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Star Wars Lego stirs Muslim outrage
Published: 25.01.13, 10:41
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1. Lego
Yasin ,   Bangladesh   (01.25.13)
Those Turks who have said that this lego model has similarities with the Hagia Sophia need to take an eye exam because they are simply blind........
2. This is getting ridiculous
TKhaldi ,   Amman, Jordan   (01.25.13)
Hagia Sophia isn't a Muslim symbol per se. It's an overwhelmingly Turkish symbol. And the Lego set looks remotely like the Istanbul structure. (The dome looks a bit like it) Seriously, they should tone down this "Oh-crap-this-toy-looks-like-my-mosque-so-I'm-offended!" attitude.
3. Exactly! That's what their own descripton says about them!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.25.13)
4. muslims
marek ,   westbank   (01.25.13)
I mean , come on.. muslim symbol ? as muslim, i am getting really sick and tired of muslims.. you enjoy keep putting yourself in the corner of being the victim? masochist or what? go get a life and contribute to humanity.. ah i forgot, you contribute: by exponentially increasing the population!
5. Overwhelming Evidence
Michael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.25.13)
Why, yes, 2.1% of the cubist features of the stolen and desecrated Christian cathedral currently used as a mosque in Occupied Constantinople are present on this Lego building. This is further proof that Mohammed invented Lego, and therefore they should sue the manufacturers for all their rights, too. More Turkish pissing on the leg(o) and calling it rain. Like more pressing issues don't come to bear, like the crumbling failed stat(s) on it borders, or its more psychopathic allies going nuclear...
6. These guys are having too much free time
7. Next the moslems will declare jihad against
A ,   Belgium   (01.25.13)
Pampers. Sometimes, what you find inside looks quite a bit like the turban of Mo.....
8. Ban All Domes!
ASTRONAUT ,   ME, USA   (01.25.13)
So, every domed structure, rotunda, and cupola WORLDWIDE now falls under the aegis of Islam? Muslims, please, look INward, and spend more time loving and educating your beautiful children. Shalom Aleichem.
9. feed the muslims to the sarlac
zionist forever   (01.25.13)
If these fools are talking about taking legal action because they racial hatred and insulting human dignity why not try sue George Lucas because Jabba and his palace were figments of his imagination and he is the one who made the movie. Lego is making a toy based on something from a movie. Maybe Jabba should feed these Muslim idiots to the sarlac.
10. Over-sensitivity or incitement - go figure ?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (01.25.13)
11. Our new Europeans offended AGAIN?
tiki ,   belgium   (01.25.13)
Time for another street revolution to defend their rights because they have the right to demonize everybody who doesn't believe, think, talks & dresses like them! Europe after all is theirs in the near future.
12. Hagia Sophia a "Muslim Symbol"?
Mira ,   Vienna   (01.25.13)
The church you stole from the Byzantines and turned it into a Mosques? And now you haqve the chutzpa to be "offfended" again? Your religion beside hate and death-culture consists mainly of "being offended", showing well your Freudian character of inferiority complex!
13. Don't let them know about the superbowl.....
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (01.25.13)
The superdome in Louisianna looks more like the Hagia Sophia than this lego thing... are they going to go after every domed construction in the world now? If they wanted to create a lawsuit, they are in for a real mess of trouble, they're going to try to sue a combination of Lego, Lucas Film and Disney, not smart.
14. Cannot believe this story. It has to be BS
NudNik69   (01.25.13)
If true, everyone should feel very worried about the future with these imbeciles apparently gaining strength. Mass insanity.
15. Most educated people knows...
Beary White ,   Norway   (01.25.13)
..the mosk was transformed from a christian church by the islamic followers. That is a commen way of behaviour to try to make islam more eateable for people, by using other religions treofees and words, twist it and say it is islamic wisdom and holyness. At least islam is compared to lego-toys, and what is wrong with that??
