Don't ignite entire region
Merav Betito
Published: 04.02.13, 10:37
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1. Who the hell is Merav Betito?
Ilan   (02.04.13)
No one without security clearance knows what happened much less why.
2. This may well be ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.04.13)
.... the most ridiculous opinion piece I have ever read on YNet. The author is, sadly, the hysterical one here. If she wants to bury herself in a cave underground and quiver with fear, then she should go ahead and do precisely that. She's the one who is not level-headed; she is the one who quakes with terror in front of her television set. Let the ones who are fearless run the country. Merav is just another chicken little, who thinks the sky is falling. It isn't.
3. Bombing the missiles was being level headed notirresponsible
zionist forever   (02.04.13)
The SA-17 missiles are anti aircraft missiles,they can shoot down both civilian and fighter jets and if Hezbollah got their hands on them it would be. Real game changer in Lebanon. If there was another Lebnon war Hezbollah could potentially shoot down Israeli aircraft. The transfer of weapons to Hezbolah be they conventional or non conventional must be prevented even if it does involve limited military intervention. It's also a fact that Assad is in no position to retaliate, he wasn't before the civil war began and he certainly is not now so what does Israel have to loose by keeping weapons out of Hezbollah hands? The Arab League & Turkey have condemned it but who cares what they think? Bibi made the right call when he ordered that attack and I hope he had the courage to carry out more attacks if needed.
4. your article is written
JL   (02.04.13)
at the level of a 6th grader with an immature world view ...do they actually pay you to write such childish drivel??
5. Idiot !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (02.04.13)
Should Israel sit and wait for the whole Region to Come For Her or Not ? Action always beat Reaction. Arn.Sweden.
6. "baseless fears"???
cristu ,   Paris   (02.04.13)
What do you mean by "baseless fears"??? Chemical weapons and Hizballah seem to me quite actual
7. Not an addiction, a general precaution
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (02.04.13)
Not baseless fears, we have experience that give us a huge number of things to be afraid of, but we also know how to prepare for these things as well. Our leaders are very levelheaded in this matter. It was a simple strike to tell our enemies that yes, we are watching.
8. Thank you ..
michael Pielet ,   israel   (02.04.13)
I want to commend the Prime Minister and Defense Minister and the security cabinet for acting with prudence and resolve to maintain the security of the state of Israel. Thank you for good decision making and a job well done.
9. Maybe the author wants to be the next defense minister
Zionist forever   (02.04.13)
10. Why is Ynet publishing such drivel?
Maurice ,   Montreal   (02.04.13)
11. syria
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (02.04.13)
in the 1973 war , golda meir was tipped of that egypt was about to strike , she said no let them attack us because will have the backing of the west that they are the aggressors , what she did not know russia had armed the gippo,s with ,sam missles never again wait , for the enemy to strike first well done isreal you have shown these arabs you are a force to be reconed with
12. Merav Betito...
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (02.04.13)
You have no clue, what it takes to be a journalist, Merav Betito..As a "would be" journalist, your first obligation is to reflect the thoughts and feeling of the people, you are writing about..."Adicted to expectation that something terrible is about to happen..."? Wrong ! This was a situation, that needed an urgent surgical solution to defend Israel and the neighboring countries..The region has been ignited all right, but not by Israel...And for a while, the action taken, will keep the calm...
13. Excellent Excellent Op-Ed
Melissa ,   US of Ara   (02.04.13)
Thank you Merav.written like a true hero. please spread this word to all your people. and please take down fences by west bank-gaza and allow free movement at northern. border by Lebanon. paranoia never did anyone any good. this exaggerated threat from the neighbors Is just that, exaggeration. Merav I commend you, now please run for PM. the civilians all across your borders need you.
ALAN ,   USA   (02.04.13)
15. betito is a blind man
milson   (02.04.13)
Beilin still does not take responsibility for 2000 israelis being killed by his rotten oslo false peace treaty. betito is like beilin. yes bibi worries too much as his weak mind sits in a powerful body. But israeli always has to live on the knife edge otherwise it will end up like the syrian people, you weak jew. Betito'sthinking is what caused more jews not to take up arms in world war 2-wishful thinking. I see this type of writing from all of haaretz and I ask, what planet are you living on? There is no peace possible with arabs ever, and the sooner you understand that, the better.
16. Betito Would Be Right If Israel Was The Size Of Russia.
Ron ,   Seattle USA   (02.04.13)
17. spookey no 11
Agree with you. The Europeans will never be on Israel side. In 1973 Yom Kippur war, the Brits refused to supply Israel with arms. I think their FM was saying they will supply Israel with empty shell. Israel done mistake and this should never be repeated. Israel should strike first. To hell with the Europeans & world condemnation.
18. Israel lives by the sword, and will die by the sword
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN   (02.04.13)
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