Obama's Trojan Horse
Shaul Rosenfeld
Published: 01.04.13, 14:49
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1. 1S1P1V - one state, one person, one vote
Ramzi Jaber ,   Palestine   (04.01.13)
Given where we have reached at this time in history, Israel leaves us no choice at all but to protect ourselves against the facts that they are forcibly establishing on the ground, causing us to immediately call for a ONE DEMOCRATIC State of the Holy Land for ALL of its citizens... Christian, Moslem, and Jewish. ONE STATE. ONE PERSON. ONE VOTE. That's the American way. That's the democratic way. This is the only FAIR, JUST, and LASTING solution. All of us can have 100% of the land. We Palestinians will no longer ask for any land back from israel. We will no longer demand that israel stop building settlements. Moving forward, we are only asking for ONE STATE. ONE PERSON. ONE VOTE. Onwards towards the DEMOCRATIC State of the Holy Land with peace, justice, and security for all its citizens. 1S1P1V - one state, one person, one vote. March on!
2. to #1 Ramzi Jaber
salomoni ,   montreal, canada   (04.01.13)
HO HO HO HO HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. 500K "Settlers" are there to stay, in Palestine Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.01.13)
...2 States, 1 Country, with 6 million mostly immigrant Jews, and 9 million native Palestinians (3 million outside refugees).
4. Rami #1 not so fast
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.01.13)
First off you are not an Israeli citizen - so no vote for you. Also you have a vote in the PA, and are a JORDANIAN COLONIST so that is two more votes you already have. Now you demand a 3rd vote - no. Get off our lands - the imperialistic fascist Arabs already have stolen 99.93% of the land in the Middle East - if you make it Muslims it is over 99.999% of the land. No more Muslim colonization. Get off our lands and vote in your own for a change
5. Agree! But not in Israel:-) :-)
Buckwheat ,   Shkhem, Israel   (04.01.13)
Great idea, Ramzi! You SHOULD have a country of your own, a country for Real Palestinians! Take it from this pug-faced son of a transplant from Medina and a British bimbo: you know who I mean? :-) They have no rights to occupy your land, Jordan is for Palestinians only! There you will have 1S1P1V: : 1 Stupid, 1 Primitive, 1 Vicious refugee camp. Enjoy it to the hilt:-):-) Happy Fools Day, Ramzi!
6. #1 Jaber - Nice Copy & Paste Job
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRA EL   (04.01.13)
I Googled and came up with your same baloney, which only proves that your lot never had a original thought in your rotten heads, all you know is to strel & keill How about trying somehting original return to your own homeland, which most certainly isn't Israel
7. trojan horse was the
arne ,   chicago usa   (04.01.13)
doing of bill " bubba" clinton who took rabin and peres by the hand and forced them to embrace arafat. to bring him along with thousands of their henchmen to live next door to israel. he gave them guns and money and who knows what-ever. if ever there was a trojan horse at all, this was it. oslo was the worst case senario that israel ever expirianced, even the wars of 67 and 73 did not have a greater effect. clinton walked away unscathed upon as been his legacy to date
8. Considering a warped view of history...
BBSNews ,   Santa Fe, New Mexico   (04.01.13)
...the author has nothing new to say - at all. Gaza is still an occupied territory, claiming there were huge concessions at other times is an unfunny joke, and the evidence is overwhelming that Israel never wanted a durable and viable Two State Solution, Israel wants all of the land and the Palestinians? Israel does not want them at all, there is still a wanton wish that they would all just go away - Jordan still to this day comes up as a place for them to go. No, the author had nothing new to say - at all.
9. #1 Jaher
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (04.01.13)
Tw o States, that's where you should be, pls. return to the home of your choice in Egypt or Arabia, from when your lot of crooks came from Palest ina is a "Recent Invention", as per your spokesman, Fahti Hammad, his video is on Youtube, take some time out from letter writing and listen to experts Unnfortunately, one man - one vote is not the Arab way, killing and thievery are Look around you, Syria, Egypt, Libya, fine examples aren't they ?