16. Enough! Get over ur yourselves tis a church!
Greek Orthodox ,   Greece   (01.25.13)
and it still has Byzantine Orthodox architecture, mosaics, and paintings. Your Moslem hypersensitive insults particularly when you stole the Hagia Sophia from us!
17. Speaking of Mosques
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.25.13)
I'll tell you what offends me most is having a Mosque on the exact spot where Solomon's Temple once stood. REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY!! The "Third Temple" belongs there. p.s. remove all the pals while you're at it.
18. Solution
Raptor   (01.25.13)
The entire fleets of planes belonging to Emirates,Saudi,Turkish and all Arab airlines should be deployed replete with suitable suicide crews to carry out the destruction of all domed buildings in infidel Dar el Harab.
19. # 14 Mass insanity
Sagi   (01.25.13)
Is the most fitting description I have ever seen for religion. The biggest "mass" of all of course is Islam, but the term is appropriate for all religions, including Judaism.
20. This is ridiculous
Ferdinand ,   Israel & France   (01.25.13)
First of all, is there ANYTHING Muslim groups don't find outrageous? When the pope said Muslims are violent, they were so insulted that they responded with violence... Second, Hagia Sofia isn't even a Muslim building. Today it's a museum, but it was built by Greek Orthodox Christians as a Greek Orthodox Church.
21. Hmmm....
Jenny ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.25.13)
Gotta get me some of them Lego sets.....give them out as gifts to my pals....anything ELSE that "insults" Islamists...? LMAO!!!!
22. Next, Islam will say that Lego intended Jabba to be Mohammed
Robert Blum ,   New Albany, USA   (01.25.13)
Islam cannot create anything good, and Quran forbids innovation. Yet Islam is very innovative. They sue Walmart, McDonalds, and soon Lego. If Lego has any spine at all, they will simply respond by announcing that they cannot help Islam's perception regarding Jabba's palace, because such a twisted and self-serving Islamic perception was not Lego's intention. Islam will have to extort money elsewhere!
23. "an important symbol of Islam"
Jonathan   (01.25.13)
The only overt "symbols" of this religion are violence, death, destruction and negation of all other religions.
24. This is realy amaizing the
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (01.25.13)
25. Star war Logo
This is the start of the problems with the Muslims in Europe. More to come very shortly. Enjoy the problems
26. Perhaps ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.25.13)
.... Austria's Turkish community should go back to Turkey. Where -- presumably -- they won't be "offended." What a concept, huh? Or they can purchase Duplo instead. I care not, either way.
27. Islam - the Religion of Perpetual Outrage
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (01.25.13)
This latest nonsense doesn't surprise. A few years ago a blogger assembled a list of "things that offend Muslims". Broken down into categories, it goes on for several pages. Google it.
28. 17
zionist forever   (01.25.13)
In 1967 the late Lubavitcher Rebbe advised Eshkol to let a STRAY BOMB accidently land ontop of the mosque. Wasn't going to provoke a war we were already in the middle and almost won it. Non of the arabs had missiles or anything like that back then and the only threats would have come from the arabs whose armies were on the verge of destruction. He also suggested to Eshkol that whilst the arabs in Jerusalem are scared of what Israel MIGHT do then the solution was to offer to buy them all out cheap then give them 48 hours to get out of town nd most would have gone along with it. If we had only listened to his advice non of the problems we have today would exist because there would be no mosque and the idea of an arab east Jerusalem wouldn't exist because there wouldn't be any arabs living there.
29. Lego - Don't let go
Tova ,   Canada   (01.25.13)
Keep it. Let Islam complain all they want. They don't like go back to Turkey - problem solved
30. It was a Christian church...
Sean ,   Phoenix   (01.25.13)
...before you invaded it and forcibly converted the population. Your great architectural masterpiece was actually built by your Byzantine superiors. Secondly, the Hagia Sophia is not a mosque anymore. It is a state-run museum. There are no Islamic services that go on there. Thirdly , shut the fu*k for once. You don't see Christians getting offended by the fact telephone and electricity poles look like crosses.
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