30,000 attend Prophet protest in Umm al-Fahm
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 22.09.12, 08:25
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1. Defending Honour
Mark ,   London, UK   (09.22.12)
Please tell me this is a bad joke, finding such a stupid movie offensive, and to riot over it. When you are firm in your belief no movie, or person can challenge that and there is no need to make the fuss. So can only understand that these folks are not too stable in their belief.
2. #1 EXACTLY!
ME ,   USA   (09.22.12)
They are so insecure that they feel that they must command NON-Muslims what to believe too, with threats of death and violence no less. If one is a Muslim, be a Muslim and practice Islam. NON-Muslims are NOT Muslims and don't follow Islam. It's really not hard to figure out, believe what you want to believe, and prove what you can prove. 1.5 Billion Muslims need to understand that there are approxamitly 6 billion OTHER people in this world who do not believe in Islams beliefs....If they did they would be Muslims too.
3. Islam is growing?? Maybe getting more boisterous
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.22.12)
Anyway, Iran getting knocked on it's behind ought to start the reversal of that ugly phenomenon.
zionist forever   (09.22.12)
How many films get people protesting and causing havoc worldwide. This is the best film of 2012 and deserves to be recognised as such. The maker of the film certainly deserves a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.
5. Qbviously.
Gabe ,   Canada   (09.22.12)
Umm al-Fahm rally is the betrayal of the State of Israel. Treason, pure and simple.
6. Oops, have Muslims made a mistake?
ME ,   USA   (09.23.12)
All of the violence and death, slogans such as "my life for Mohammad". It seems by the very definition of the word that Muslims IDOLIZE Mohammad. Do the Muslims NOT see this? Hypocrites to the rules of their own religion? Instead of worring what NON-Muslims think or do, perhaps they should take a long look at themselves. Islam is for Muslims, NOT NON-Muslims.
7. Not defending anything but trying to save one's neck
Daniel ,   America   (09.23.12)
They know how crazy the crazies are even against (or especially) other muslims.
8. 2
zionist forever   (09.23.12)
I think you got it in one, the Muslims are insecure and so they feel they need to prove something every time somebody makes a movie or says something they see as criticising Islam. Jews, Christians and other faiths when things are done to criticise their religion they ignore it. There are jokes made about Judaism all the time and rather than go on the rampage the Jews laugh along with everybody else. If Muslims want others to love their religion then they need to make it into a religion that people can love not fear.
stude ham   (09.23.12)
these people are scary... very scary.
10. Movie
Wise Saba ,   Negev   (09.23.12)
One of the best movies I've ever seen, I couldn't stop laughing.
11. film
dbdent ,   Israel   (09.23.12)
Didn't know there was an outdoor cinema in Umm al-Fahm!
12. #1, they are certain of their belief
AK   (09.23.12)
They simply want to force ALL of us to conform to their belief - they are imposing sharia on all of us , non- muslims and they're quite successful. Our Secretary of State apologizes and looks at the way to limit our constitutional right to freedom of speech. In Europe where there are no constitutional free speech guarantees, any criticism of Mohammad is forbidden.
13. lets break down the second to last paragraph
jack bauer   (09.24.12)
1. arabs are from arabia, and yet they have managed to wipe out countless indiginous cultures from the far west coast of africa all the way to iraq. 2. the americans didnt invent the african slave trade. In fact the only people who currently in our decade still enslave blacks are..... muslims! hmm big surprise there. Sudan is a place where it is happening still and has been since the invention of the death cult. 3. using atomic bombs against civilians was never the intention. Millions of lives were saved by deploying the bombs in japan. Both invading allied troops as well as japanese army and civilians. The govt was training its civilians with bamboo spears to fight to the death. Look at what happened on the islands like saipan where civilians would jump off cliffs rather then live. It would have been a bloodbath. MILLIONS of japanese civilians lived because the bombs dropped. Nobody needs to target islam. These maniacs target themselves when they act out in the hatred instilled in them since birth. The world is simply waking up to the threat. And its long overdue
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