Hand that rocks the intifada
Zakaria Sada
Published: 11.01.13, 14:59
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1. Settlers
R weinraub ,   Aventura US   (01.11.13)
Either you are a Palestinian or a lefti, you are blind. What some of the settler are doing is only reciprocating to the constant rock throwing from the Palestinians that should go back home and learn to accept Jewish Israel. As for you make up your mind as to what and who you are.
2. So Now That The Shoe Is On The Other
Foot the arabs Don't Like It?Hmmmm Well Now That The Jewish Residents Of Israel Will Stand Up To Makebelieve people and mythical nation By Giving Them A TASTE Of Their Own Medicine, Now They Don't Like The Taste! Boo Hoo, I'll send you arabs a quarter to call someone who cares?
3. the rights of arabs? What, to steal, lie?
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (01.11.13)
"Can you give me an example of a nation that lived under military rule and did not try to revolt and fight?" The whole article is full of specious arguments. They aren't a nation, so the question is irrelevant. They never wanted peace even when offered by idiots like Barak. Dangerous situation? Let them become violent, Hash-m will deal with their hate, lies and violence.
4. Deceiver
Jason Lande ,   United States   (01.11.13)
The author of this article is a deceiver. Palestinians do not want to live together in peace with Jews. We know this from the past 65 years of experience. Will this man, Zakaria Sada, accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state? Why not state this openly in the article? He writes as though the military occupation of Judea and Samaria happened all of a sudden without any justification. In fact, Israel is occupying this land in order to defend Jewish lives from never ending attacks from Muslims. With Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, we see the what happens when Muslims are given their "rights".
5. Why? Palestinians attacked us for years!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (01.11.13)
I do not for one second support or condone any Israeli who attacks Palestinians. It is against the law of the land and the law of Torah. There is a small minority of whackos who make us all look bad. On the other hand, the Palestinians for decades have attacked us and continue to attack us on a daily basis with rocks, firebombs and sometimes still with guns and bombs and just until recently with thousands of rockets. All of these attacks by Palestinians are crimes against humanity and war crimes. All of them - there is no exception to international law that allows Palestinians to attack Israeli civilians. None. And now this guy comes crying on behalf of so goody-goody- two-shoes "rabbis" to pretend that decades Palestinian aggression and crimes never happened and still isn't happening? Palestinians are attacking Israeli civilians daily. We want peace with our Palestinian neighbors, but they have to stop trying to kill us first.
6. Oh, cry me a river
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.11.13)
The author forgets seven decades of terror in which the ersatz "Palestinians" have engaged, visited against both Jews in the State of Israel and Jews in the Diaspora. The author forgets that it was the ersatz "Palestinians" who rejected partition in 1947, choosing to go to war instead. They lost. Oh, boo, hoo, hoo. They lost five more wars, each of which were started by the Arabs. The author also forgets that the ersatz "Palestinians" walked away from a deal which would have awarded them 96 percent of the West Bank and East Jerusalem as a capital. They chose to start the second intifada instead. That didn't work out terribly well for them, but that is scarcely Israel's fault. Forgive us if we choose to put down violent riots. The author is clearly unaware that Israelis have grown tired of ersatz "Palestinian" threats, ersatz "Palestinian" violence, ersatz "Palestinian" deliberate desecration of Jewish holy sites; ersatz "Palestinian" deliberate desecration of Moslem and Christian holy sites (for which they promptly blame the Jewish people and which the world stupidly accepts as gospel truth); ersatz "Palestinian" deliberate destruction of their own olive groves (again pointing the finger at the Jewish people) .... hey, basically, it is safe to say that the Israeli people have grown tired of the ersatz "Palestinians." We are going to annex Judea and Samaria and send the ersatz "Palestinians" to Jordan, country of their citizenship (they are not, as the author contends, stateless; they are citizens of Jordan, courtesy of Jordan's 1954 Citizenship Law). They can rename Jordan "Palestine" and rename Amman "Al Quds," for all I care. At least we will be rid of their endless violence, hand-wringing, obfuscation, lies, deception and -- blissfully -- their whining.
7. Settlers are following the directions of the government, rab
Jim   (01.11.13)
rabbis and talmud. The subjucation of the non-jew.
8. Palestinians and Israelis need to be separated by a border.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.11.13)
A solid, well delineated, clear and wide border it must be, like international borders where the parties are separated and cease fire is easy to maintain. Like the Green Line was. The settlements by the few Jews among the many Palestinians in the occupied West Bank make it impossible to have such a border.
