Photo: AFP, Syrian TV
Scene of alleged attack on arms convoy in Syria
Photo: AFP, Syrian TV

Don't ignite entire region

Op-ed: Israelis have become addicted to expectation that something terrible is about to happen

The sound of the drums of war is coming mainly from the television studios, which bombard us with news reports from the front - craving for another image of people preparing their shelter for the winter or for the analysis of another former IDF general.


Yes, apparently an attack in Syria did take place, and there may even have been "a number of strikes on a number of targets." And yes, some people did call the Home Front Command to ask where they could pick up their gas masks. But the truth is that the Israeli public has become addicted to the routine expectation that something terrible is about to destroy it, because the sense of togetherness intensifies when a supposed existential threat is looming.


The combination of the words "chemical weapons" and "Hezbollah" is the secret code that activates within the Jewish person an ancient and broad spectrum of baseless fears that feed the national phobia with great efficiency. This phobia can turn into a real disaster if we will dare to ignite the entire fragile region in which we live.


No past experience is needed to understand that we have lost our ability to apply simple logic. Let's begin with Syria: A country that has been torn apart by an evil dictator who is still in power because of the international community's silence. The last thing Assad junior needs now are Israeli planes penetrating his airspace and interfering with his efforts to defeat the rebels.


Hezbollah? To those who may have forgotten, let me remind you that Hezbollah is the operational arm of the Iranians and the Syrians; it is a terror organization that draws its hatred and ability from the tireless duo Assad and Ahmadinejad. The criminal from Tehran has to deal with UN inspectors, an arms race, global sanctions and at least three or four Western heads of state who monitor his every move.


Israel's modern-day leaders lack the level-headedness that is required at this time. They conduct the country's foreign and security policy according to the 'compressed spring' principle and drive our vehicles of war with unnecessary hysteria. The attack, whether it took place or not, achieved its most important goal: It gave a clear indication of Israel's military capabilities.



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