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Egypt: Opposition says constitution perpetuates instability

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood celebrates constitutional ratification calling it, 'historic opportunity for unity.' Opposition calls referendum results 'false, full of deceit'

The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt called the ratification of the country's new constitution "a historic opportunity to unify all political entities based on mutual respect."


Conversely, the opposition blamed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, saying that the constitution he promoted gives preference to the Islamists and ignores the rights of Egypt's Christians, who constitute 10% of the population.


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The constitution passed with 64% majority vote, the day after the final voting in a two-round referendum.


"Our goal is to continue building the country's establishments, and together we can achieve the January 2011 revolutionary objectives," a Muslim Brotherhood report stated following the landslide.


One of the Morsi government opponents, Former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, who also lost the Egyptian presidency to Morsi, said that the results of the new constitution's referendum are "false, full of deceit and must be nullified."


תומכי מורסי טוענים: חייבים את החוקה בשביל להביא דמוקרטיה (צילום: AFP)

For or against Egyptian constitution (Photo: AFP) 


In an interview to the al-Watan online newspaper, Shafiq said that approving the referendum results will perpetuate the instability that presently typifies the country, "Especially when Islamist-backed constitution has passed with a 64% "yes" vote, the day after the final voting in a two-round referendum that deeply divided the country.


It is mentionable that Morsi's Islamist supporters claim that the ratification of the new constitution is an essential step in moving towards democracy.


In their opinion, the constitution will provide Egypt with the necessary stability and assist in strengthening its fragile economy. Those opposing it claim that it will harm women's freedom of the individual.


The members of the constitutional committee were mainly Islamists, after the liberals left; claiming their voices weren't being heard.


Morsi's insistence to promote the constitution and the fact that until its ratification he managed to broaden his authority at the courts' expense, led hundreds of opposition members and supporters to the Egyptian streets.


These protests have led to the death of 10 people at least and to more than 1,000 injuries.


The opposition in Egypt has been calling for an additional vote on the constitution since after the first stage.


A senior opposition official told the Reuters news agency that the Islamists rule the country, run the votes and influence the people, so what can be expected?


For now, we will wait and see if the referendum outcomes will cause additional pandemonium.



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