Dempsey: US feels no pressure from Israel to back strike
Published: 20.08.12, 07:23
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1. Israel is going to attack using submarine
YouMakeLike ,   Canada   (08.20.12)
With all due respect to General Dempsey ,and he is not wrong ,matters do look differently here in Israel than they do in Washington simply because we are closer to the iranian threat and the good general appreciates that fact . Dempsey is a good fellow and a true friend of Israel and understands the nervousness felt by many israeli officials .
3. USA the worst friend of Israel....
4. finally the truth out
Iran is NOT a threat to USA, while it is a deadly threat to Israel
5. Hypocrisey ! Cuban missile crisis
Shlomo Dan   (08.20.12)
Why did the Americans panic, were threatening nuclear attack when the nuke missiles were parked in their backyard Cuba ? Now they are admonishing Israel to show "peace & restraint" to save their economy, when they Iranians are doing the same thing in Israel's backyard. HYPOCRISY !
Israel can , in the best scenario ,merely delay iranian nuclear ambitions .
7. New weapons, new war technology isneeded
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (08.20.12)
Where is the jewish genius ? If Israel imports even military boots from US never will have an independent army. Remember the fate of Lavi aircraft, why had to cease its production ?
8. Pottery Barn rule: You break it, you own it
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.20.12)
If Israel strikes Iran unilaterally, Israel is solely responsible for the war that they started. Do not expect the United States to save Israel from it's self induced problems, again.
9. @8 - you wimps can stay out of it
Americans are wimps. They would have lost WWII if the Red Army had not defeated the majority of the Whermacht for them. Also some Jews invented the A-bomb for them to drop on Japan. Fail in Vietnam, Iraq & Afghanistan. Total bunch of wussies & wimps lead by a mega-wussie. American wimps stand aside & let the Men take care of it.
10. @8 - No fear about US support
Amos J   (08.20.12)
We don't worry about US support. The USA will come rushing in to protect their precious oil reserves, which is far more important to them than any Israeli lives !
11. US, Israel; differ re Iranian threat
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (08.20.12)
The problem is, the US and Israel are considering two different threats. The US is concerned that a war with Iran will adversely affect Obama's chances for reelection. Israel is concerned that, unless Iran's nuclear capability is severely damaged, Iran will do what its leaders have said that it will do, destroy Israel. If Obama considered Israel's survival to be more, or even equally, important as his reelection, the Iranian nuclear capability would have been destroyed long ago.
12. #8, Bibi already said he would take resposibility.
Israel   (08.20.12)
Where have you been? We have zero expectation for the US to "clean up the mess"m its really in your head. You have to get over yourself. American arrogance is going to be your nations down fall.
13. Full on Sanctions
Tim ,   Brighton   (08.20.12)
Are working One of the biggest loopholes in operating sanctions were the Banks - who facilitated $Billions of Financial Transactions to enable the Regime and the RG to thrive With this loophole has been reduced to a trickle..and the Regime are now being underpinned by Reserves and reigning back on Social Services whilst the Military continue arming and developing nuclear weapons. Any wonder why so many deep fractures are developing inside Iran Society? History tells us that any Criminal Regime 'Entity' with its back to a corner out of desperation will inevitably strike Iran is fast approaching the point of no return..and the stage is set... Act 1 Scene 1: Seizure of the Hormuz
14. Current situation caused by US flip flops.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (08.20.12)
Israel's plight is due to waiting/thrusting on US, so this cannot be given as Israel's issue. This is like hitting Israel hard on the head and saying Israel's brain is damaged!
15. Cease that sniveling, #3
Cameron ,   USA   (08.20.12)
Only the close proximity of the fleet, and sheer weight of US weaponry ensure the real ability to bring the Persian drive to a true halt. As we will carry the burden in any operations, if it comes to that point, then we will determine the timing & scale of the matter. You'll continue to sit tight, refrain from desperate panic moves, and wait for the final word from Washington on how to proceed.
16. #8
America was not threatened Germany. It was a war between Germany and the Bolsheviks. Russia did not save America because America had no real need to be in the war to start with. Same for Britain. She declared war on Germany even though Germany wanted to be allies with Britain against the Bolshies.
17. Dempsey works for muslims like his big boss
18. As Jews we have NO friends then we must defend ourselves !
David   (08.20.12)
19. America cares only about oil and money.
20. It all depends, Cameron #15
Vlad   (08.20.12)
While an Iran attack at this point is not, to put it lightly, a good idea, Netanyahu sees the world in black and white. He sees the threat of a Holocaust looming, and he also knows that a successful Iran attack would put him into the history books alongside Ben-Gurion, Eshkol, and Begin. Likely, he'll try to sit it out and use Mossad instead, but there's always a chance that he'll lash out with a "desperate panic move".
