Sunday Times apologizes for Netanyahu cartoon
Published: 03.02.13, 22:01
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1. Scarfe MUST be FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.03.13)
2. amazing
sam ,   us   (02.03.13)
If it were a cartoon of a prophet it would be ok. Netanyahu isnt even religious
3. Where did they cross the line?
Hakim ,   Palestine   (02.03.13)
4. Sunday Times
Nigel ,   London   (02.03.13)
A large number of Jewish people in the UK have been protesting about this cartoon, writing to the Times, to Scarfe himself as well as the Press Complaints commission. We are, though, a small community and whilst we do what we can, our voice is shrinking and we are always in need of more people willing to raise their voices., This is a plea to those in Israel who are, like me, angered by the negative images we see regularly about Israel. Please, if you see something which is offensive, or factually incorrect, or indeed bias, complain - start up a Facebook protest, Tweet, write to newspapers - do something, We got an apology because of the strength of our anger. We need more people doing the same. Please help and do not rely on others. Im Ain Ani Li Mi Li.
5. cartoon
colin   (02.03.13)
Againwe see the stinking bitish press This artile was a delibirate sick filthy thinking of lowest s country can get
6. #1
Jim C ,   Chicago   (02.03.13)
classic phrase muttered over anything that is critical towards Israel or its leaders. Sorry, a political cartoon critical of Netanyahu doesn't make Scarfe an antiSemite.
7. Retract the apology
Mike   (02.03.13)
Israel never 'apologizes' for anything it does (think gunning down civilians on the Mavi Marmara) so why the hell should anyone apologize to Israel!?
8. Don't they have EDITORS before publishing?
Jewish ,   Israel   (02.03.13)
Dejavu big time! And from a UK paper no less. They LET the picture RUN. They knew they would just apologize afterward. But the damage is already done and they know it!
9. #4
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (02.03.13)
Yup, on top of this stuff. Stay in good spirits.
10. Cartoon apology, #7
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (02.03.13)
Right on, Mike. The cartoon, a bit rough perhaps, depicts nothing but the whole truth about criminal "Israel" and its criminal leaders. Their trial before the International Criminal Court, however, is in the near future, so you can take some minimal comfort from that.
11. Hooray for Nigel 4 & Boo for Hakim 3
Dina ,   USA   (02.03.13)
Ruppert Murdock is out of control and will someone in England please tell me why he is still in the news business? Did we so soon forget the phone hacking scandal and the bribes? Gerald Scafe must be fired so that other journalists political satirists stop scape goating tiny but wonderful Israel.
12. #4 Nigel
Sarah B ,   Israel/New York   (02.03.13)
Are you actively calling for citizens of a foreign power to effectively censor British media?
13. an apology does NOT reverse the damage of blood libel!
14. Sundat Times apologizes
Harold ,   USA   (02.03.13)
Netanyahu has been humiliated apology is worthless.
15. #7 Mike, I think you should be fired too...
Rotem ,   Israel   (02.04.13)
With a Torpedo!!!
16. Bibi's cartoon
jacob ,   usa   (02.03.13)
This is not surprising coming from the UK a country with a tradition of antisemitism. Additionally this is just the beginning of what we will witness in years to come in a continent that has been invaded by Islam and unfortunately by islamic fundamentalists.
17. re ~#7
nigel ,   london   (02.03.13)
Mike, you mistake the global Jewish community who were arffornted by the inference of the blood liable which has led to the deaths of millions of Jews, and Israel and its policies. In doing so, you show a gross lack of understanding of: 1. the cartoon itself 2. the historical use of such images to persecute Jewss through the centuries You share the cartoonist,Scarfe's lack of understanding between Jews and Israel. I will not even go into your mistaken views on on the Mavi Mamama but fdo note your eager readiness to condemn Israel in a matter which is not black and white ( were the people in the ship civilians really were they not armed ? w was their mission not paid for by an organisation labelled as a terrorist movement by the EU ? Your comments are based on an incorrect premise as indeed was the cartoon. Try to understand the difference between Jews and Israelis. They are interchangeable terms
18. Apology accepted
GR   (02.03.13)
But something must be done so that such a blatantly offensive caricature should never be published again. For starters fire the man that drew it and see that he no longer is on the paper's staff.
19. Scarfe was inspired by what the Egyptians did to Jews during
Asher ,   NY,USA   (02.04.13)
the times they were slaved in Egypt. There is a famous story you can find in Midrash that happened just before freedom of Jews from slavery. This guy has used the same story happened to the Jews against the Jews in this cartoon.
20. Not surprising coming from the British. End.
john   (02.04.13)
21. The Rabbi and the Pillow
zelig ,   memphis u.s.a.   (02.04.13)
After looking at a "cartoon" such as the one printed in The Sunday Times,I am reminded of the chassidishe story of a man who went gossipping and making malicious stories who sought repentence through a rabbi.The rabbi asked the man to first tear a pillow and scatter its feathers in the wind.The man did so.The second thing that the rabbi asked him to do was to gather up all the feathers.After this,the man could surely be considered penitant.And just as the man could not gather up the feathers,The Sunday Times cannot gather up its feathers either : )
22. All criticism of Israel is Anti-Semitism
James ,   Canada   (02.04.13) the eyes of pro-Israel supporters these days. That is because it is easier to claim anti-Semitism than to actually try to defend Israel's policies and positions.
23. equal writing
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (02.04.13)
Don't apologize,draw a cartoon of the FALSE prophet muhammed and see where it gets you.Personally I would have loved to see all the jews in england go on a rampage,I guarantee that they will stop with these cartoons of jews.
24. So what's the Haredim excuse for doing the same to Judea?
Niels Rotmensen ,   Zwolle, Netherlands   (02.04.13)
25. It's not the England, it's the Times
Tom F ,   Seattle, USA   (02.04.13)
I suggest that this nasty episode from the Times should be seen as coming from the left leaning press people, rather than from the English in general. Now I understand that the Times of London is not the Guardian, but still. You can find the same attitude in the US. Just read the New York Times and their editorials. Or rather, don't.
26. Crocodile Tears
Mychal ,   TN, USA   (02.04.13)
I find their apology empty and false. If they were really appalled by the cartoon, they would have never run it in the first place. Like so many people who get caught with their pants down, they did it because they liked it, then only apologized because of pressure. They're not really sorry.
27. 14
netanyahu doesn't give a s***t about the brits and they know it.
28. Too little too late
Audrey ,   New York   (02.04.13)
The damage is done...apologies do nothing for the wounds inflicted...and the acid added to existing wounds. Disgraceful!!
29. re #12
nigel ,   london   (02.04.13)
1. the Embassy here put in a formal complaint on behalf of the state of Israel 2. I am calling on anyone anywhere who sees anti Semitic material to get up off their asses and tell the world why it is wrong. My fight against anti-Semitism does not stop at the English Channel We are too small a demographic to stand by idly and watch the anti-Semitism raise its ugly head again.
30. If not for Murdoch's Intervention,ST would have told you GS
Alan ,   SA   (02.04.13)
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