Sudan's Bashir: Israel is enemy no. 1
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Published: 09.11.12, 00:26
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1. What a joke !!
American ,   USA   (11.08.12)
Good luck you miserable towel head Israel will take care of you !
2. A Ratcheting Up of Tension
Pete ,   USA   (11.08.12)
This appears to be pat of a general ratcheting up of tension in the Middle East. Israelis should remember that the world is generally supportive of the action against Khartoum. The regime in Sudan is widely disliked - they have murdered countless numbers of their own citizens. But Israel will need to step up security at its embassies in Africa.
3. call an ambulance I think I am having a laughter attack
zionist forever   (11.08.12)
We are under threat from the mighty Sudanese military with their T55s & MIGS from the 50s & 60s non of which can reach Israel. Maybe they can dispatch their fleet of submarines which consist of men in mask & snorkel with spear guns. Without borders they can't dispatch a terrorist army of their own and they don't have the capability to send large quantities of arms to local terror groups like Hamas. So with such limited capabilities then I can only assume the painful response is they are going to try and laugh us to death with their threats.
4. Sudan
Steve ,   Dallas USA   (11.08.12)
This country is hell on earth - utterly barbaric. Is there any reason why Israel would take "refugees" from this country which is a self-described enemy, and whose citizens are responsible for the hell they find themselves in.
5. That's one handsome devil, isn't he?
SG ,   Teaneck   (11.08.12)
6. I have a good Dentist for him
alsky ,   toronto   (11.08.12)
7. What this buffoon Really meant is
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (11.08.12)
A response will be very painful on himself and Sudan!
8. As empty as an Obama threat
BH ,   Iowa   (11.08.12)
9. Sudan threatens Israel
Joe Charlaff ,   Jerusalem   (11.08.12)
President Bashir, threatening us is playing with fire - a big fire. You dont know who you are dealing with. I dont know what you have in mind when you speak of painful measures but believe me when I tell you that the response will be twenty times more painful for Sudan if you attempt any foolish move to attack us. It will only end in disaster for you. .
10. he should watch out.
ralph   (11.08.12)
11. He underwent a "small operation"
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (11.08.12)
to remove a small brain. Unfortunately, they couldn't find one in his head. They tried to do a brain transplant from Assad, but his head was empty too. They then called Amadenehjad, but he said he already had donated his brain to to the little monkey they shot into space a while back. Doesn't anyone in any of these arab countries have a brain? Guess not.
12. lol
zaza   (11.08.12)
13. Tell Him Take a number and Get In Line
emanon ,   USA   (11.08.12)
14. President Bashir?
Jacob ,   MN, United States   (11.08.12)
You mean assassin. Check the record, this guy supported bin Ladin before his death and he assassinated his political opponents to get into office. Either Ynet is being too respectful, or President has no meaning anymore.
15. where is erdogan
gingimax ,   istanbul   (11.08.12)
in calling for this dictator's removal?
16. Does he want Israel to arm South Sudan?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.08.12)
17. The only 'terrible response'
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.08.12)
is when the idiot opens his mouth to change feet. It wouldn't hurt if also learned how to brush his teeth. HOw did he stay in power for so long? Killing all his opponents? And the UN was ok with this all these years? Oh, I forgot, Muslims get to kill each other without the UN having to get involved. How convenient!
18. That photograph
Bill ,   New York, USA   (11.08.12)
Here kitty, kitty, kitty.
19. omar and 40 kookoos
sami ,   chartum   (11.08.12)
wait..... im' coming to help you..... please let me know if you want to do it with turbo camels' with 105 m"m stone or with our secret weapon donkykong with sling shot.....( no one know about it)(oppps.... not any more.....)
20. Arrest and Deport to Egypt all Illegals from Sudan
Phoenix ,   Israel   (11.08.12)
We are at war with Sudan, Sudanese illegals have nothing to be doing here. They will carry out the next Terrorist Attacks in our land. Out with all the Illegal Africans. Out the Eritreans Muslims and Christians as well.
21. Why not conducting a covert action to bring to The Hague?
Yael Schlichting ,   currently Munich   (11.09.12)
22. Toilet mouth
Aaron ,   Toronto,Canada   (11.09.12)
He reminds me of the movie "the mouse that roared"
23. His #1 enemy
JB ,   Rehovot Israel   (11.09.12)
is his own people. Why isn't this mass murderer in a cell in the Hague or Gitmo?
24. Ohhhhhh, GET A LIFE, JERK!
Rotem ,   Israel   (11.09.12)
25. I am advicing Sudan
Wang Zuli ,   Shanghai   (11.09.12)
I am hoping Sudan will invite Chinese military to set up bases in the country, not anybody will brave to attack Sudan. If we Chinese are in Sudan, America and Israel are chickens.
26. #22 comparing this evil fool with
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (11.09.12)
Mice is an insult to mice! Mice are much smarter and better looking.
27. Israel will organize an arab spring in Sudan
shadicoo ,   Gaza strip   (11.09.12)
to topple Al Bashir gov't as it has done in syria along with saudi arabia and qatar and bring a gov't that implement the israeli instructions . you can't deny that israel is deeply invovled in the syrian conflict and help the opposition groups ...
28. I still cannot stop laughing...
Dan S.   (11.09.12)
I am suddenly picturing the anecdote of the Emperor Caligula telling his army to attack fields of reeds that was supposed to represent Britannia. Similarly Sudans response to Israel will be equally comedic.
29. He doesnt even have access to a doctor
david ,   los angeles, CA   (11.09.12)
how is he going to access technology to attack israel. looooool
30. Yeah, they gonna kill us by laughing us to death
Yaniv ,   Israel   (11.09.12)
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