Stop the yelling
Hagai Segal
Published: 24.12.12, 20:05
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1. Stop yelling, sanction Israel like Iran, stop flow of $
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.24.12)
2. Looks like even our politicians are aware of the shifting
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.24.12)
tide, our people are waking up. We're building now!
Well done Hagai Segal ,a great article. Israel should not be intimidated by foreign hypocrites and their cheap criticism.
4. Timing only SEEMS problamatic
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.24.12)
These construction plans have been approved now because Abbas and his PA/Fatah cronies unilaterally violated the Oslo Accords and went to the UNGA to get imaginary approval of a 'State of Palestine'. The fact that the election was upcoming made Abbas even more determined to press on at the UNGA.It gave him the oportunity to blame Israel's reaction to HIS violation on Mr Netanyahu's electioneering.Crafty,but transparent. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
5. Nothing good will come from this
Dave from Brazil ,   Sao Paulo   (12.24.12)
Isolation, growing possibility of sanctions, and increasing Palestinian anger leading to new rounds of violence is what will come out of this. A united Jerusalem, capital of Israel and Palestine, is the best solution.
6. Israel builds for Jews, world gets tired of complaining.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.24.12)
7. In the end, it is our decision.
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (12.24.12)
When regarding Jerusalem or anything in the West Bank, it will be our decision what happens. We need to just build the Jerusalem we want, put a fence and a wall around it, and just tell the PA and the world, "this is ours, and that's final." The yelling will come, but we don't have to respond, because we have done and said what we needed to say and that's the end of it.
8. #1: If that doesn't work, what's next?
Steve   (12.24.12)
9. Jerusalem Belongs To Israel
YetiHunter ,   Canada   (12.24.12)
The arabs had their chance to negotiate and be reasonable. They decided not to. Jerusalem will never be theirs - it belongs to Israel!
10. Holy Jerusalem
yakov ,   miami,jerusalemt   (12.24.12)
"if I forget thee O Jerusalem; let my right hand forget it's cunning" YHVH YAH KEEPS HIS PROMISES TO THE WORLD AND HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL! History proves the veracity of TANACH. anti-semitism is a psychological disorder. the koran is the mein kamph of mohammed; the arabs are very religious. Jordan is arab palestine. The land is promised to Jacob and not ishmael. Halaloo Yah! The hatred of the arabs is permanent and existential. A united Jerusalem and Israel will bring the blessings from above. Legally the land belongs to Israel also as per The Levy report!!
11. Hmmm
Lord Sandwich   (12.24.12)
Generally if there is a broad consensus amongst the Int'l community and one country ignores it they gradually become the target of boycots, sanctions (etc.) until they are economically and politically marginlised (eg. Yougoslavia, Libya, Syria). At the moment attempts to acheive this have largely failed, but settlement-building is the one thing that really turns otherwise well-disposed people against Israel. The end result will be Israel becoming an isolated pariah state (and I suspect Israeli public opinion will change if that is the price of building in J'slem). That isn't to draw a moral equivilance between building in Jerusalem and what guys like Milosevic, Ghadaffi and Assad have done - but it plays into a narrative that the Palestinians and their supporters are trying to construct.
12. Lord Sandwich
Vlad   (12.25.12)
Yugoslavia, Libya, and Syria did not have such an impact on the world economy as Israel does with it's hi-tech industry. Practically every hi-tech product has some Israeli technology in it. It's a bit difficult to boycott countries with that kind of economy as opposed to economic basket cases.
13. I will support israel forever
Pedro ,   Brazil   (12.25.12)
14. #1 - Israel has every right to build
Christy ,   Boston, US   (12.25.12)
Jerusalem has belonged to the Jews before there were any Palestinians. It's time for the rest of the world to butt out. Israel: The world may never applaud you. Ignore the world. God gave Jerusalem to you - His opinion is the only one that counts.
15. Building consus
Allan   (12.25.12)
There is a consus among jews to continue building in Jerusalem Est for settlers. And There is a world consus that Jerusalem Est is palestinian. They just forget ONE thing: WHO IS THE CHOSEN PEOPLE?
16. Don't worry it Will work, as it worked for the other
Allan   (12.25.12)
Apartheid in South Africa.
