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Putting governmental puzzle pieces together
Yuval Karni
Published: 23.01.13, 10:43
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1. Best coalition: Hareidi + Lapid + Likud
Ilan   (01.23.13)
As improbable as it seems, if the Hareidi parties and Lapid can find some formula for the draft issue the rest falls into place fairly easily. A smaller and less stable option would be the Hareidi parties, Bayit Yehudi, Kadima and Likud. Mofaz is a bit of a flake so it would be a "almost 62" coalition. Too small a margin.
2. The Bennett threat
Sam ,   Kfar Saba   (01.23.13)
Just when we thought that we may be seeing the end of the Lieberman disaster years, along comes Bennett. Let's see if Bibi really has the State of Israel's interests at heart or if he engages co-driver Bennett to ensure that israel gets smashed in to the wall of destruction.
3. Colitions
I don't mind Lapid +Bait Yehudi in coolition. But, first, we have to draft North Tel Aviv whom you rarely see in the IDF (outside jobs in Kirya). The other problem; Lapid (as Livni0 want higher prices for Appartments not lower. How wil they solve these problems??
4. Coalition
Markus   (01.23.13)
What about Likud-Yesh Atid-Labor+Hatnua? That would be representing the people more than any other szenario. I hope that we can finally get rid of the ultra religious parties. I mean, how can a modern state accept people living on other peoples cost, not willing to contribute anything to the society? And surely that wasn't GODs intention ;)
5. Arabs still not coming.
Golan ,   modiin   (01.23.13)
the only coalition option best for Israel is Likud, Kadima, Habait, and Atid. As non-socialists they can stabilize Israel's economy, weaken the thugs in the labor unions, place democratic parameters on the high court, and work together to protect Israel from the Islamic threat. Ah! and draft a constitution which will protect the citizens from the government.
6. Puzzle
Lioness ,   Israel   (01.23.13)
The government with Livni would be a catastrophe
7. Livni is in a position to demand *nothing*.
Ron M ,   South TA / Israel   (01.23.13)
8. A Strong Government is a Good One
David   (01.23.13)
It would be bad for the country to exclude Bayit Yehudi from the coalition-- the government would be left with too few hardline voices, and would quickly crumble to all of our enemies' demands on the diplomatic front. Lapid would not necessarily be a problem, but not without Bennett. A better option in my opinion would be Yacimovich, without Lapid-- she would provide the government with the "credibility" that it seeks abroad, and would be less likely in my opinion to push for the irresponsible retreat that so many in the world are clamoring for. It would be good if she could be convinced to abandon her insistence on leading the opposition. Lapid doesn't really know what he stands for on such matters, and his thirst for popularity could be a danger on the foreign stage, given what is currently popular. If he is included, the government needs a strong right-wing spine.
9. "natural allies"
Jeff ,   USA   (01.23.13)
Can someone please explain to me why Netanyahu is always so fixated on getting the haredim?... I don't see how haredim + lapid wind up sitting in the same government, and he seems more concerned about losing Shas and UTJ right now which seems absolutely delusional to me.....
10. Livni demands"heavy political price" to give Bibi 67 vs 61??
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (01.23.13)
Huh??? Apparently, she wasn't a math teacher when she taught high school. Is she just stupid? Bibi doesn't need her and her mouth. And she now thinks she can pressure Bibi to give up Bennett's 11 mandates for his coalition in exchange for getting her 6 mandates. Again, not a math teacher, is she? As for a haredi-less coalition, Bibi is perfectly positioned to tell Shas to either ditch the anti-Netanyahu, ex-convict Deri, or they get no access to a coalition. Lapid and Shas in the same coalition is asking for trouble from the start. The smart move is to recognize from Lapid's meteoric rise that the haredim have overplayed their hand, have infuriated the public with their greed, hands in the taxpayers pockets, and refusal to serve - all on the wrong side of history. I'm sure he sees that.
11. #2 Sam
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.23.13)
Go out on your porch and look east. See the golden dome mosque built last year? That's Kalkilya. Every part of Kfar Saba can be hit by uninterceptable mortars from that mosque. Now explain: Why do you condemn Bennet, the only leader who is dedicated not to give Hamas mortars at that mosque? Are you that suicidal?
12. Sarah Natanyahu
M.C.   (01.23.13)
'Sarah will push to exclude Bennett from the coalition' Sarah Natanyahu needs to keep her opinions to herself ! No one voted her in as PM and her 'influencing' the PM is not acceptable. She cannot get away with this. Bibi needs to shut her up!!
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