Likud: Lapid's condition – no haredim
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 28.02.13, 20:21
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1. New Elections For Years
Zechariah   (02.28.13)
A Provisional Government of National Unity in Security and Essential Services ought be Constructed.
2. That's the only way for us! Bravo, bravissimo.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.28.13)
Come on, Yair, bring up the motivation and inspire us lahazor habaita.
3. Good job
Zyx ,   usa   (02.28.13)
Let's hope Lapid will be able to hold on his position. Netanyahu does not have too much choice anyway. A new election would be too risky for the Likud.
4. Wow, what a spine!
Northern   (02.28.13)
Finally! Good for Lapid. Good for the rest of us!
5. Deri is right.
Avi ,   Israel   (02.28.13)
Indeed, such a stance hardly allows a differing interpretation, except of course the obvious blah-blah-blah.
6. Lapid: No haredim in govt.
Bear ,   Zefat, Israel   (02.28.13)
Attitudes like Lapid's should be against the law!
7. A good beggining for the 19th Knesset
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.28.13)
At least they are talking about Principles,something we havent heard as of now in Israeli politics;at least not as a matter of forming a government. Lapid makes sense,specially in the last statement reported in this article:Netanyahu must set the guidelines and from these guidelines ,voted MKs will position themselves.This is also a fundamental Bennett´s point and makes all ,all,sense. As for haredim,Deri is wrong.I don´t think Lapid doesn´t want to sit along them out of hate but out of pragmatism. Haredim have (unfortunately)shown over and over again what is that underlies their attitutes in face of whole Israel, and these attitudes are not appreciated ,as shown over and over again. Perhaps their attitudes are not even appreciated by their own opressed "sheep". They had had enough time to do good,much good,and they didn´t profit their time,now it seems over for them,At least in this moment,it seems. This is life:G-d gives all the chances.He-Blessed be His Name-gives us all riches,in the broadest sense, and it is upon us to decide how do we profit them-if we profit with His agreement or not.If yes,we are blessed;if not,we lose all in order to learn how to appreciate His gifts. This is life. This is a very practical and visible fact that happens in the life of all of us everyday,every period,the whole life.
8. Bravo to his team
Rabbi A ,   JErusalem   (02.28.13)
especially Rabbi Peron and Rabbi Lippman
9. Haredi Parties
Robyn ,   canada   (02.28.13)
Although I do not agree or follow haredi party policies, I do agree with MK Deri that this is pure hatred for haredim. This kind of behaviour will not bring unity to Israeli society, a unity that she needs so badly. Integration through evolution (not revolution) should have been a long and very innovative plan for the haredim.
10. Lapid fiddles while Israel burns
Avramele   (02.28.13)
Under the best of circumstances a haredi draft even under the Lapid formulation is years away and while it has elements of fairness it does not increase Israeli security one iota. A Likud government however bookended by Lapid and Bennett with a Livni figleaf runs the risk of killing the last chance at a diplomatic solution. 3% of the israeli population in the territories backed by a "too smart by half" Lapid is oncce again holding the nation's future hostage. Shelley is looking better and better every day.
11. Netanyahu's broad coalition
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.28.13)
He would include the Syrian opposition, if he could.
12. To: #5
Roman ,   IL   (02.28.13)
Lapid realized that with Shas and UTJ in coalition with Yesh Atad, all his efforts will be backpedaled and stuck in coalition limbo. What Shas is famous for is tit for tat (quid pro quo) and on social issues that stuff would not fly with Lapid. Good for him! Stay Strong Yair!
13. After you deal with the Haredi
David ,   On this planet   (02.28.13)
are you going to deal with the Seculars that send their children to Europe to skip their military service. And if not , you will have the same peace that you have with the Palestinian. Zilch
14. Good..
Danielle ,   centre   (02.28.13)
I voted for you, and I am right with you on this. Keep out the crony blood suckers
15. Lapid will make a lot of changes
Ephraim ,   Jerusalem   (02.28.13)
Stand strong Bibi or next year's gay pride parade will be at the Kotel.
16. What makes Lapid believe that...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.28.13)
without compromising,he will have a better result than Livni at the last elections? Hopefully Bennet will be smarter. Israel with a soul is a vibrant noble nation,meant to be the light unto the nations. Don t downgrade Israel by sacrificing it s soul to material advantages.
