Knesset Speaker Rivlin: Oslo concept failed
Moran Azulay
Published: 28.10.12, 19:16
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1. Left, left, undemocratic left.
JJJ   (10.28.12)
2. The Arabs in occupied territories will prevail, with Rabin.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.28.12)
They will prevail with Rabin's legacy. Once they will get the right to vote, while staying in the territories, demographic reality will dictate everything. Rabin understood it clearly and it is no less understandable today. The world will not accept anything else. Only the two states solution is inevitable.
3. No way, it's just in a difficult period
Avi   (10.28.12)
People expect perfection, come on what do you expect?
4. Ytzhak Rabin deserves admiration.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (10.28.12)
For us, true friends of Israel, Rabin was a wise and courageous Prime Minister. He understood the necessity of a honoured and secure peace with Arab Palestine, and after it, with all Arab world. If Yasser Arafat accepted his proposals, the awful conflict would have ended. But fanaticism, from some ultrarightist Israelis and from the refered and other Palestine's leaders, killed him and has hurted his humanistic intention. He was a martyr, like Lincoln, Gandhi, Sadat, Kennedy and Luther King. Hence, he is alive forever.
5. Left never gets it
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (10.28.12)
Israel was set up and made legitimate by the UN as a JEWISH state. The Palestinians though never having ever set up a state, government, infrastructure or anything, were also given a state by the UN which they promptly rejected and waged war against Israel to kill Jews and destroy the infant state. For the past 64 years through many defeats and NO victories the Palestinians only seek to destroy Israel and kill Jews. Making them part of Israel will destroy Israel from within. Given all that has happened in the past 64 years, Gaza is the Palestinian state and Judea and Samaria are part of greater Israel.
6. Enough this Rabin worship.-
Ariel ,   Europe   (10.28.12)
He was a failure, and the only "legacy". he left is the policy of appeasement - like Chamberlain and P├ętain before him.
7. Peres killed Rabin
dave ,   philadelphia PA   (10.28.12)
a lot of people know this it was leaked on the internet the day after
9. rivlin 1000% correct
marv   (10.28.12)
olso is a total failure fillled with bloody and rockets and death. All who yet believe in it underline why more jews did not escape during world war ll- the refusal to believe the truth and the cowardice genes that are strong in many of the oslo supporters like gal on, beilin, peres, olmert and livni, ramon. if hitler were still in power today, livni and peres would be pushing israel to make peace with him. I have news for you- jews are not now or ever were chosen or light unto nations, rivlin is totally correct and peres and beilin are totally wrong.
10. Ok when do I get my citizenship and right to vote
West bank arab   (10.28.12)
11. Nothing angers leftists more than truth.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.28.12)
The fastest way to anger a Jewish patriot is to tell them a lie. The fastest way to anger a leftist is to tell them a truth. Nothing is more obvious than the fact that Oslo was a colossal failure. It was rightfully described as "the worst self inflicted wound by any nation in history". Tens of thousands of Israelis were murdered and maimed as a direct result of Oslo. Yet the obvious truth still angers leftists to the core.
12. #6 You are a failure living in failed Europe.
Ehud   (10.28.12)
Rabin was a success living, fighting, and dying in Israel. In the few years he was in government, he led an infrastructure revolution which changed Israel's face. All those right wingers did nothing of the kind
13. Proof the of pudding is in the eating.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (10.28.12)
Oslo seems to have caused a lot of indigestion. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
14. The Left was duped by Oslo. The Right has no answers.
Sam ,   Canada   (10.28.12)
The Left was taken for a ride by the Palestinians. Palestinians never agreed to a Jewish state. The Left just took it for granted and proceeded. The Right has no answers. It can't annex the West Bank and doesn't know what to do with the Palestinians. The Palestinians should be offered a state only on condition they accept a Jewish state long term. Otherwise, they get the status quo. In the meantime, Jews should build all around them so that they will feel pressured to make peace or leave the area.
15. Re my #13..a closer look
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (10.28.12)
In a way,everybody is right.As I said in my #13.the Oslo Accords have caused indigestion.The reason for that is that the 'pudding' contained a curate's egg...good in parts,bad in others. Setting up an Arab state in some parts of the 'occupied territories',unfortunately,is bowing to the inevitable.There doesn't seem to be any practical alternative to that and those who dislike it might have to accept it as an interim arrangement and comfort themselves that is 'ad ba Mashiach'. It seems to me,though,that a peaceful Arab state should have been established by promoting democracy and civil society amongst the people who lived there and letting THEM take over governance.The BIG failure of Oslo was to bring in Arafat,Fatah and the PLO.It simply put the territories into the clutches of untrustworthy terrorists in suits and uniforms. Carrying on the food analogy,Oslo was a recipe for disaster because some of the ingredients were POISON. That's why,even at this late stage,I hold that removing Abbas,his cronies and the rest of the terrorists in suits and uniforms and starting afresh is still the best option for peace. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
16. shame on all of you
peter ,   tel aviv   (10.28.12)
the man was wit all his mistakes THE hero of israel. The pain of the handshake but the unavoidable vision of the two state solution marked his part of .history. All the fools hiding behind or their heroic brothers or their assassin brothers should just leave us alone. Be true Israelis and stop being followers of fanatics
