51% of Israelis: Peace with Palestinians unlikely
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 30.11.12, 11:04
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1. The UN General Assembly, in this case, doesn't have the...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.30.12)
... legal authority to change the status of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), but within its own chamber and not elsewhere, of course. But, one questions to what extent, if any, does the UN General Assembly have the moral authority when it is ready to elevate an organization whose Charter calls for the demise of a fellow UN member state, and from the territory supposedly under the rule of this organization rockets are fired regularly from behind civilian human shields and aimed at the civilian population centers of a fellow UN member state? And this takes place while this very General Assembly has nothing to say about the more than 40,000 humans who have been slaughtered in Syria during the past year and a half, and additional 150 children, women, men and the elderly continue to be slaughtered daily by the authorities of that Muslim-Arab state and a fellow member of the UN.
2. International Criminal Court
sonia ,   london england   (11.30.12)
The next step is for Palestine to take Israel to the ICC and prosecute it for the war crimes it has committed against the Palestinian people for the last 64 years.
3. A sad day not to Israel only but to Ameica
Ari ,   Argentina   (11.30.12)
Majority of UN supported Abbas and they didn't care about "Obamaite America"
4. Moderates all
Beauchard ,   Amsterdam   (11.30.12)
According to this poll Israeli Jews, like American Jews, are quite moderate. For example, 80% do not support a unilateral attack on Iran. The ultra-right that hogs the talkbacks here are always claiming that they represent the Jewish people. According to this poll they do not.
5. 60% of Israelis believe that Obama is good for Israel
Yitzi ,   Bet Shemesh   (11.30.12)
I am an Israeli, former American. 60% of Israelis believe that Obama is good for Israel, proves to me that Sabras and most Anglos have no clue just how far Amerika has fallen from it's ideals. Amerika is not a reliable partner, witness all the leaders and peoples with knives in their backs from past American adventures. Israel has but one reliable partner for peace, security and prosperity, the G-d of Israel.
6. This poll is 100% pure B.S.!
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.30.12)
Who wants to give up our nukes? If possible we should build more. 60% of Israelis like b.o.? As compared to who? stalin? hitler? This is the results we could expect from the sabin institute. If we give up our land and nukes, then who will save us from a massive attack by all the arab countries? The Power Rangers? Or should we run away and live in the U.S. like sabin?
7. What Do Polls Show In Arab World?
emanon ,   USA   (11.30.12)
How many arab countries see the UN vote as legitimizing terrorism against Israel and global jihad? Based on that, how many arab nations see peace with Israel as possible? How many *WANT* peace with Israel? Thosea re the questions the world should be asking.
8. "Obama good for Israel"
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (11.30.12)
The President of the United States of America's job is to do what is in the best interests of the United States and NOT what is in the best interest of Israel or any other country for that matter! One thing should be noted is who voted for and who abstained. South Sudan voted against Israel and thus ignored that Israel was the first country to recognize that troubled country. Another one is Haiti. When the their country was devastated by the earthquake, which was probably the biggest natural disaster in recorded history, Israel rushed to help and even earned the condemnation of people, like British Baroness Tonge about organ theft. Unlike the Arab world and their friends and allies, Israeli doctors and nurses stayed when others had left and even saved the like of an Haitian child which they brought to Israel for treatment. However, Haiti kicked Israel in backside! I hope that EU countries that voted for, most of whom are bankrupt and leeching of others, will show their loyalty to Palestine by sending the Palestinians money that should be used for their own recovery! When the Greeks the Italians and the Spanish cry poverty, let them ask the Arab oil states to come and help them! Posted on Facebook as well to avoid YnetNews censorship!
9. sonia no 2
Yes take Mrs Thatcher to the ICC for the crime she done against Argentina. Uk have no border with Argentina but went thousands of miles away. For sure Mrs Thatcher have committed crime. What about Tony Blair went thousands of miles to kill innocent people in Iraq & Afghanistan. Shame on you sonia and the British Government. No moral just greed.
10. #2 unrealistic expectations, sonia
Jorge ,   Argentina/USA/Israel   (11.30.12)
ICC can prosecute Israel, every court can take a case. ICC will need documented cases of violations that were not judged in Israel. Nobody can have 2 trials. Military operations are hard to proved that belong to that category. ICC only prosecute individuals no countries such us the famous dictator still in power in Sudan. But Sonia here is how ICC works. If Palestinians send the case to ICC, a lot of evidence will need to bring, no propaganda but facts. In the other hand you will be surprise if Israel decide to bring the Palestinian to the ICC. The first one should be Abbas, participation in Munich as well as another one. We know about the missiles, so Hamas and the OLP government are responsible to those indiscriminate attacks against civilians. Suicide bombers, indiscriminate shootings and so on. You are right during 64 years there were operations so called war crimes except that they were committed from the Palestinian side. Sonia, before you post, get the facts.
