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Report: 34 hostages killed in airstrike by Algerian forces
Published: 17.01.13, 16:38
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1. how is 9/11, 7/7, Algeria, Mali, Iraq, Israel related?
William ,   Israel   (01.17.13)
Not to mention events in the rest of Northern Africa, Syria, Lebanon, Balkans, India, Central Asia..... ALL are feeling the scourge of the racist ideology of Islam! The violence and racism of Islam is spread by Islamists and has touched upon every gender, race, religion, and practically every nation on Earth! Proving that Israel is not even close to being a threat to peace, as some brain-dead Europeans claim, but rather ISLAMISTS are the #1 threat to global peace. Until the world realizes that - from the halls of the UN to the capitals of Europe and Arab nations, peace will be a out of Mali, in Paris, and in Jerusalem.
2. It's the 10th century all over again
William ,   Israel   (01.17.13)
When Islamists from Africa used a strict interpretation of Islam to attack and conquer non-Muslims, and destroyed symbols of coexistence like Andalusia in Spain. The same scourge of racist, violent Muslims is descending again across the region, and the world. France has only now taken action to protect a former colony but the rest of Europe remains passive.
3. Mali, Algeria not the fault of Israel?
Stephen in New York   (01.17.13)
How can that be? Isn't it Israel that is the source of all evil on planet Earth? Not dem pesky jooz?
4. houses
e1   (01.17.13)
now lets try to figure out how we can blame this on israel for builduing a few more houses to acomdate natural growth.
5. Interesting
Lioness ,   Israel   (01.17.13)
The EU have been shouting out loud that they intend to restart the Israel/PA peace talks. When are they going to learn that you can not negotiate with terrorists. That you can not negotiate with these people.
6. the islamo fascist barbarian at the door !..
ben zeev ,   be olam   (01.18.13)
#1 , 2 and 5 , great posts !
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