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Likud members rail against merger, say 'Bibi sold us out'
Yuval Karni
Published: 26.10.12, 12:31
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1. whiners!
Isreali ,   Haifa   (10.26.12)
Sounds like somebody's personal ambitions are being threatened!
2. apology
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (10.26.12)
A few days ago, I accused Netanyahu of weakening the Likud so he would be forced to make a coalition with the Left. I was wrong. Netanyahu has redefined Likud as a party of the Zionist center, with National Union on the Right and Labor on the extreme Left. Hopefully he will be able to set-up a stable coalition without corruption of Kadima/Barak and without the Greek economics of Yehimovitch. Since they have no elections, the only danger is that the agreement allows Lieberman to appoint 5 of the top 20 positions.
3. Russian People
Zivron   (10.26.12)
The Russian people and Army with help from the USA and Great Britain and The Dominians Defeated the mad decision of nazism to invade the Soviet Union and stupidly declare war on the USA on dec 1941.if the Menshevics held power the Jews would have offered refuge from Poland and Eastern Europe into Russia Proper some in Transit to eretz yisroel. But Lieberman ought never become PM he didn't serve in the IDF and is vulnerable on the corruption index.such a move ought lead to new elections again .Shas will get more votes and the religious parties and a strong paradoxical coalition is likely to be formed after the centre left with 45 -50 mandates cannot form a majority tho a National Unity government with rotating Prime Ministers to Unite Israel is Better.
4. I was hoping for this merger to happen since
Israeli 2   (10.26.12)
long ago. Israelis must be united towards the center and the extreme right. No more left. Also, Lieberman and his Jewish Russian party are more nationalistic and it ought to be that way. Lieberman has his heart with Israel and not Russia.
5. Michael Eitan swims in the wrong pool.
Israeli 2   (10.26.12)
I would be very happy if Eitan, and many like him such as Begin and Dan Merridor would just fly to labor or kadima. That's where they belong. Yes to Feiglin and to Lieberman.
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