9. What the Jewish residents are doing is wrong
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (01.11.13)
The Jewish residents should not be harassing their neighbors and attacking Israeli soldiers. This is illegal and immoral. However, the writer states that these lands are the land of the Fathers of the Arabs and I ask who ever had the right to hand over occupied Jewish land to foreign invaders? No one had this legal right and this land is occupied by Arabs who inherited stolen land This Op-Ed should acknowledge this fact and recognize that the land is part of the Jewish homeland. This does not justify Jewish natives harrassing Arab settlers, but it's important to realize.
10. Not in MY name!
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (01.11.13)
to 1) Are you saying that every person in Israel or every Jew should just accept this situation? There are 3rd generation Arabs whose families have lived there for many years.These people did not choose their parents or where they happened to be born;but now they find themselves in a situation not of their making,whilst some extremist people from USA or elsewhere will not leave them alone.These people have nowhere else to go,whereas the settlers choose to come,whether for religious reasons,cheap housing ,encouraged by previous governments,or 'because they can'. The writer of thjis article is right.They tried 'peaceful means as ordinary citizens just wishing to do a days work for a days pay,to support their families.It is a chicken and egg situation.Do you REALLY expect these people to roll over and accept the shjit handed out by these arrogant settlers,and their "price tag" lack of ethics and morality.It makes me ashamed to be Jewish.So if anyone wishes to now call me a self hating Jew.....
11. to(1) These people are human beings ...
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (01.11.13)
who have lived there for generations.Try to think how you would feel in such circumstances as an individual.I imagine with your verbal intolerance you might try some form of retaliation after peaceful means were exhausted? We are being led by people such as yourself down a path to self destruction.
12. to (3) I bet these people have lived here
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (01.11.13)
long before you ever set foot in the place.Your religion tells you to be kind to the stranger and to treat others in the way you would wish to be treated. Never mind 613 commandments that one covers ALL of them.And using a hyphen as part of God's name does not automatically make you a good person.
13. Sicarii
Zechariah   (01.11.13)
These Sicarri are Hallucinating and believe the Jews are ruled by ruled by Rome Still .They are Fanatical Fascists and Megalomaniacal psychos and need a high security prison for the clinically insane somewhere in the mid Negev.
14. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.11.13)
I am Jewish, and my DNA puts me squarely in the land of Israel, which includes Judea and Samaria. The ersatz "Palestinians'" DNA puts them squarely in the Hejaz in the Western Arabian desert. I do not want them in my land. My religion also teaches that if someone intends to kill me, I should kill him first. Perhaps you need to study Judaism a bit more -- your knowledge is quite superficial. For example, you do not seem to appreciate the difference between commandments and mitzvot. Tsk, tsk!
15. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.11.13)
So move the border east. Why disrupt the lives of the brave Jewish pioneers who are the first line of defense against wanton Arab aggression? Besides -- the ersatz "Palestinians" are the vanquished, and they are Jordanian citizens to boot. War sucks, doesn't it? Especially when the ones who start them lose. Too bad for them. Warmongerers and terrorists do not get rewarded. If you reward them, they have no incentive to cease making war and engaging in brutal violence and terror. The punishment accruing to the ersatz "Palestinians" for their bad behavior should be bitter enough to make them mend their ways. And if it doesn't -- kick them to to Jordan, country of their citizenship.
16. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.11.13)
You are truly ignorant. Peaceful? PEACEFUL? Check the terror statistics going back to the 1920s. The ersatz "Palestinians" are ANYTHING but peaceful. Moreover, all Arabs illegally squatting in Judea and Samaria are Jordanian citizens. They DO have someplace to go -- Jordan, country of their citizenship. By the way, if you're ashamed to be Jewish, please do not hesitate to convert to something more to your liking. Jews like you, we neither need or want.
17. Nos. 10, 11, 12, Well said. It's hard to be honest.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.11.13)
All those who will argue with you will not be honest with themselves nor with their faith. You covered it all. I know you have a hard time living in Israel with the political views you are holding, but you will prevail in the end..
18. Taboo subject in US Media, Hollywood, no photos, no movies
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.11.13)
19. Talk Backs Prove Most Israeli's Delusional
David ,   San Francisco   (01.11.13)
This idea of Palestinians "getting a taste of their own medicine" is BS. Palestinians never kicked Jews out of their homes at gunpoint, never annexed their land and never placed Jews under an apartheid system. This has never happened! Nor have Palestinians killed tens of thousands of Jews. As the article states- Jews and Palestinians are not equal in terms of basic civil rights. One is oppressed by an apartheid occupation and the other is the oppressor. Yet Jews have a victim mentality that they refuse to let go of. Many of us, including here in American, are sick and tired of this mentality and Israel's blatant oppressive policies. You don't fool anyone and you don't care about anyone's opinion. Personally I believe that if Israel does NOT stop its policies, the world will be forced to place harsh sanctions on Israel. It will be well justified and just about every country would support it, including Western nations.