10. There is no need for "Peace Agreement" with "Palestinians"
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.01.13)
simply beacause it implies their imaginary existence as actual fact. Two: as any person born and raised for the first 7-10 formative years in a certain atmosphere/place/culture/belief-system Mr.Obama is a product of Islamic Madras-teachings where he attended during those very years thanks to his father. It has left irrevocable inprint on his world view, even if he's 100% secular/"Christian" today. The following "education" by that master bigot/antisemite/anti-American Rev.Jeremiah Wright surely didn't add to Barack Husseins love of Zion in general. Nobody in real life changes that much; only politicians do, when faced with destruction at the ballot office. Obama has been eminently consistent in his actions, so of course: only an Israeli Leftist Useful Idiot of meretz- faith can be made to buy Obamas merchandise.
11. and that ONE state
k   (04.01.13)
is the STATE OF ISRAEL. It's not about "feelings" and "choices". There are legal binding documents confering the JEWS sovereignty over the whole land of ISRAEL, that is from the river to the sea. Start instructing yourself with the San Remo resolution from 1920. Unless you think it's more comfortable to read the newspapers and listen to the news, as (almost) everybody does.
12. Great actors
Zechariah   (04.01.13)
The politicians are great actors with Obama and Netanyahu High class.the nuclear age as changed the universe a great revenge for the Holocaust tho late.The Jews don't want seven million Arabs in Judaea three million is just tolerable.They can live in mega cities protectected by the inevitable nuclear armed maniac by US NATO ISRAELI nuclear shields and Deterrant Retaliation.They will Be Mass shahids for no purpose for Irans military economic structures will be destroyed.On Humanitarian Imperitives they will be allowed Nuclear shelters .Israel needs to be a massive Survivalist State with Horrific Retaliatory Capacity .
13. almost the same man......
tiki ,   belgium   (04.01.13)
No, precisely the same man, but a man that came to the conclusion that if it doesn't go your way from the left, than try it from the right. Obama will not accept any other outcome than the one him getting the legacy of 'making peace between Israel and the entity of 'Palestine, no matter the cost or future victims!
14. The ignored & forgotten words of Obama...
Ozraeli ,   Australia   (04.01.13)
That word is "Contiguous", as in "...a viable, contiguous Palestinian state.,.". It's definition, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary: "con·tig·u·ous (k n-t g y - s). adj. 1. Sharing an edge or boundary; touching. 2. Neighboring; adjacent. 3. a. Connecting without a break: the 48 contiguous (US) states..." This means a Gaza-West Bank land bridge. This means 1967 MINUS. This means CUTTING ISRAEL IN HALF. This means knowingly promoting suicide. This means the next step is ceding the "Demographically Arab" parts of the Galilee to the PA, which most certainly will be the next demand. This worse than the 1947 UN Partition Plan, because weapons like rockets are so much more developed; the populations are larger, & in closer contact. Israel is, step by step, allowing itself to be murdered by "The death of a thousand Obama cuts", while the political echelon bobs, weaves, evades, & tries to focus on "The big threat, which is Iran". Bibi is turning in smaller & smaller circles; you cannot plan a glorious, far away future while starving yourself today. You only get respect when you are big & strong... How could any self respecting country allow a diplomatic visitor to ignore its Parliament, go directly to a handpicked audience, & openly advocate undermining & circumventing the democratically elected Government? I have written many times about my immediate, overwhelming, visceral, nauseating impression of Obama from the first moment I saw him speak at the Democratic Convention in 2004. My instincts have only been reinforced since, despite his honeyed words-to everyone. BHO hands you an old, overripe piece of fruit with one hand, & squeezes your balls with the other. The "apology" to Turkey is a good example. He is a rat cunning ideologue, uninhibited by any constraints beyond the pursuit of power; ignorant & previously inexperienced; & willing to use any devious method to fulfill his goals & world view. He is an extraordinarily dangerous man, not just to Israel, but to the US & Western society as a whole. He will unhesitatingly undermine & backstab Israel, aided & abetted by the politically ignorant, piss weak, assimilating, Post Modern American Jews. Beware his ego stroking words...
