Peres: Now is the time to realize 2-state solution
Published: 12.03.13, 15:10
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1. Peres is a Putz
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.12.13)
Neither Europe nor the Arabs have divorced themselves from their past - the only person that has is Peres - the eternal loser. He thinks that anything that happened in the past should be ignored - regardless of any facts. To him the past is anything that happened more than 10 seconds ago and that we should only be looking forward for the next 10 seconds. He has a very short attention span - a total of about 20 seconds
2. "Peace in our time"
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (03.12.13)
I cannot figure out how you make peace with the Palestinians sworn to destroy Israel & kill Jews? The Palestinians have heard lies, hatred and calls for Jihad spewed on TV, Radio and in their Mosques each day. How will signing a piece of paper overcome that? We all remember Neville Chamberlain waiving a piece of paper after meeting with Hitler. Over all 110 Million people died from that fiasco. Will 1 Billion die this time?
3. Europe needs Israel
zad   (03.12.13)
Mazal Tov Peres! Well spoken and GOD bless Israel. Europe should remember that Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East. More over, Israel fights Islamic and Arab terrorism that targets the West. Without Israel, Europe could have been Englandestan with Sharia Law. Wake up Europe, withdraw all your ambassadors from Iran and send Iranian diplomats home!
4. to 1
john ,   Jerusalem   (03.12.13)
Peres is too good to be an Israeli leader. You only deserve leaders like PM Natanyahoooo and Ovadia Yousuf. Good luck and one day will regret not listening to Peres because Israel will lose all.
5. Nobody is more Blind than -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.12.13)
- the One Who does not want to se !. Blinded by Selfdeception of Peace. Europe will soon Face a War in the Balkans as Israel also in the Mideast. There will be no Peace before the comming of the Prince of Peace, Arn.Swedden.
6. West likes Peres because he speaks English+says peace
Sam ,   Canada   (03.12.13)
The West likes Peres because he speaks English and French and talks about peace which is what the West likes to hear. The West wants to see Jewish and Palestinian states and have the problem go away Peres tells them they can have it. It's a false illusion because the Palestinians don't want it but the West eats it up.
7. Two state solution
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln, U.S.A.   (03.12.13)
Peres speaks and supports a two state solution. What a concept for a man who is responsible for caving in and helping to create settlements and annexation of the West Bank sine the 1970's. He's just a politician who bends with the wind. One would think that he is running for any office in the U.S. All talk, no action.
8. Shimon Peres
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (03.12.13)
Well done Shimon Perez, Israel needs more leaders and politicians like him, politicians who recognize that Israel and Europe are inextricably linked together by strong positive social, political and economic bonds but also recognizes that Israel is a middle eastern country that must integrate itself within the region and must achieve peace and economic cooperation between itself and its Arab Neighbors via the two-state solution, the only solution that will ensure Israels right to exist as a Jewish State fully recognized by its neighbors and at peace with them, and ensure the Palestinian right to freedom, self-determination and independence. Israel needs more politicians like Peres and Rabin and less politicians like, Netanyahu, Bennet and Lieberman.
9. Peace in Your Time
Ian ,   Oxford UK   (03.12.13)
Peace can come, and can be made in your time if you chose. You just need the right people. Chamberlian was wrong, Hitler was not a man of peace. However. After WW2 France and Germany and Britian all made peace, and the French and Germans worked togeather to make the EU an peaceful union of nations that many countrys are trying to join. Arafat may have been the wrong man to make peace with Israel, but Abbas could agree an decent peace with you. You must chose, what do you want? All the Land? or A Just Peace? It won't last forever, Abbas will eventually be repaced either by a more stupid man, who will go back to rockets and terror, or an more intelligent man, who will demand equal voting rights in a one-state Israel and lead peaceful Gandi/Madella/Luther King Style boycotts and protestst until they get it. Remeber - Israel isn't Syria, you can't just shoot peaceful protesters on mass like Assad did.
10. 2 state solution is over
son of yaffa ,   Palestine   (03.12.13)
it will be one state called Palestine
11. West likes Peres because he speaks English+says peace
Sam ,   Canada   (03.12.13)
The West likes Peres because he speaks English and French and talks about peace which is what the West likes to hear. The West wants to see Jewish and Palestinian states and have the problem go away Peres tells them they can have it. It's a false illusion because the Palestinians don't want it but the West eats it up.
12. Peres
C'est Moi ,   Canada   (03.12.13)
Should stay in Europe. This is from where he emigrated from! Zionism fits well in Europe :)
13. Give it up Shimon
A ,   Belgium   (03.12.13)
You thought kissing Arafats butt and signing Oslo would bring peace, all it brought was more terrorism and a dead PM. There is only ONE 2 state solution, the Jewish state of Israel on the west bank of the Jordan River, the arab "palestinian"/Jordanian state on the east bank. Any other "solution" is no solution.
14. 6 Most westerners do not want peace
k ,   US   (03.12.13)
I assure you most westerners do not want peace, they like the conflict as they find it amusing
15. #1 Gee
Sol ,   Toronto   (03.12.13)
Gee, It is impossible to drive forward when only looking into the rear view mirror. I am not blind to the past - my father's family was annihilated in Europe and he was left a broken man as a result of his ordeal. We have to move forward. For me to be a Jew means to be an optimist, to look to a future better then the past. It does not mean living in despair of humankind creating a better future for us and our children. Yours is an ideology of dispair. If Peres is a putz, then so am I and so are the majority of Jews both in and outside Israel. It is time for Peace
16. Not really...
Can   (03.12.13)
but if you find yourself in the camp of your enermies you just have to say it wisely that there will be two state solution but not really.
