey   (08.18.12)
Israel will do the job with or without obama. -- If hezbolah or other animals want some, they will get it too.
14. Bible Codes
Peter ,   Toronto, CANADA   (08.18.12)
G-d's Judgement Against Iran: "Mine Anger and Mine Rath I will pour upon this place, upon man, upon the beasts and upon the trees in the field, and upon the fruits of the land, and they will burn and the fire will not be quenched."..."Ahmadijanad will die in a fiery grave."
15. One giant YAWN
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.18.12)
16. End game
JL ,   NYC   (08.18.12)
Israel has nukes and upon an Iranian attack on its cities should simply send two nuclear bombs to Tehran. 25-30 million dead Iranians will take the constant Iranian bluster down a notch and end the largest sponsor of worldwide Muslim terrorism. Hezbollah and Hamas, without their patron, will be defanged. There's no other way this present set of circumstances ends and this ending is favorable for the West and the Arab world.
17. Iran strike
Jesse ,   Kenya   (08.18.12)
iran should seek advise from Egypt before they chest thump
18. Regimes
Max ,   New York, US   (08.18.12)
You are absolutely right David. There are a lot of Mossad agents in Iran, one of them is Ahmadineja. The first time I heard he made that comment about Israel, I thought to myself, either this guy is Very Stupid or he gets his pay cheque from the Israeli regime.
19. Destruction
Max ,   New York, US   (08.18.12)
# 11. Sagi - You sound like a fanatic rather trying to portray yourself as a liberal! I do not see any difference between you and your kind, and the Revolutionary Guards, Basijis and its followers. World would have been a much better place if these two regimes were given some serious psychotherapy! I do not believe anyone has the right to take the life of another human being for any reason, God gives life and only God has the right to take it. Everybody think one's own religion is the best! So let's grow up and think like a human being.
20. Poison shouldnt be tasted
Jimi ,   Palestine   (08.18.12)
I think in Israel you reached the point where you laugh for Iranian words, but believe that you should not try it!!! Still Israel and Israelis have the chance to live is peace with all by accepting a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders If I was an Israeli I would create it with my hands because it is the only guarantee for Israel existance.. Nothing else even USA... Don't forget that you failed lebanon and gaza before
ALAN ,   USA   (08.18.12)
22. #12
Weinberg ,   Spring Lake Park,USA   (08.18.12)
Benassi--Learn from history who really owns Israel--Then you can comment.
23. What an air force Iran has ?
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (08.18.12)
Paper dragons ?
24. Benassi
Harvey ,   London   (08.18.12)
Same old red herring that settlements are the obstacle to peace . In which case answer why the Palestinians failed to declare independence between 48 and 67 when there were was no occupation and no settlements .
25. Israel's hysteria has made Iran the winner
esse ,   --   (08.18.12)
For years Israel has been whining and threatening Iran. And as Israel doesn't have the capability to do substantial damage to Iran's nuclear program, it is obvious that Israel is bluffing. By talking smack, Israel's enemies view it as week and have now been emboldened. So when the "Arab Spring" calms down, Israel will again find itself with several states on its border itching to go to war with it (and all Israel needs to do is lose one war.) Iran has also suceeded in doing the one thing that actually is an existential threat to Israel. It has caused many Americans to question the cost of their alliance with Israel. A break with the US will not happen in the next few years, but in a decade or so it is very likely that Americans will tire of supporting the spoiled, unappreciative Israel. When that happens, Israel will truly be on its own and nations will be lining up at the UN to punish Israel. Iranian leaders are sitting back and laughing at how they've played the immature Israelis.
26. Bibi and Barak should shut up
George ,   San Francisco, USA   (08.18.12)
We are getting sick and tired of the constant propaganda garbage coming out of the mouths of Bibi and Barak. Bibi has been claiming since 1992 that Iran will have nukes in a year or two. We are still waiting. When will people realize that the little boy has called wolf too many times.
27. gen. haji What Your Finest Fighter ?
A Crop Duster Wih Twin Ruger 10/22's mounted on each wing? HA Ha ha!!!!!! May Your Shabat Be As Good As Mine!
28. Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (08.18.12)
If I was sanctioned as much as Iran has been, my enemies would have already been attacked for it. Iran seems to enjoy punishment from it's enemies, no? Do they do anything other then bark?
29. #5 Sagi
LAZERBENABBA ,   London   (08.18.12)
Hi Sagi, if you have not realised it already but the simple reason for all that you have described, is simply 'Religion'. I am not talking about being Jewish or a Zionist but the various catechisms that thrive on the demand to be different for no better reason other than superstitious nonsense. All those who refer to Hashem this or Hashem that for the reasons for all the ills that have befallen on our Jewish race are totally dellusional. Hatred is a product of simple intolerance justified by all those religions desperate to give a reason for why Jews are fare game to be persecuted and killed. Please do not look for a God to help you or I. To be strong and intransigient in the belief that we are as good if not better than those Neanderthals who rely on religion, and unfortunately I do not exclude those of us who practise the so called Jewish faith. Where was a so called God when all the tragedies were visited upon us in all our past 6,000 year history. If this entity wished to prove the Jews faith was always there, as far as I'm concerned it only confirmed our gullibility.
30. Sagi
Ali ,   Ramallah   (08.18.12)
Not true at all Mr. Sagi, the daily increased number of settlers and settlements says different that what you said, you have to join us here for few days in Ramallah or any place at West Bank to see what the occupations means. It’s your leaders ideology which forbidden then from leaving the "land of Jews" and make a true lasting peace.
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