21. hold on a sec....
hold on.. ,   St Louis, USA   (08.20.12)
Quit stereotyping Americans because a lot of us are with Israel and dislike our leftist administration. Sad to say we will not do anything until Romney gets in. If he doesn't then Israel will have to hold while we revolt against Obama and his thugs.
22. Diplomatic speak for
Steven Isherwood   (08.20.12)
Israel can and will make it's own decisions, but will have to face the consequences of those decisions. Problem for the United States is that China and Russia have come down on the side of Iran if Israel attacks, any help that will be offered will be resupply of munitions and some medical equipment. The United States of America's government first and overriding priority will be the [protection of it's civilians.
23. Dempsay: We won`t back your strike
Nora Tel Aviv   (08.20.12)
unless Iran strikes you first. Good news....ain`t it ?
24. #15, careful there Cameron.
Israeli ,   Haifa   (08.20.12)
You sound like big daddy telling little puny Israel how the job is done. First of all, we have zero faith you will do anything at all. Second, you will act in your own good time after your own good interests while we are a smouldering glowing hole in the ground, ( which many of us here in Israel believe that is exactly what you want.). Third, when we act, you are in harms way. YOU need to get your boats outta Dodge before the fur starts to fly. You are sitting ducks. We are not responsible for your presence there.
25. #21, HERE! HERE!
Israeli ,   Haifa   (08.20.12)
We understand you bro. We know there is a HUGE remnant of true friends in the US.
26. The COWARD Dempsey should resign
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.20.12)
and join the boy scouts...and that would be to much of a challenge for him.
27. Gen. Dempsey has the luxury of distance
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (08.20.12)
Israel does not. As obama's representative, Dempsey's job is taking his "Supreme Commander's" orders not to disrupt obama's run for the presidency with even a rumor of America's involvement in a ME war should it become a reality, and especially not now. Israel cannot wait for the results of the US election should she know for a certainty that Iran has what Israel fears most. The timing is what's so interesting, Iran believes that if Israel strikes first that all muslim nations will come to her defense. The reality is quite sobering, the 'arab spring' Syria, economics, the general unrest with all muslims who are involved with their own affairs, survival being first on the list. With millions of muslims on the run to hopefully less murderous muslim nations of more 'compassionate muslim regimes', where will they find the 'troops' among the exhausted, disloyal, fed up, hungry, homeless, muslims to defend the originator of paid terrorism that is also responsible for murdering they and their families? Is it just me or does anyone else also agree that Iran is past any semblance of reasoning? Perhaps if Iran also attacks US military installations or ships in the Straits of Hormuz, he wont be as blase'? Whaddayathink?
28. The truth is...
Ram ,   London   (08.20.12)
no one but the top governmental intelligence departments, have information on the progress the Iranians are making in building the bomb. However, It is highly unlikely they know exactly at what stage the Iranians are. Given these facts, the view of the Obama government is that A) if the Iranians attain the bomb, the US will only be a secondary target. B) Yes, Israel is an ally, but do we risk the re-elections in order to save Israel when we can bomb the cr*p out of the Iranians AFTER they attack Israel? On the other hand, those who hold responsibility for Israel's security, i.e. Bibi's government, see it from a different angle. A) Obama's government is only likely to intervene after Israel has been hit and possibly destroyed. B) If Israel strikes Iran preemptively it will draw the ire of the Obama administration whether they US gets involved or not. C) If Israel does not act preemptively it may lead to its demise but if it does so it could alienate the US government. Given the limited choice, it is a no brainer what Bibi's government will conclude, given the daily declarations of Israel's impending demise by the highest authorities in Iran. But wait! Some people might say "but also the arab Palestinians will fall victim to an Iranian attack." The answer is simple. A) No one really cares about the arab Palestinians apart from using them as pawns. Besides B) time and again, it has been declared by the fundamentalists that even if 70 million muslims die in the process achieving their goal and ushering in the 12th mahdi, it would have been worthwhile.
29. Btw...
Ram ,   London   (08.20.12)
americans have a lot to worry about with what is going on within the USA. It is one thing to pooh pooh Israel's imminent threat and leave this ally to fend for herself. It is another to let the liberal left, headed by BHO and the Democrats, to slowly erode the US's solidity from within by various measures, including the aiding of muslim individuals and organisations, whose only intentions are the destruction of democracy and the eventual takeover of the country. IT MAY SOUND FAR FETCHED, but US citizens ignore these facts at their own peril. It is well known the current administration does not reflect the sentiments of the majority of US citizens. They remain apathetic at their own peril. I say to US citizens, YOU DESERVE BETTER!! That is because I know you well.
30. Without USA Israel would not exist
American   (08.20.12)
IN 1973 war, Arabs knocked on doors of Tel aviv. America established an air bridge to replinish the numerous Israelis losses. America's delepted weapons stock in Western Europe at the time. Not to mention billions in tax dollars in support and the hatred of 1.5 muslims against us!!!We paid for this support with 9/11 attacks.
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