17. #15 Sol
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.12.13)
If one does not measure by past actions - how can you measure the present? I am all for moving forward but not with blinders on, heck I use my rear view mirrors even when driving forward because what is behind you can and does catch up sooner or later. My issue is with those that never look back or further down the road than the next 10 seconds. If that describes you as well as Peres then yes you are a putz as well. Peace takes two sides - the Arabs are still screaming genocide. So until that changes - no it is not time for peace - it is a time for war. You cannot make peace with an enemy that is appeasement and it doesn't work. Former enemies yes - current ones no. And you are not a majority inside Israel - we do know better - hence the reason that Peres has never won a single election of the people of Israel.
For the old Dinosaur to retire gracefully.
19. Now it is time to shut up.
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (03.12.13)
Peres' peace plans caused the death of many israelis. It is time now to stop talking nonsense!
20. 17
sol, it is indeed great to be an optimist when missiles are not raining on your house in toronto from michgan and where your kids do not have to defend your family and population in toronto from michigan suicide bombers and michiganian missiles. then, you can afford to be an optimist and i do not blame you for hoping. but the reality on the ground in israel is very different than your reality in toronto and the michigan border. no?
21. Delusional son #10
X'   (03.12.13)
You obviously stopped taking your meds and are hallucinating. If anything,delusional psychopathic genocidal people like you will bring about a war that will lead to the expulsion of the palestinians from the west bank and gaza
22. The people of Israel did not elect peres
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.12.13)
president. The job of president is ceremonial, not political! We need to impeach peres and cease with the office of president.. No state for the palis on JEWISH land! Let them move to an arab country, there are plenty of them.
23. 12
it fits even better in israel, the jews and israelites ancient land. jews came from the middle east originally, not from europe. they ended up in europe because antisemites like yourself always threw them out, persecuted them and ultimately killed them as well. they came back to their original land and home, israel. there, zionism and jews florished like no other nation. 17th best economy in the world, oecd membership, high tech that is the best in the world and medical, scientific and lots lots lots of nobel prizes for a genius nation of just 65 years. amazing feat. hameed aboughaze, iranian
24. #1&#17 Gee, Ventriloquist
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (03.12.13)
You do not recognise a statesman's speech because that takes some intelligence Intransigence gets all of us nowhere. We work to annex C and wrap up A&B, make it contiguous with Gaza underground and get on. So long as Europe believes that some have the bona fides to want peace, we may get to the outcome that serves Israel & Arabs
25. OMG! Does Peres really believe what he is saying?
Harry Wright ,   UK   (03.12.13)
The whole ME is in turmoil and is the most unstable place on earth at the moment, with leaders here today and gone tomorrow. He actually has confidence and trust in a piece of paper? Unbelievable! He really thinks that whoever replaces Abbas will honour what is written on that piece of paper? OMG!
26. Palestinians don't believe in "two states for two peoples"
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.12.13)
Not even "moderate" Fatah speaks of "two states for two peoples", only of "two states". One a multi-cultural Israel with a large Arab minority, the other a Palestine without Jews. They believe eventually the second (Palestine) will be strong enough to continue the fight against the first (Israel) and create a single Palestine. It's just too bad Peres is too set in his thinking to accept that. Peres would also be wise to put less emphasis on declarations of desire for peace (they're interpreted as weakness by Israel's enemies) and instead remind the world that Israel has rights and interests too that deserve to be defended.
27. We already have it.
Brad ,   USA   (03.12.13)
The two state solution is this. Israel for the Israelis, and Muslim terrorist countries for Muslim terrorists. Of course Israel, will have to slap the tar out of the Muslim countries to keep them in line.
28. #24 Norbus, Puppet
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.12.13)
Sorry to burst your bubble but my view point is that of the majority. Neither the Putz or you have an intelligence - your failure to learn is not my problem. The Arabs continue to state DAILY that they intend to kill us. I do listen - it is a trait that intelligence use. We need to send the Jordanian colonists back to Jordan where they belong - it is our land. As for the moronic idea of tunneling across Israel so that the Arabs can have an easier time - why in the hell should we do that? That is a moronic idea worthy of somebody say of Soros' class - rich, stupid and racist. Europe needs to deal with Europe and stay out of our affairs - they haven't changed in the last 1,000 years.
29. Courage for looking forward
Jacob Edelman ,   Burke,USA   (03.12.13)
Dear Pres. Perez: I am sure you would have realized by now that all these "terrorist" organizations have mushroomed since the failure of the Osloa peace process.Israel can not impose its own version of the "peace" plan on Palestinians. It has to be just and fair. The more Israel persists in gnoring this basic fact, the more violent the resistance.In my opinion, Israel's intransigeant attitude has made impossible Arabs' and muslims progress to peace and democracy.
30. Mr President - I respect your view
sam sweiry ,   Eastbourne - UK   (03.12.13)
Mr President I respect your view but I dont share your optimism - Deep Down, we all know Peace Now is impossible - We live in a changing world and changing fast - there is no doors of opportunity open - not from where I can see
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