17. So what?
Anshel ,   Canada   (12.25.12)
In 1948 the world imposed weapon embargo on the newly established state of Israel, while Arab armies as far from Iraq invaded Israel and tried to annihilate. In 1967, the Egyptian president Nasser commenced a blockade of the Strait if Tiran, kicked out the UN peacekeepers from Sinai, US refused to provide modern arms to Israel, the world and UN was silent and yet Israel managed to surprise the world with a swift a decisive victory of 3 Arab armies. Israel became a pariah at UN many years ago, UNGA equated Zionism with racism, therefore ,there is nothing new under the sun. The fact is that Jerusalem is a capital city of Israel, despite the false claims by the Arab Palestinians and their supporters. The world will bark, no doubt about, in the meantime, Obama and USA facing a "fiscal cliff" and a possible recession, most of EU countries are in economic and financial trouble, there is almost every month that country and their banks have to bailed out. The UN Secretary-General is running around like a chicken without a head, can't even stop the slaughter in Syria and where already 800 Palestinian Arabs were killed. Neither the Russians, the Chinese, the Cubans, Hamas, Hezbollah, nor Iran raised yet the issue. So why worry then?
18. This was the plan all along in 1967 within
ben   (12.25.12)
hours of the ceasefire a war that you can argue was started by Israel. Israel bulldowzed the Mughrabi Mosque. This Mosqe that dated back to Saladin.
19. # 8 you have tou use nonviolent legal measures
ben   (12.25.12)
to get The State of Israel to abide by International laws. you can't resort to the terrorism that was used by the founding fathers of Israel The King David Hotel Assasination of Folke Bernadete the Stern Gang Dier Yasin etc etc. Albert Einstien compared the tacticts used by M Begin and some of the founding fathers of Israel to the Natzis
20. to no 1
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (12.25.12)
You need to stop your own yelling, Benassi...Nobody is listening to your whining anyway..."Sanction Israel" for what ? And btw, Israel is capable to do quite well in case of sanctions... Marry Christmass...
21. to 11
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (12.25.12)
Your post contradicts all logic... There is nothing new about the consensus of the International community..And last time checked, Israel, being the only democratic country in the ME, is very well capable, as well as obligated to defend its sovereign borders and the Nation...We are always the target of boycots, just for benig on the map, since the time of our inception, as well as centuries before...What else is knew ? Can a sandwich learn history, especially if he thinks he is Lord ? ....
22. Wake up, little arrogant !
Abou Fayez ,   Brussels   (12.25.12)
You are merely trying to convince yourself, not the others. Jerusalem is a red line for the Palestinians. Either you agree and divide the city or you perpetuate the conflict. It is not the majority of Israelis that only counts and decides. The rest is history. I think that you should wake up and ask yourself the only real question that matters: are we, Jews, the only people that matter on this Land? And learn the word share. I know it is difficult for a Jew but try, it will liberate you.
23. #1, #5, #11: The world can go jump
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (12.25.12)
Israel can never win a vote at UN, GA, or SC for the predetermined blocks ranged against it by those who vote their political agendas and not their conscience Israel is guardian to Jewish people every where and mainly against a second Holocaust When the world is screaming black, when it is white, time to tell it to go jump, because damned if you do and damned if you don't dictates we do what is right for our Jewish State,
Israeli ,   Haifa   (12.25.12)
BUILD! Its OUR Jerusalem, promised to us by Elohei-Israel! Its time we stopped laying down and letting the world walk on our backs like a street!
25. Good article!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.25.12)
26. 11. Lord: Your dream will fizzle
Tom W ,   USA   (12.25.12)
There is no realistic possibility that the leftist-Islamic alliance can stoke up pogrom like hate campaigns against Israel in the West. -- Because of apartment building. "Let's make war on Israel" is a losing proposition except in radical leftist circles. As much as you hope it, a "politically correct" reenactment of the European 30's are not feasible, bro. Mind you there are influential, pro-Israeli voices in Western societies too... much to your consternation.
27. We agree on one point
Jeffrey ,   Chicago   (12.25.12)
Israel must build without delay. It is ludicrous to think we can "quell the criticism"The U.N voted against any peaceful settlement but instead for a unilateral declaration of statehood. They couldn't have been any clearer about their intentions. The world view is we are the trouble makers. We need to secure our future with more building before its too late
28. to# 22 abou
Marcelo ,   TLV   (12.25.12)
yes, sure, Yeushalaim is no red line for palilalas. You showed it during the last game with hamastan, you rocketed Yerushalaim. That tells everything. You can keep your BS from Belgica, but nobody believes it any longer, palihuhu. Merry X-Max for you in Belgica hahaha
29. # 26 there is nothing in 11s post that
Ben   (12.25.12)
suggests war with Israel or back to the 30s
30. to # 21 your post contradicts all logic. there is not a
ben   (12.25.12)
single country in the world that does not consider the illeagal settlments illeagal including the USA. there is not a sigle country in the world that has there embassy in Jeruselem including the USA. All embasies are in Tel Aviv. Israel is a democracy is that a joke Haneen Zoabi banned.
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