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Iran claims 'dozens' of its drones reached Israel
Associated Press
Published: 16.10.12, 19:41
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1. We'll give them credit for one overflight...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.16.12)
and another credit for one big wet dream.
2. Nobody admits this freely. Looks like Ayatollahs are
leo ,   usa   (10.16.12)
losing it.
3. The only way Iranian drones could reach Israel..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (10.16.12)
is by them fantasizing on google earth...
4. Muslims have the best propaganda... unfortunately
5. Dozens of drones?
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (10.16.12)
The problem of the Iranians is that they believe their own propaganda.
6. Israel is 100% right in denying that, because
observer ,   Egypt   (10.16.12)
Israel intentionally undetected all those drones.
7. Mullahs justifications for a strong Israel
William ,   Israel   (10.16.12)
"But when countries are powerful ... the possibility of aggression decreases" Thank you for succinctly explaining why Israel needs a strong military and deterrence.
8. We're surrounded by dozens of mindless Iranian drones
William ,   Israel   (10.16.12)
They're called Hamas.
10. So, Iran admits it has been violating Israeli airspace
Jake   (10.16.12)
for 6 years. Iran is tempting providence. If Israel is looking for a casus belli, it doesn't have to look very far.
11. And I thought they were Ufo's !
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (10.16.12)
Well, now that explains it. All I saw were aliens.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (10.16.12)
These incidents unless they really occured?Is it possible that some sporadic sightings in the Israeli skies were those drones that Iran send? someone is right somewhere.
13. #3 Ivan the terrible, South Africa
Marco ,   Spain   (10.16.12)
It seems that finally you have flipped Ivan. Israel is stunned with the issue of Ayoub penetrating its airspace, while an idiot like yourself (pardon the expression) is claiming that its an issue of fantasizing on google earth!!!!!
14. Trust me!
Ehud Barak   (10.16.12)
It's not true, trust me. I'm on your side. Also, I have a used Hyundai for sale if you're interested. Great deal!
15. Much more believable that Israel has drones over Iran
Carl ,   USA   (10.16.12)
The border with Lebanon is quite highly monitored. This is just bluster from the mullahs who were so publicly humiliated seeing their little drone utterly destroyed by the Israeli Air Force with a single shot.
16. #10: What about violations of Lebanese airspace?
George ,   San Francisco, USA   (10.16.12)
Israel constantly violates Lebanese airspace and you are complaining about one or a few violations of Israeli airspace? I guess hypocrisy has no limits.
17.  DRONE ( A RAP)
Yo, if you see a Drone ,just pick up da phone ;no need to feel alone like a Dog without a bone a bone of contention ,from iranian tension they are in your face when they invade your airspace they owe us an apology despite their outdated technology .
18. we got 1 in so lets claim we got loads of them in
zionist forever   (10.16.12)
Hezbollah manage to catch us off guard when they managed to get an Iranian made drone deep into Israeli airspace. National embaressment and big victory for Iran & Hezbollah. Now Iran wants to take the propaganda from that victory to another level & claim we done it dozens of times and you only noticed now. Our drones are such super hi-tec you can't detect them.
19. Iran is just being modest
A ,   Belgium   (10.16.12)
Actually, millions of millions of Iranian drones have reached Israel without being detected. One even photographed Ehud Barak sitting in his pink underwear munching a creampuff!
20. oh such honest folks
Canadian ,   Canada   (10.16.12)
why do they believe the world is so niave and gullable. These mullahs cannt utter a world of truth when they open their mouths, astounding, can they provide any evidence that a drone has flown over Israel, except for the one sread all over the negev. Yea, we not helping Syria, no we have no gays, no we dont want nuclear weapons, and so own...
21. #16 Hizbullah is a violation of the 2006 ceasefire
Jake   (10.16.12)
Hizbullah was required to disarm itself under the terms of the 2006 ceasefire. Instead, it has stockpiled more missiles and rockets in southern Lebanon than any country on the face of the Earth. And all of them are pointed at Israeli civilian population centers. Israeli overflights in southern Lebanon are a consequence of the UN's failure to properly monitor Hizbullah's violations. And the UN turns a virtual blind eye to those overflights, because it knows it has been violating its own mandate by allowing Hizbullah's rearmament to continue unchecked under the UNIFIL.'s own noses.
22. You sent drones? Yeah, that's BS
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (10.16.12)
Oh and we've probably sent drones too... and assassins and computer viruses... I mean... no... that wasn't us. And I forgot about the claims that the mossad is training animals to spy on them too.
GORGE ,   OAKLAND CA   (10.16.12)
24. iran
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (10.16.12)
and the band played belive it if you like ,
25. blocking holes
sam ,   colorado-USA   (10.17.12)
Has the right to say more than that because they succeeded to reaching in deep into the country without discover are proved the failure of the defense system or the Iron Dome let the Iranians say what they want and let the Israelis blocking holes
26. Mullahs present no evidence not even their photoshop
27. @16Hezballa started rearming immediately violating ceasefire
Israel cannot be expected to sit on its hands and unprepared after Hezballa started their war by bombing Israeli civillians all over north Israel
28. Dozens of demented lying freaks governed iran for decades.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.17.12)
So what if they have the worst liars in the world?
29. "but I'se never seen an elephant fly"
ky   (10.17.12)
30. lies
DavidR ,   USA   (10.17.12)
Those with strength do not have to boast about it. It is bullies and cowards who lie about their strength and abilities. The more they brag the weaker they are. This is totally laughable. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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