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Khamenei: 'Tumor' of Israel is world's biggest problem
Published: 19.08.12, 19:06
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1. Peres, Dagan, Mofaz sings:
Kumbaya O' Kumbaya ! Lets hug the Ayatollah, cuddle his fluffy soft beard, lil' Ahmedinijad is so sweet, and Khameini like a sugar beet, Kumbaya O' Kumbaya !
2. Unbelievable ! Iran threatens again & again
Dan Goldman   (08.19.12)
Unbelievable ! Iran threatens again & again the annihilation of Isarel. And naive ostriches like Peres, Mofaz, Dagan want no action to be taken against Iran ! The best solution is to deport them to Iran where they can live happily ever after with their Iranian buddies.
3. its ISRAEL thats being fooled
Frank Baum   (08.19.12)
For everyone's benefit, its ISRAEL thats being fooled. There is a huge nexus that has formed between Obama, Europe & Iran under the leadership of crafty Ashton to create an illusion that the problem is being solved to prevent an Israeli attack. All of them benefit if there is no war while Israel alone loses when Iran gets the bomb. Netanyahu should go ahead and attack immediately before its too late.
4. Thats it, its time for WAR !
Shlomo Dan   (08.19.12)
The level of hatred built up between Iran & Israel is too much, peace is impossible any more. Once they have the A-Bomb, they will use it as the regime is not rational, still hanging gays & sorcerers & stoning people in the 21st century. Better to finish it now itself with conventional weapons, even though there will be many casualties. Else the land will be contaminated & totally uninhabitable after a nuclear exchange. If they want war, THEY WILL HAVE WAR !
5. May this monster perish from the earth quickly.
INETFRAUD ,   US/IL   (08.19.12)
Such hate is beyond explanation: he is completely heartless and without a soul. He is the enemy of all of humanity. He should be blotted out quickly and forgotten forever.
6. IL is ONLY power standing between them and takeover of
Alan ,   SA   (08.19.12)
the World as an Islamic Caliphate...Thats why they want to "excise" the Tumour Europe is already under their spell and US is sort of going in that direction under some of its leadership
7. No Armagedon. Messiah not due yet.
Sam ,   Canada   (08.19.12)
The Jewish calendar is at 5772. That's 200 years off due to problems in calculation making it 5972. The Messiah is not due for about 28 years. It's a problem with Iran but not the end of the world or Israel.
8. Here we go again
misha ,   Milan   (08.19.12)
It is astonishing how similar the language used by Iranian officials is to that used by the Nazis. I have studied the subject a bit, their squalid use of medical imagery is exactly, but exactly, the same as that used against the Jews during the 1930s.
9. What's under your turban, Khamenei?
Cynthia ,   USA   (08.19.12)
Could it be a brain tumor? Since Khamenei's been in power, he's run Iran into the ground. Brought nothing but financial disaster, isolation and scorn to Iran. He fought in the 8 year war against Iraq and should know better than anyone how disasterous a war would be for Iran yet he calls for war on a daily basis. Mental illness or a conscious attempt to divert attention from the damage the regime has done to Iran? One gets the sense his time is running out.
10. Can I say something like that about Islam?
marcohoe ,   San Francisco, USA   (08.19.12)
Now would I be allowed to say something similar about Islam? Or do rules for talkback or civilized communication not allow that?
Edy Burak ,   miami , USA   (08.19.12)
this sub humane bear responsibility for 2 bombings in trucholandia(argentine).- but still the world is watching.....
12. Magnifying the black spot
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (08.19.12)
We see Utube videos by ex Imams telling of the lies probagated by the muslim religious leaders. That is why the Imams throw rages when anyone gets anywhere near the truth They are afraid of exposure. Imams have kept the lid down with keeping their flocks in ignorant state and in pitch dark. The lid is not far from blowing off
13. This dog of a holy man(laughing now), is no different than
Ah-MADdinejad.Both ,   have been judged.   (08.19.12)
14. #2
Harold ,   USA   (08.19.12)
Wise people don't like wars. I predict Iran must be having a powerful weapon and they will use it when attacked.
15. Wow - a talking hemorrhoid
GZLives   (08.19.12)
16. Desperate
Iranian Hunter   (08.19.12)
Hezbollah said it two days ago, Ahmadiyya-ejad just said it yesterday. Today it's the ayatollah Khomoney. Try to understand, Iran is losing Syria, and they know they are losing in Iraq, Lebanon (soon) and obviously losing in Bahrain. Their only and only hope is dragging Russia and China to war with USA, EU, Israel. The problem with their logic is, Russia does not have interest in killing their catholic brothers, and China interest is Iran becoming their puppet buffer to stop saudi influence on their Xin Jiang (muslim heavy) area. Iran will launch the world into nuclear war when they have nuke. Israel needs to have self restraint and focus on Assad. and sabotaging Iran.