11. Hey 7, Israel is not the center of the world
You had 65 years to make peace. Now reap what you sow
12. Not So Fast, Comrade Sonia (#2)
emanon ,   USA   (11.30.12)
That can now work both ways. Israel can now take the Palestinians to court for the Fogel family massacre; take them to court for the hitch hikers killed at the car stop; take them to court for placing their own children in harms way by launching rockets into Israel from apartment buildings; take them to court for the recent bus bombing in TA; take them to court for the disco bombing; take them to court for the Sabarro bombing . . . You get the idea. There is a word limit on posts, so I'll quit here, but there's more, LOTS more.
13. Great. So Who Does Isarel Negotiate With?
emanon ,   USA   (11.30.12)
The arab world has not changed since before T E Lawrence: who is in charge? PLO insists they are the voice of the people but PA says the PLO lies it's them and Hamas says they are the true elected voice. Any takers on how long before the internal fights begin? (Remember when Hamas gave flying lessons to PA members after the alleged elections?) Oh yeah, one more thing . . . has ANY arab faction retracted the lines in their charters about destroying Israel? That would be a real good first step to show they want peace with Israel, not Israel a piece at a time.
14. sonia no 2
sorry I have to mention that Israel is fighting for their lives. Little Israel have to fight many countries round her. See the map. 1 Israeli soldier against at least 150 Arabs. They got at least 50 times more tanks, fighter jet, and other. How Israel survive, I really do not know, but for sure the ALMIGHTY with Israel. Sonia, Israel will not care about UN4MUSLIMS, because they are fully controlled by Muslims/Islamic and third world countries,African, on top the European because of their greed. There are about 15 to 17 millions Jews around the world including Israel, while there are at least 1,600 millions of Muslims/Islamic, Beside this the European wants OIL & OIL, trade, business, selling arms, investments, so they do not care and they will not give a damn about Israel. Sonia, shame on greedy Europe. IN G D ISRAEL TRUST. Jews do not need Europe or human being, but for sure we need our FATHER IN HEAVEN
15. Hey Nobody, # 11
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.30.12)
Just look at Syria, where hundreds of people die every day, and Israel where Mr. Tibi and Ms Zoabi represent Arab population in Knesset. Then compare to the amount of daily information about two neighboring countries you here or read in the media. Then maybe you'll realize that for the millions of people Israel is a center of the world. Somehow there is more interest to the political life of Israel then to the human lives across the globe. Arabs had the same 65 years to establish a peaceful country of their own. But they refused to do so. Do you have an answer: why? Mr. Abbas decided to annul the Oslo aggrievements with Israel and thought if Israel will start punishing PA the world will run to help. I am not sure if from the 138 countries who voted yesterday " Yes" you'll find 10 who will actually try to save PA from bankruptcy. Do you know why Iran sends the rockets to Hamas and Hezbollah to attack Israel while poor people in Gaza have to rely on food and all kinds of life supplies including water and electricity that Israel brings to them on a daily bases? Well, in its constitutional draft Egypt didn't cancel slavery. Welcome to the 21 century Middle East.
16. Peace or War
Palestinian ,   Nablus   (11.30.12)
what does really Israel want?I got lost.It used to request the Arabs' recognition after the 67 war during Nasser's era and was verbally ready to withdraw from the territories occupied in 67.Since 1993 all Arabs ,including the Saudi Arabia with King Abdullah initiative,are ready even dying to sign a peace treaty with Israel.PM Rabin tried to give the Israelis the chance to live in peace But what happened?Always the extremists .Unfortunately these extremists are ruling in Israel. Oslo is a 2 state solution deal? I don't understand why Israel.and US are against the UN assembly that give the Palestine the status of non member state.WHAT DO YOU WANT EXACTLY?We need to have a solution either by recognizing the State of Palestine or annexing the occupied territories to Israel.Strength doesn't last forever.
17. to no 2 Sonia
Jonny ,   Cape Town   (11.30.12)
Dear Sonia - the little you know obviously comes from laziness, surfing dubious sites on the web, instaead of doing real research and finding out the real facts. I know that living in the UK, you believe, as does your fellow traveller that "You dont need no education", but when you believe that, then you shouldnt be posting stupid comments. It only shows your ignorance.
18. Hey Sonia in Londonistan (#2)
emanon ,   USA   (11.30.12)
Under shaira law in Londonistan, are you even allowed access to the Internet? Aren't you afraid of being caught? Do you wear gloves with your hijab when you type?
19. sonia no 2
no comments on talkback no 2 & 14 meaning she agrees !!!!!!!
20. Arab injustice
Micah ,   A free ka   (11.30.12)
just take a look at whole of north Africa, do you think Arabs are the original inhabitants? from Egypt to Sudan Libya to Algeria they did to us what they are doing to Israel:invasion then possession after destruction of every historical link of the indigenous population.If you think its a joke read about the reconquest of Spain from the muslim invaders. The trouble is the west is running out of money and steam to defeat terrorism. BUT why does Israel agree to stop defending itself when victory is assured??? why listen to your detractors and give Hezbollah and Hamas reasons to exist why??? Israel start finishing you wars now the world is not your friend
21. this is again European big mistake
Mirek H ,   Czech republic   (11.30.12)
I'm proud of the Czech government,because what happened in UN is the second Munich agreement. We are with You Israel Mirek
22. #16: What does really Israel want?
