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Egypt: Opposition says constitution perpetuates instability
Yonatan Gonen
Published: 23.12.12, 14:28
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1. A constitution
StevieT ,   USA   (12.23.12)
should need at least a two-thirds margin for adoption. That historically has been the standard to help protect the minority religions and viewpoints. Perhaps someone should pass the word along to your Egyptian neighbors. Sounds likre a law case to me.
2. Dont worry USA will give billions of $$$ to MB Government
Alan ,   SA   (12.23.12)
3. Egypt has now real democracy,
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (12.23.12)
the 64% have the right to hang the defeated 34%.
4. Egypt's Future
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (12.23.12)
Now that the Islamist's have passed a new constitution in Egypt and life has gotten WORSE for Egyptians we can see clearly how in the Middle East and their radical mindset, Islam only makes peoples lives worse, increases misery, reduces capital investment, increases unemployment and creates food shortages. The Islamist answer is to create secret police, arrest everyone, shoot those who escape and in short make Nazi Germany look like an exercise in pure freedom.
5. only 19% of eligible voters voted for it
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (12.23.12)
With only 19% of eligible voters voting for it, there is bound to be repercussions when the opposition decided to respond 19.14% is the 63% of voters who voted in favor multiplied by only 30% of eligible voters who turned out to vote. When more than 80% of of eligible voters did not vote for something it is hard to say it was democratically approved.
6. Give Palestinians land in Rafah
Zircon   (12.24.12)
The next referendum ought be to allow Palestinians to buy land beyond Rafah as a temporary measure to reduce poverty the Arab League can buy it.
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