Likud primaries: Feiglin in, Begin and Meridor out
Yuval Karni, Moran Azulay
Published: 27.11.12, 07:17
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1. there no generational thing, its a corrupt system..
JJJ   (11.27.12)
Mr. Danon, there no generational thing as you describe it, its a corrupt system that if you do not take part in it, you do not have a chance. For example payolas, strong man tactics, fixing jobs and more. I listens on Aruz two to some of the voting contractors, to make it easy for you to understand what I mean, they sound like mafia bosses more then voters
2. My vote they will not be getting!
Not from me ,   Jlm   (11.27.12)
3. B"H
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (11.27.12)
Hopefully Jabo can look down from his picture frame above the Likud Party Committee table with a twinkle of simcha in his eyes rather than the look of disdain he most certainly he must have for those present especially at the head of the table who abrogate not only Likud party charter and ideals, but the akeida itself by destroying the lives of Yehudim living in the land of their own name, the land that belongs to all Yehudim past, present and future, the land that protects them instead of removing the threat, enforcing the right of return of the genocidal, mass-murdering extortionists back to the homicidal, Hamite peninsular homeland of their own name.
4. investigate primaries of the major parties were corruption
JJJ   (11.27.12)
Its sad, but Likod and Labor voted in most people that used corrupt means to enter, its not new, if you remember a daughter of a criminal was elected ones and others went to jail. This season the use of contractors, and knowing the Israeli mental attitude, corruption was all over. I think the office that fight corruption should (must) investigate the primaries of the major parties were corruption is ramped
5. likud is not radical
mohson   (11.27.12)
feiglin is an israeli nationalist who believes along wiht his supporters in the land of eretz israel and the arabs need to know that there are such israelis. meretz, and labour and even netanyah have offered the arabs withdrawals and concessions and gotten rockets and death and increasing demands without stop. As they say, if jews cannot live injudea, maybe they have no right to tel aviv. as for arab 2 state, it is a fig leaf for getting rid of israel even if takes 200 years. Condo arrangments with europeans can work but now with arabs as their religion in their minds grants them exclusivity. This is why erdogan with his management degree can state with a straight face that israeli are bloodthirsty and a terror state for 150 gazan casulaties while he is quiet over 1 million armenians and kurds killed by turks. Feillgin should have been on the list long time ago. Merridor is an important figure along with begin and they can be appointed to various positions so that the ministers will have them as sounding boards as different opinions are important for consderation.
6. May someone have an extra set of balls to make up for the
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.27.12)
the one without any, obumma's lover.
7. Lessons not learned..............
NS ,   Long Island, NY, USA   (11.27.12)
It is clear that PM Netanyahu has not learned a thing from the defeat of Governor Mitt Romney in the USA. When your political party refuses to reach to the center of the political spectum, then the opposite party will fill the vacumn left by the extriemists. This will give a golden opportunity to the Labor Party, Yesh Atid and the remnants of Kadima and Meretz to form a grand coalition of the sane and normal in Israel. The Likud has gone an extremist too far.
8. Meridor, Begin, didn't belong in Likud
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (11.27.12)
9. GREAT List Feiglin will bring votes to Likud and save Israel
Shlomo ,   RBS   (11.27.12)
10. Likud
Mordechai ,   Beit Shemesh   (11.27.12)
Finally the smokescreen has been lifted and the true colours of Likud have been shown. A fanatical extremest political party out to destroy the democracy of Israel. All it is, is a siphon to pour more millions into the West Bank and the Charidim. the former to support an infantile expansionist policy and the latter to buy their votes. Back to their old tricks of bribery and corruption. Hopefully they have just cut their throats, rhetorically and politically.
11. Finally!
Steven Zeluck ,   San Francisco   (11.27.12)
Barak out, Meridor out, Begin out! A happy day for the Likud and Israel. No more midnight evictions and 10 month racist freezes against Jew homeowners and homebuilders.
12. Israel cries out for genuine patriotic right wing leadership
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.27.12)
History shows us that Israeli leftist opinion has only one value; as a reverse barometer. Everything the left reveres (such as Oslo, Disengagement, freeing terrorists etc.) is disastrous for Israel. Almost everything the left reviles is good for Israel. Israel cries out for genuine patriotic right wing leadership. The new Likud Party is a step in the right direction.
13. They are all the same banana...but...
Israeli 2   (11.27.12)
Hotovley is Hot! She is 10 !!!!!! If Bibi continues feeling sorry for having lost Begin, Meridor and Eitan, I feel sorry for Israel with such a loser of a leader.
