House of horrors: 21 years of rape, abuse
Naama Cohen-Friedman
Published: 12.09.12, 21:55
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31. to #24
Erika ,   Israel   (09.13.12)
Sarah,i assume,you would react in the same way if this would happen in your fam.,just because this is happening all over the world and its not a big issue......Am i right??!! You are really pathetic!!!!!!
32. #24
That is probably the most heartless comment I have ever read. Shame on you. What on earth gives you the right to dismiss this as an anti-semetic attempt at propaganda? Cancers like this need to be exposed and dealt with, irrespective of the culture and strata of society.
33. Don't Count on It
A ,   Tel Aviv   (09.14.12)
Sometimes when the perps are Arabs the media hush up the fact. Don't assume anything about the family's religion until you actually know.
34. #24 'Sarah B'
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (09.15.12)
Again your insightful comments are a pleasure to read. Your support for Incest, and sexual and physical abuse of children is duly noted.
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