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.30.12)
Israel wants PEACE. That's all. Israel doesn't want to hear rockets falling on its citizens, bombs blowing on its buses terrorising Jews, Arabs and Christians; and Israel doesn't want to fight anymore wars with its neighbors. Israel called yesterday and a year before, and all the previous years its neighbors to the negotiating table to resolve the boarder issues but your political leadership refused to meet each and every time. So ask yourself: what do you really want. And stop blaming only one side of the conflict. Stop portraying Israel as a villain. And now about the territories occupied in 1967 . Do you know why these territories where occupied in a first place? Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza, and we all know what happened after. Israel accepted UN resolution on creation of 2 states in 1947. There was no reason for PA to get a the status of a nonmember state because there is no actual state of Palestine on the ground. There are two pieces of land divided by the land that recognizably belong to the state of Israel. Do you believe you'll divide Israel in two parts in order to connect Gaza and territory under PA? It doesn't look nor logical nor productive. Don't forget that you have two governments who are in conflict. So, are you ready to talk? Do you have a real workable plan that can be discussed and voted?
23. ISRAEL wants
vicente ,   TO CANADA   (11.30.12)
no rockets raining on its border/civilians. No suicide bombers look what happened in Gaza, Israeli withdrawn, u turn it into terror launching pad.
24. @11
emanon ,   USA   (11.30.12)
I suggest you read Ambassador Prosor's address to the UN. He states the facts with more detail than I am capable of, but the bottom line is Israel has ALWAYS welcomed peace, whereas the arabs tried to have Israel stillborn. The arab nations were attacking Jews LONG before they refused the land offered in 1948 and have been fighting ever since 1948.
25. Shift in World Opinion
CuriousDave ,   Los Angeles, USA   (11.30.12)
The world is not interested in whatever atrocities were committed against Israelis. Those days, if they ever existed, are long past. Today Israelis are considered the perpetrators and the Palestinians the victims. The entire debate is now framed by those beliefs, and nothing will change that. The UN resolution is a defining moment for Israel: it now knows, not who its friends are, but who its enemies are not, and they are very few. Today's UN knows not the UN of 1947 (that passed Resolution 181 that partitioned Palestine between Arabs and Jews), and today's UN may well be the one that could expel from its membership the same state it had created.
26. Ignorance is Bliss
CuriousDave ,   Sherman Oaks   (11.30.12)
You have no idea what you are talking about - unless someone brainwashed you into believing that on the day of Israel's achieving statehood it was Israel invaded every one of its neighbors because all it wanted was to wage war with Arabs.......
27. #2 sonia, Two small flies in your ointment.
Jake   (11.30.12)
1. Israel is not a signatory to the ICC. 2. The ICC cannot try states, only individuals. Of course, if Israel did decide to recognize the ICC, there are more than a few high-ranking palestinians that would end up in the dock.
28. #25, Not quite, CuriousDave, not quite.
Jake   (11.30.12)
No state was created by the UN Partition Plan, UNGA Res. 181, and no territory was partitioned. The UN does not create states. Go back and read the document. 181 was a RECOMMENDATION for that the Arabs turned down. As a result, the British refused to implement partition, and the UN Security Council refused to adopt it, passing instead Res. 44, instructing the General Assembly to go back and reconsider the Question of Palestine. Nothing came out of it, and the Arabs waged a war of annihiliation against the newly declared Jewish State. Excuse Israel for winning. When ultimately the UN accepted Israel as a member, it placed no conditionality on Israel to implement partition or a 2-state solution. There is no basis on which to expel Israel from the UN. If you are looking for a candidate for expulsion from the UN, try starting with the UN member state which calls daily for the annihilation of Israel.
29. Wake up please
Palestinian ,   Occupied Nablus   (11.30.12)
Do you want to be objective or you want to say say n'importe quoi(anything)? I can refer you to Jews, scientists and academics, who condemn Zionist Israel, its practices and the Zionist movement with its doctrine that presents Jews as a superior fourth race with even different human blood..Read what Noam Chomsky and other prominent jewish scientists say and think.Go to the article of Benjamin Freedman written in1961.Are the people of Neuturei karta in Tel Aviv and New York Jews or not? Listen to their voice and conscience and open your eyes and stop being brainwashed. The Palestinians had lived in past with Jews and Christians in good terms until 1917 when Great Britain was obliged to issue the Balfour declation under the pressure of the need of the Jewish money(Rothschild's) and US intervention in World War 1 to save Great Britain.Please educate yourself and be honest and objective.
30. 58% want to give up nukes?
Vlad   (11.30.12)
Subtract the 20% Israeli-Arab population, and it'll be 38%.
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