15. #8 what a bunch of utter Jibrish
HaifaGuy   (04.01.13)
"Gaza is still an occupied territory, claiming there were huge concessions at other times is an unfunny joke" This is so Arab of you - clinging on to past grief that has been sorted out in order to squeeze some more money and compassion. Yes, dimwit, Gaza IS still occupied - by a bunch of uncouth barbarians from all over the ME, who placed a vicious and inhuman group of warmongers to rule them and take them straight back to the 7th century. This sad reality is nothing more than poetic justice: when you are interested in harming your neighbor more, MUCH MORE than improving your own life, what you get is... well, most of the Arab world. Now that is one unfunny joke that's on you, Jack))))
16. ***NOT ONE SQUARE INCH***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.01.13)
That's ALL to say in that case !
17. #14, I'm afraid your closed mind & paranoia will destroy us
Rachel Rabin ,   TA, Israel   (04.01.13)
We need to be open and secure and confident. We have the largest and strongest military in the ME, and one of the top and the best in the entire world. We have over 300 nuclear weapons. There is nothing that the Palestinians can do to threaten our existence. Not even Iran beyond just talk and empty threats. Time we look forward and protect our democracy and state for generations to come. We have a chance to make a difference. So let's join hands and make a secure peace with our Palestinian and Arab neighbours. Thank you.
18. #7:Of course.You are 100% right,but we don't like to remembe
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.01.13)
19. #3 BENAZI
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRA EL   (04.01.13)
How many times do your brothers have to say that they won't allow any Jews to stay? Instead of you hiding in your fictional "Silver Bay MN, how about coming over to do something about it
20. Obama brought nothing to Israel
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (04.01.13)
his sole contribution was a speech. however, he boycotted the knesset and students from ariel university. he is a man of incomparable arrogance. he has set on fire the entire middle east, encouraged the muslim brotherhood to install totalitarian governments and has caused anarchy to reign. the centrifuges are still spinning in iran's various nuclear reactors. expect nothing but continued problems from this narcissist.
21. Obama's memory
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (04.01.13)
Obama hasn't forgotten anything. Obama wants to make the Muslim World happy. That is hard to do, since the Sunnis and the Shiites persist in killing each other. But, the Sunnis and Shiites share a hatred of Israel, and Obama has never said that he wants to make Israel happy.
22. I am rabidly secular, BUT if there is a God it works like
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.01.13)
this: Soccer game Portugal-Israel, God: OK, I give you this 3-1 lead boys, take it home from here.... (we know the result!) Land of Israel/Jews, God: I know I screwed with the Shoa& all, but I HAD to go to the loo and you know that my time- frame works in different/mysterious ways, I am truly sorry, but hey; here, I give you your land back, get you 3 victories against millions of Arabs, you take it home boys....Good luck!! :-) -Well, we do Oslo "peace accords" , "Jericho first", vacate Gaza, seriously deliberate giving up on Golan !!! Oh, we help the Americanselect someone named Hussein 7 years after 9-11.... Do we really deserve braeks from Heaven?
23. #1Which Arab State offers peace,justice,security4all
Alan ,   SA   (04.01.13)
24. (14) Ozraeli
tiki ,   belgium   (04.01.13)
If only 50% of your comments are right, it's bad enough, but I'm afraid 90% is more accurate, leaving a 10% margin for error.
25. #17 rachael--
arne ,   chicago usa   (04.01.13)
if only there was a true partner for peace . that would be nice. you can't give away the store and still be in business very long. better israel wait and see what gives. --no more oslo--
26. #7 yes clinton's claim to fame is he armed terrorist.
DANNY ,   USA   (04.01.13)
Turned rock throwers into suicide bombers oh yeah what a great legacy. And all the other terrorist followed their example. He should have been impeached for his shameful conduct.
27. #16 Haifa
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   IISRAEL   (04.01.13)
Check your numbers, I don't believe that your post was intended for me
28. All he cares is to contain China's desire for oil in gulf
Adi ,   Zurich   (04.01.13)
All he cares is to contain China's desire for oil in gulf
29. Rami
Judy ,   Netanya, Israel   (04.01.13)
One state? I think the solution must be 3 states. Israel-Jewish Palestine(Fatah) Gaza.(Hamas) As things stand at the moment, Abu abbas is the President of Palestine and is not allowed to set foot in Gaza!
30. Trojan Horse/Horse's As$
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (04.01.13)
Perfect shidduch: Sotero Obama, the Trojan Horse, and Elvis Clinton, the Horse's As$. Am Yisrael Chai.
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