Mohammed Deif in rare video: Our path leads to paradise
Elior Levy
Published: 20.11.12, 13:58
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1. now go back to your hole
alsky ,   Toronto   (11.20.12)
2. Find him and take him out.
Yankele ,   Baltimore   (11.20.12)
3. Yassin waiting in hell for Mumhammed Deif
Eyal ,   Israel   (11.20.12)
The Zionist entity will be happy to arrange a swift one way ticket to hell for this evil creep.
4. Deif path leads to paradise
Ceekay ,   Sydney Australia   (11.20.12)
Hi Deif, You came to the right place Israel will lead you and ALL your followers right into it
5.  Is Gaza entire now promised Paradise?
David Turner ,   Richmond, USA   (11.20.12)
Palestinian "leadership" has never proven very intelligent or capable. Perpetual self-victimization is nothing to express pride over. Paradise is the gift for the martyr. Is Gaza entire now promised Paradise?
6. Israel has shown over and over
John Prophet   (11.20.12)
again it does not have the stomach for a down and dirty bloody fight. The terrorist know that once the diplomats wedge themselves into the situation Israel will hide behind them. Hamas will now keep firing knowing full well weak kneed Israel will fold and they then can claim victory! Netanyahu and the group of nine are all cut from the same cloth!
7. This path will lead us to paradise."
Benjamin ,   Hertzlia   (11.20.12)
It is good to help such a person to get to his heaven and discover that a 72 year old virgin is waiting for him.
8. So long as the citizens of Israel are being targeted to be
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.20.12)
mass murdered by the Islamists of Hamas and IslamicJihad - both of which are designated internationally as terror organization, and for a reason...!! - peace will not come; indeed, not even a cease fire. If world leaders wish to resolve this spat of the violent conflict, let them first internalize that we, Jews, are entitled, as all humans, to exercise the very first of all of human rights: the right to life and to its defense. If the intent of either Ms. Clinton, Mr Ban of the UN, or Ms. Ashton of the EU to tell us, Jews, that our lives worth less, and that of our children nearly nothing, they can turn their back immediately and return home now.
9. Mohammad Deifi is a hero
Max ,   Israel   (11.20.12)
who is cowardly hiding not only his body from the Israeli planes but even his face from the palestinian camera. He makes a mistake when he thinks he'll get to paradise since hateful murderers are not allowed there. He'll most likely end up in hell where he'll meet his friends that are already there.
10. We'll give you a shortcut
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (11.20.12)
If your path leads you to paradise, come out into the sun, wave to the F-16s and we'll send you the shortcut to paradise.
11. Mohammed Deif - tick tock tick tock
Haim ,   TA   (11.20.12)
BOOM ! When your numbers up its time to go and you my friend are way over due
eissa ,   JORDAN   (11.20.12)
13. re #12
nigel ,   London   (11.20.12)
Eissa. I assum,e heaven and 72 virgin brides await the heroic Hamas martyrs who place children in front of them when they fire missiles aimed at killing children ! Seriously- Israel is doing what it can to mitigate death. Hamas all it can to maximise death. Surely, even a one eyed, anti Israel moron like you can understand the differerence. BTW- don't you worry that extremist Islam is coming your way as well ? are you looking forward to the day when your wife/mother/daughter lose their freedom as women ? I am sure you will understand much better what hell looks like if that happens
14. Fantastic news if true
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (11.20.12)
if there is a ceasefire It is clear HAMAS have set themselves up on the same lines as Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon. The death toll would have been horrendous if there had been a ground invasion. I see 'Sarah B' has timed her arrival to Israel to perfection, she is flying in tomorrow.
15. @ 12
sue fuller ,   Gan Yavne Israel   (11.20.12)
You ae talking about the murderous Hamas of course, who forget to build shelters for their people and hide their bombs in apartment blocks full of children, not to forget when they can't shoot straight and end up killing Gazan children with their own rockets
16. Paradise or Palestinian state, what is more important?
Jerry ,   Sweden   (11.20.12)
Mohammed Deif says in a rare video: “Our path leads to paradise”, then the question is: how they intend to build a Palestinian state if there are no people left living?
17. "This path will lead us to paradise"
William ,   Israel   (11.20.12)
So why are you so upset when Israel obliges? Bon Voyage!
18. most intelligent people don't underestimant
jerome ,   basalt, colorado   (11.20.12)
hamass. we know how sick, perfevered, evil and demented you all are.
19. The Rats out of their holes
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.20.12)
Whilst Gaza is in turmoil And when the smoke dies down - Gaza will see what destruction Hamas has brought on its people
20. Israel under-estimated Hamas?
William ,   Israel   (11.20.12)
In what way? Your use of human shields? Nope. Your long-range rockets on civilians? Nope. Your targeting a city you claim is holy to Islam? Nope. Your hiding rockets in civilian centers, schools and mosques? Nope. Your unproven claim of complete Arab backing and new found legitimacy in the world that resulted in nothing but silence? Nope. Your increased bravado from far outside Gaza while in hiding? Hilariously...nope. So, I'm confused. How was Hamas under-estimated?
21. #14 - how did Hamas set themselves up like Hizbullah?
William ,   Israel   (11.20.12)
Not sure what you mean here. Perhaps you're just voicing your own fantasy. Hamas remembers very well Cast Lead and a repeat will bring the same 1000+ dead terrorists, loss of infrastructure, and no real price extracted from the IDF or Israel. From Hizbullah, Israel won a great deal including foreigners on their soil and lots of quiet from the Northern front. And they learned a great deal about Iranian tactics which allowed for a decisive blow against Hamas twice. I pray for no ceasefire today....just continued smashing of Gaza until Hamas agrees to remove rockets, end weapons smuggling, and a final end to its unilateral war against Israel. Anything less is just kicking the can down the road.
22. Paradise
Ajb ,   Israel   (11.20.12)
He's in for a shock.
23. 12 Stop talking about Assad like that.
24. Yahya
jack ,   NETANYA ISRAEL   (11.20.12)
Let get in ,in Gaza and get rid of dogs like him for good , or in 6 months it will start all over again.
25. Underestimated
David ,   London, England   (11.20.12)
Not likely. It would be hard to over estimate the level of violence that hamas could reach. After all their first victims are always their own people and they have done some pretty terrible things to them so how could Israel underestimate what they are capable of towards the Israeli's. Groups like this feed off the blood of their own people.
26. Next time Deif and Mashal will not be lucky!!
Abuya ,   ME   (11.20.12)
27. Deif, take Mashal and Haniya with you Inshalla soon.
Hasan   (11.20.12)
28. May He Live and Suffer Excrutiating Pain for Years
meir elazar   (11.20.12)
29. Terrorists never see paradise, only the fires of hell.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.20.12)
30. 12 eissa.... you should be happy
alsky ,   Toronto   (11.20.12)
afterall, you want to get your virgins dont you ? so which way do you want it ? do you want to live or die ? or maybe its all about Hubris ?
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