14. Hypocrites
Bill klien ,   USA   (11.27.12)
Let me get this strait it's democracy when last year Bibi forced Feiglen off the list?
15. Israel needs a radical right-wing party!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (11.27.12)
Israel first! Israel's Settlers first!Hopefully, Netanyahu truly moves far-right! Goodbye to the liberal, traiterous trash (kicked-out to the curb). God bless Israel; praying for the peace of Jerusalem!!!
16. Suddenly Kadima doesn't look so bad
OldSchoolLikud ,   Haifa   (11.27.12)
I went for Likud in the last elections - I believe they stayed in the middle of the consensus - even when their "moderates" went to Kadima. Suddenly Likud is not the mainstream party I supported - although I too would like to see a changing of the guards - what we got were a bunch of loud mouth kids spewing nationalist crap (Miri Regev? Danny Danon? Feiglin?). Maybe I'll cut to Livni after all...
17. Good Luck Moshe Feiglin!
Israeli ,   Israel   (11.27.12)
May G-d be with you, protect you and guide you! Let's bring Jewish pride to the Jewish State!
18. Yachimovich and her mouth
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.27.12)
If you don't have brains to use, use your mouth. Likud has been successful by Bibi knowing how to deal with people using his brains; Yachimovich has nothing to show for herself except her mouth. Yap yap yap, but no plan.
19. Now I can vote for Likud
Zeev ,   Rehovot, Israel   (11.27.12)
I always told my friends that I can not vote for the Likud list as long as there is at least one of the three: Meridor, Begin and Eitan. These politicians, especially Ethan, are proponents of strengthening the role of the Supreme Court and its interference in the affairs of government. In this case, the judges of the Supreme Court want to belong to the caste of European Judges, with all their ideas of what is acceptable and what is unacceptable in the fight against terrorists. Unlike Israel, European countries do not face the risk of total destruction, and can (for the time being) afford liberalism in relation to terrorism and its supporters. In the face of a possible new Holocaust of the Jewish people, the Israeli government must sometimes act more harshly than it can afford to European governments. Supreme Court blocks such solutions To combat this phenomenon should at least be unity in the ranks of the ruling party and the government, and Eitan, Meridor and Begin were the fifth column of the liberal Supreme Court in the Knesset and the government.
20. Whatever The Results Were, That Would Be The Left's Response
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (11.27.12)
It's just electioneering; fear-mongering.
21. @3 if u think this makes Jabotinsky happy...
you really have no idea what Likud was originally all about!
22. Feiglin will doom the Likud
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (11.27.12)
Feiglin is a dangerous clown pretending that he is going to bring the Messiah. He's not. He's not just a naughty boy, he's a buffoon who will bring destruction down on Israel. He has no idea how to run a modern economy. Jobs will be lost, inflation will go up, and Israel will be weaker, not stronger. This is a dangerous fool who on his website says that his goal is to wage war! Feiglin is a danger!
23. EXCELLENT line up! Go Likud!!!
Israeli ,   Haifa   (11.27.12)
24. Recycling old garbage more like it
Haim ,   TA   (11.27.12)
Soemhow i think the Israeli public deserves better than that bunch of has beens. Its time to change the political system and abolish voting for a party and instead vote for the individual that represents your area. The only thing our politicians are intrested in , is their bank accounts.
25. Ynet interesting: Begin out, photo; Feiglin in, no photo.
Thinking Jew ,   Israel   (11.27.12)
Ynet bias.
26. Empowering the Prime Minister
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.27.12)
If he can't find it within himself to resist the dictates (with it's ensuing threats) of the US president, no amount of empowering is going to help.
zivron   (11.27.12)
28. Message to Hotovely: Congratulations
DT ,   TA Israel   (11.27.12)
but learn from Benny Begin. This is what happens when you "go soft" on what is right. As for Meridor - good riddance. A total "weakie"
29. The move to the right
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.27.12)
is the clear result of an irresponsible suicidal behaviour of the Israel left parties towards the Arabs, especially Hamas. Adding the external threats to that fact people want to be reassured by the "strong man" with a hard position. That's a psychological fact.
30. The core of the Right Wing Party.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.27.12)
It makes sense for this list to be united with Israel Beitenu's list. Now, to represent the voters, Israel will need to see a successful Center Party list. I think it is clearer now than ever that Yair Lapid has a slate to try forming the Centrist list for the next elections. This will be the list which will unite the social dissent in Israel, the struggling middle class. Practically, however, it may be too much to expect from a newcomer to the Knesset. So, there is a vacuum to be filled, maybe by Olmert?
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