17. The place of haredim
Alf Red ,   Londonistan   (02.28.13)
is NOT in politics, their place is in yeshivot and batei-knesset. The only reason they want to be in Govt is to be able to suck from people of Israel as much as they can - money and exclusions. So who is hating who? I don't want some mulla mit peises to tell me who I can and can not marry. Enough is enough! Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of young, energetic people left Israel because they didn't want to obey these ossified medieval rules. May be the union between Lapid and Bennet will help bring them back. And not to forget the unbearable bureaucracy that eats heart out of any new initiative in today's Israel!
18. Why would ANYBODY vote for a party if they didn't know what
What a way to run a ,   party.......... :(   (02.28.13)
the party platform was??? Is that not the ultimate CRAZY?
19. the civilized civil war
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (02.28.13)
20. #16 Ora
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.28.13)
The soul of Israel is all Jews and all the Land of Israel. Haredim had not cared about all Jews nor about all Land,which they don´t hesitate to give away in charge of money for them. Besides,I really think their flock need a bit of fresh air.How this fresh air is going to come ,I don´t know,but they need.Young people need to expand.I just hope that this new "expansion"will come attached to Torah-a more broad utilization of Torah.More pratice,I mean. Bennet is also religious so Knesset will not be devoided of religious representation. I ,personally,would be happy if Haredim would be in the coalision along with Bennett and all,but I don´t believe they are prepared for a change all of sudden, and it seems a change has occured all of a sudden in the Knesset and it will take shape. Let´s pray the shape is going to be a good shape.
21. # 16 ORA Segregation of woman
Sagi   (02.28.13)
can indeed be defined as being a "light unto the nations". Spitting on them is even more of a "light".
22. # 17 People do not realize
Sagi   (02.28.13)
to what extent Israelis have abandoned their country because of the Haredim and their interference in every aspect of a person's life, it is unbearable and has got to stop, people will tell you that they left because of army service and economical hardship etc.etc. The truth is that hundreds of thousands have left because of the Haredim and their potential growth which will cause even greater problems in the future, so those who have left at a young age simply have pre-empted a future BIG BIG problem.
23. Lapid s politic will reach ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.28.13)
the frontpage.Not any further.
24. Lapid or Lapid whats the difference?
S Judah ,   Jerusalem   (02.28.13)
The two so called religious guys on his team should realise that they are fig leaves for a secular extremist and Bennett should be ashamed for associating with him.
25. Haredim do not understand democracy
Ehud   (02.28.13)
In Britain Labour wants the conservatives in the opposition and vice versa. Is that hatred? Same in the US and any other democrtic country, in peace or at war. But if after decades of milking the system the Haredim are sent for once into te opposition - it's hatred. Lapid has nothing against Haredim, there is even one in his party, but he realizes that nothing will be achieved if the deal makers of Shas and Degel Hatorah are allowed to get into the ministries again. Good for him, good for us - seculars, religious, Haredim, Druze, Arab - you name it
26. 21 Sagi I am not used to define,,
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.28.13)
the secular society by it s negative ways.I expected better from you.
27. 20 Keren,i agree with most of your ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.28.13)
post,but still i think the Haredim ,keepers of the Jewish values,the Tora,should be represented in the Knesset.
28. #17 Of all the (presently) 23 talkbacks here,
A ,   Belgium   (02.28.13)
yours is direct to the point. The haredi'im, and it doesn't matter where they are Ora, even in Antwerpen, have no nationalistic or political interests, only monetary, because their society exists not on work ethic, but handouts...amazingly similar to another certain Middle Eastern group. And I am not talking about Bennett, who is religious but remains strongly zionist, or even the hilltop youth, who even though their methods may be extreme, still are able to balance zionism with strict interpretation of religion. Haredi'im? Shas? They can sit with zoabi and gal-on in the opposition.
29. Get this once and for all
Sagi   (02.28.13)
Israel cannot be a Jewish Democratic state. It can be one or the other, it cannot be both at the same time. The day religion is taken out of the political equation is the day when Israel will start to become a normal democratic free society.
30. So this is a Jewish state; why???
Might as well have just an arab state here. No reason for an army, draft, whatever. All of you are just missing the point. I guess then whatever happened in Europe, Russia and elsewhere means nothing to you. I say just let the arabs have this place; it sounded much fairer during the Ottoman rule. Jewish State my ass. 6,000.000 plus are cryng right now. you guys are so clueless.
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