17. Israel should have taken action 11000 centrisuses ago..
Justin Heard ,   Modesto, CA   (08.19.12)
What is mind blowing could you guys have let the nuclear grow so large?!!! I fear Iran may already have a bomb.
18. Tumor
sod ,   haifa   (08.19.12)
On the subject of "cancerous tumor" these people suffer from such deep humiliation complexes, that they have turned there once highly cultured religion to become a cancerous authoritarian ideology that is attempting to impose on the world the norms of 7th century culture of the Arabian peninsula-a "religion" and culture that believes God orders the killing of unbelievers.
19. United States has voted against Israel 224 times at the UNSC
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.19.12)
Iran is not the only country in the world that has a problem with Israel's behavior.
20. Do you honestly believe Hashem will let Israel be destroyed
David-ben-David ,   Israel   (08.19.12)
by these guys. NO! What is happening here is that Hashem has put a hook in their mouths and they are being dragged to center stage to either declare their loyalty to Israel, or their hatred of Israel. They have fallen into a trap by Hashem, and they have lost. The ayathholla and a-jad who is the cousin of Hitler have declared for all to hear their hatred of us. Hashem has promised us" I will bless those who bless us, and I will curse those who curse you. So now, let the cursing begin!!!
21. So the supremeless lead no where Is Deustional At Best!
ayatollah Cockamamie Let's Look At A Logical Rational Way; Who Is ISOLATED In The Banking, oil, military, And Various Other Priveleged Facets Of Trade? Who is Spinning Mythes Upon Mythes Upon Mythes. Who Signed The NPT With Intentions Of NEVER Fulfilling Obligations. Who Has Been CAUGHT Shipping Illegal Arms, Thwarted Attempts To Murder saudi, Israeli, Israeli civilians, smuggled explosives in foreign countries, Attempt To Tip foreign balance is Other countries? This All documented that the persian arabs aka the ILLEGAL regime in tehran aka iran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUT THE HEAD OFF THE SNAKE AND THE BODY DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22. In away he is right....
Bartley Kulp ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.19.12)
We are indirect enablers of all of the corrupt Islamic governments. We do this by being their scapegoats to cover for their atrocities. In fact we are a scapegoat for the problems of Islam itself.
23. Khamenei talks like Haman - he will end like Haman !
Ben Zion   (08.19.12)
And the nation of Israel will from then on celebrate 2 times a year Purim !
24. Moslem countries
daniela ,   panama   (08.19.12)
should thank Israel for existing... you imagine if Israel would not exist whom they would accuse of their poverty, ignorance, dictatorships, misery??? If the Ayatollah was a little bit intelligent he would thank Allah for Israel existence.. it is the scapegoat the rulers use to tell the ignorant masses (which is most of the moslem population)for all the moslem world problems
25. We are a Cancer?
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (08.19.12)
Exact same rhetoric the Nazi's used to incite against us. If we are indeed Cancerous, then en Sh'Allah, may we kill all our enemies in the same way. May all Islamo Fascists die slow and painful deaths by the hand of G-d almighty. Am Yisrael Chai
26. To No. 14
Gabe ,   Canada   (08.19.12)
We are trembling in our boots, but those with a Muslim President have nothing to worry about.
27. #22 Bartley K. WE ARE NO SCAPEGOATS
We G-D Fearing people We Good People, We Contribuate To Society, We Love Our Familes, We Love Our Neighbors, We Have Dwelled In The Former Land Of Canaan And Conqured This Land As Directed By Ha Shem Himself, Our Ancestors Marched Around Jericho To The Sound Of Tumpets As Were Told. WHEN THE Walls Of Jericho Fell where was mo ham id ? Bartley We Introduced Monothesesism To Humanity, We You And Me Are Nobodies Scapegoat!!!!!!!!! We Were Created in His Image and are The Jewel Of His Crown, These Aren't My Words Thet Are Ha Shems Words!!! And I Believe Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28. Israel is a blessing to the world
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (08.19.12)
Whether it be our assistance to countries in times of tragedy - like an earthquake - or helping out developing countries in Africa - and our technological advances - we are a blessing to the world.
29. Egypt and Iran.
John Prophet   (08.19.12)
ypt and Iran will unite against Israel and the military equipment sold to Egypt by the US will come to bare against Israel. As foretold, the tsunami of radical fascist Islam is forming the Middle East Caliphate surrounding Israel, and millions will be screaming death to Israel. Islamic leaders see the hand of Allah at work and see it as their sign to press on with the destruction of Israel. Mans words and deeds mean nothing to them. It is written!
30. # 14
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (08.19.12)
Neville Chamberlain didn't like wars. Was he wise? Going to war does not mean liking it. Not going to war can sometimes be worse. Why wait until it comes to you when waiting only gives the enemy the advantage? If and when Iran gets a powerful weapon they will use it. If they already had it they would be using it or planning on how best to use it.
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