Ya'alon: Pain, shock of Holocaust don't diminish
Neri Brenner
Published: 08.04.13, 23:36
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1. God bless the jewish people
Fad Egypt   (04.08.13)
and the state of Israel, Never again !!! shalom
2. Screwed priorities ,...
split ,   US   (04.09.13)
All of this hoopla and waste of funds while there are hungry and neglected elderly folks in Israel ,...
3. 2so your pathetci president is taking such good care of the
elderly?This is a ,   time to remember   (04.09.13)
4. Number 1 - Fad - your are very refreshing
Scott ,   Haifa   (04.09.13)
You can be a forerunner of what true peace will be like one day in the middle east, when men's hearts are changed. May God fulfill Isaiah 19 in our day and bring real peace between Jew and Arab His way (Isaiah 9). God bless you.
5. #4 Scott, Haifa
Fad Egypt   (04.09.13)
thank you so much, God bless you too Isaiah 19 will take place in the future when the Messiah arrives shalom
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