20. This is not how Jews act.
Runner1983 ,   USA   (01.11.13)
"Just last week at least four attacks were launched from the extremist Esh Kodesh outpost against Palestinians: Palestinian farmers who arrived to plow their fields with the authorization and accompaniment of the IDF were attacked and burning tires were rolled onto their fields; vehicles in the nearby village of Jalud were set ablaze; olive trees were destroyed in Qusra and the words "Death to Arabs" were spray painted. The following night an elderly man and a four-year-old boy were beaten up in a home in Jalud." This is not how Jews act. The posters to this article who support acts of violence against Pals who are doing nothing more than trying to live their daily lives have been so exposed to violence against Israel, that they have responded by supporting the unprovoked violence against these Pals. What are you trying to accomplish by supporting these attacks? Again, this is not how Jews act. This will never bring peace to Israel.
21. The occupiers are the Pals/ Period!
Benny ,   Iran   (01.11.13)
The author should acknowledge the fact that his tribe most likely Bedouin or from distant Arab lands sneaked into Israel proper for good jobs & to run away from their Arab slave-masters. They occupied what is Jewish land for 3,000 years. So, get off your high horse with your intifdah crap. U have been using Islamic threats against Jews in all the Arab lands, and now you settle yourself legally smack in Jewish land. You , my friend are a squatter!
22. Bravo # 8 !
Frankie ,   Tel Aviv   (01.11.13)
I wholly solidarize with # 8 ! Must be secure borders, inclusive the 3 big blocks.And the settlers in the isolated Izhars etc, must return to "israel proper". We here, they (Pals) there. This will be good demographically - ethnical AND ethical.
23. # 5
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.11.13)
Good post Brian. When we all lay down & die, the Pallies will have their peace. Until then they will continue to kill us, lie to the world & play the victims.
24. This article is totally biased
Rachel   (01.11.13)
Yes all violence should be condemned including violence committed by Jews,but it is exactly this kind of onesided,demonizing language just like this that sets Jews up for being legitimate targets for murder like the Fogel family and other Jewish families who have been murdered by Arabs. Many more Jews have been killed by Arabs in Judea and Samaria. And Jews are also attacked daily in Judea and Samaria and many of the victims are women and children,like the elderly Jewish woman who was seriously injured by rock throwing Arabs recently,so to say Jews always bring it on themselves is unfair as saying the Arabs deserve to be attacked and stoned by extremist Jews.
25. you got to be kidding me... shame on ynet
jack bauer   (01.11.13)
no mention of the stabbings, stonings and attacks daily on jews by arans just a pretend piece blaming jews for living in JUDEA arabs are from arabia jews are from judea something is wrong with the world when its ok for usupers to attack people in their homeland .... and im talking about attacks on jews being attacked in case their was any confusion
26. #14 Sarah B. you wrote:
Runner1983 ,   USA   (01.11.13)
"My religion also teaches that if someone intends to kill me, I should kill him first." Are you saying that all Pals intend to kill you? Do the Pals who are farming their land and just trying to live their lives as Israelis live theirs, trying to kill you? There's none so blind as those that cannot see.
27. # 17
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.11.13)
Yeah, sure, just like you prevailed? You couldnt handle it here so you high- tailed back to the US.
28. #27, Correct, couldn't stand the age old despair all around.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.12.13)
29. Cheap lies
Raph ,   Raanana   (01.12.13)
Oslo agreements did provide arab residents full autonomy rights in areas A ( they are under their own police ) in area B full civil rights and security provided by IDF , in area C , the israelis re totally in charge.So Mr Sada, if you do not like that agreement , you can oppose it and vote for someone else in your next elections.Beside those main princioles there is a lot of conflictual situation , because 99% of people o your side are willing to kill, maim, or help those of you who do kill and murder.That you state that the IDF is providing protection to some arab farmers , show very well that Israel honours its word.Therefore we do expect to see more of the same kind of responsible attitude from your own people - despite that 99% of them still behave as if they are a trap - towards the rules of the Oslo agreements.But beware , and get your act toghether very quickly, because we have lost our patience
30. # 14...No you are wrong.....
Edithann ,   USA   (01.12.13)
You're religion teaches you to hate all 'others' non-Jews...That's all it says... Judaism doesn't give you license to read 'others' minds to make conclusions to kill them because 'they intend to kill you'...That's an interpretaion with no basis...just as Iran's nuclear program is license for Israel to attack, when the reason is Jews/Isreli's love to kill and destroy....... It's nuts..just as you're nuts...Seems that last Israeli war on Gaza changed your personna....one now questions if your male or female..but that''s the beauty of Judaism. To always keep 'them' gussing! Hahahah TATA
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