17. Are there any hairdressers in Israel ??? ,...
split ,   US   (10.28.12)
18. Two Tribes in one Area
Zivron   (10.28.12)
Two tribes in one area it looks more and more like Africa a strong central authority is needed to control the Fanatics so they can live side by side in relative calm.Arafat was too perverse for the Job although wily and cunning and Oslo was premature and utopia given the facts and belligerance of Jew and Islam in that contested area. The Jews are better to rule eretz yisroel at the moment less danger of genocide because of the Shoah consciousness that in many finds Genocide a Revulsion.Expulsion or Transfer with some compensation of most of the Islam in eretz yisroel is now preferred because of the Jews demographics catastrophe and Islam demographic explosion .The Islam won't accept this so perpetual war is the likely result with the eventual Armargedon.
19. Rabin
michael Pielet ,   israel   (10.28.12)
Rabin a failed prime minister. Oslo a disaster. Does israel need a terrorist state in Judea and Samaria. One terrorist state in Gaza. Rabin a dangerous threat to the state of Israel.
20. 1700 dead Israelis!
jason white ,   afula, israel   (10.28.12)
Thousands more wounded in the terror attacks that followed oslo. Whole families wiped out by our peace partners. The enemy armed at our borders. Missiles, rockets and mortars landing in our south. This is the result of oslo and the heroes rabin and peres.
21. Rabin didn't fail. He was killed.
Mark ,   Cleveland USA   (10.28.12)
Perhaps, had Rabin been allowed to live, he could have made progress towards peace. The only lesson learned from his death is that some on the right would rather kill Jews than give up the dream of a greater Israel. The gunmen had many supporters before and after the evil deed. Judging by the talkbacks, he has many to this day. Shame on us.
22. 14: you are naive!!
Mando ,   TA   (10.28.12)
You have 4 million Palis in the WB and Gaza. Where do u suggest they go? Maybe if you flood them with sewage then only will you get better and faster results. I hope not many people think of it like you do. Maybe Bibi shares the same stupidity like you. We need real solutions. Not sure what they are but you cannot keep Palis amongst us nor can you build around them to push them out. We need real solutions for real situations for the best of our country and children thereafter. Period. I am not leftist either.
23. Yachimovich is dangerous for Zionist vision and Israel!
Alex   (10.28.12)
24. #12 You're a funny fellow Ehud (Barak?)...
Alex   (10.28.12)
And naive.
25. #22 You have nothing to suggest. You can only insult.
Sam ,   Canada   (10.28.12)
Let's hear some of the critics suggest alternatives rather than just blow hot air. The West Bank can't be annexed. It would make Palestinian citizens. The Palestinians don't want a Jewish Israel and don't want the status quo either. So, they turn violent or try to isolate Israel. They should be encouraged to leave. Choose your method.
26. 1 state solution with federal states?
Dot ,   Ger   (10.28.12)
what about a "federal republic of Israel" with Parts of Judea and Samaria as "Palestinian State" with cultural rights like Bavaria or Baden-W├╝rttemberg, but ultimately under Israeli rule (Police and judicial system...)? Is that some sort of solution?
27. # 25
Jules   (10.29.12)
The "Palestinians" cannot become Israeli citizens, because they are the citizens of Jordan
28. #10.Arab MKs are enuff -We dont need Hamas+Jihadi MKs as wel
Alan ,   SA   (10.29.12)
29. #4. Oslo was fatally flawed due to Arafat
Ilan   (10.29.12)
One can't endorse Oslo and condemn Arafat. The two are dependent on each other. If Rabin knew that Arafat had no intention of a peaceful solution to the conflict than Rabin is complicit in the deaths that ensued. One hopes that Rabin was misled. At the very least though he was guilty of a terrible lapse of judgement
30. Torah teaches
Alessandro ,   Sao Paulo ,Brazil   (10.29.12)
Torah teaches that first we need to offer the peace. That was what Rabin made, besides later we had a very bad experience with Sharon's return of Gaza Strip. Israel most important skill is to always learn with the past, differently than the Palestines.
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