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Young Palestinians go 'Gaza Style'
Elior Levy
Published: 07.02.13, 14:22
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1. non violent protest by Palestinians
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (02.07.13)
non violent protest, whether against Israel or against Hamas can be far more effective than a violent one.
2. Creative, Poignant, and.........
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (02.07.13)
Believe it or not, the majority of Israeli's and Jews all over the world wish nothing but a good, prosperous, and peaceful life for our cousins..... This short portrays a type of sarcastic gallows humor that I can relate to.....It says a lot...and nobody gets hurt or killed. Rami...kudos to you.....I agree with you 1000%!
3. Pali's Gangnam Style
dovid ,   huntington new york   (02.07.13)
They tried to sell this movie in Hollywood but it was rejected by all the major studios because of the absence of violence.
4. These Protesters Are Wonderful
elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, Texas!   (02.07.13)
Creative, smart! Everyone with any sense at all wants the best for the Palestinian people, I know that as a Jewish woman I certainly do. If people like this were in charge, bet there would be a resolution to the conflict which would be fair and satisfactory to all reasonable Palestinian and Israeli people.
5. Excellent video
Mark ,   London UK   (02.07.13)
6. Arabs simply can not rule
Fred ,   Jerusalem   (02.07.13)
Take any Arab country and see the oppression. Arabs should try to get into any western style democracy so they can live a more free life. Freedom of religion, freedom to work, freedom of thought.
7. #4 it is nice to dream when you are in safety and security
Frank ,   Los Angeles   (02.07.13)
living in Dallas rather than on the border with Hamastan/Gaza which is indiscriminately firing rockets at the Israel just to murder innocent civilians.
8. two years ago
hamas militiamen and police interrupted a wedding because the participants were singling and dancing, which according to islam is not allowed. they sprayed the entire wedding party with machine guns and killed many guests. i am waiting for the scum bags to do a repeat with this gang or roaches.
9. Will they vote for better leaders next election?
Sad but true   (02.07.13)
People who care about them and want the people to have education? A good life? Health care? Roads? Better housing? NO They will re-elect Hamas which steal all the money international organizations give them. Leaders who want women and children to die because they make good anti-Israel movies. And suffering people encourage life.
10. If they blamed Hamas their next video would be ...
David ,   Israel   (02.08.13)
them being dragged through the streets on a motorcycle
11. Niiiice!
Veronique ,   Israel   (02.08.13)
Nice to see a sense of humour and that some people in Gaza are having fun.
12. now who r u going to hold accountable? why hamas.
ralph   (02.08.13)
are the people strong enough to hold their government responsible. i do not think so. we should send a response like lets look at history you made a bad choice now can you correct it?
13. But They Have the Money and Time . . .
emanon ,   USA   (02.08.13)
But they have the money for high end video equipment, high quality editing, high end audio and the free time to produce this video. Same old story: arabs want everything handed to them without working for it.
14. BTW, They Dance Like They Have Lead Feet
emanon ,   USA   (02.08.13)
15. Not really an accurate depiction of "Gaza Style"
William ,   Israel   (02.08.13)
None of them blow themselves up in the end.
16. #13 - hahaha, yeah. That's REAL Gaza style
William ,   Israel   (02.08.13)
Pay no attention to the things happening on the left, the right, and behind the camera man. Just focus here.
17. Recognize Israel, And These Hardships Would Not Happen
Tim Upham ,   Tum Tum, WA   (02.08.13)
All these hardships their video displays would not happen, if only Hamas recognized the State of Israel, and there could be open borders and trade with Israel. These hardships are happening simply because of Hamas' xenophobia and paranoia. So the people of Gaza have to suffer for it. Maybe they should make a video of Hamas being convicted at the International Criminal Court for human rights abuse against Gazans.
18. equality
feminist ,   france   (02.10.13)
Where are the women dancers ??!
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