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PSY in the original 'Gangnam Style'
Photo: Reuters

Young Palestinians go 'Gaza Style'

Gazans join global trend, using South Korean 'Gangnam Style' hit to tell world about their daily hardships in Hamas-ruled Strip

"Gangnam Style," South Korean rapper PSY's international hit, has received numerous cover versions and imitations worldwide. Now comes the Palestinian version, "Gaza Style."


Young Palestinians protest Gaza-style

Young Palestinians protest Gaza-style


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A group of young Palestinians from the Gaza Strip has shot a comic video expressing the daily hardships experienced by local residents. The clip's presenters are shown as unemployed, forced to spend their day playing cards on the beach.


They are then seen traveling in a car which runs out of petrol. They push it to a gas station, which is closed as there is no fuel available, forcing them to ride donkeys. One of the donkeys has a sign plastered to its rear end reading, "No fuel."


The group then arrives at a football stadium and discovers that it has been bombed by Israel, and an amusement park whose facilities are broken. Their attempt to visit a bank to withdraw money fails too as the ATM is out of order. The Ministry of Prisoner Affairs is also closed.


They are later seen trying to turn on a generator, which has become a symbol in the Gaza Strip due to the electricity crisis. The clip concluded by showing the young Gazans are attempting to remove goods from one of Rafah's smuggling tunnels.


The video, which can be seen as an act of protest against the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip, likely also includes implicit criticism toward the Hamas government for not acting in the best interest of the Palestinian public.


You can contact Elior Levy, Ynet's Palestinian Affairs Correspondent, at: [email protected]  



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