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Satmar: IDF draft worse than annihilation
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 12.04.13, 14:47
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1. Really?
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (04.12.13)
Hey... the solution should be: "Serve or leave: Free ride is over." Tired of seeing this nonsense. They have done nothing for Israel except pray. Well, they can do that anywhere, right? They pray while others serve, risk life and limb, are injured or killed. "Do your part or depart." Catchy, no?
2. Sinat Hinam
Yehudi   (04.12.13)
This Satmar Rebbe is no Rebbe at all, any Rabbi that uses words of hate and separation of the Jewish people works against the words of Hashem. This is the same Sinat Hinam that caused our exile in the first place. The draft will unite haredim to the rest of Israeli society and will thus symbolize the reunification of the Jewish people. Hashem Yerachem on this Rebbe
3. Shameful!
Anshel ,   Canada   (04.12.13)
Perhaps the Satmari Rebbe should move his "flock" to Iran. After few years living there, we will come to realization that after all, it was not so bad for his followers to live in the Zionists Israel.
4. The rabbi is wrong
ghilmeini ,   usa   (04.12.13)
Every Jew has a duty to defend our people. We live in a world howling for our blood and we either stand strong together, as a people, diverse as we are, or there will be no Jews and no Torah. The vast majority of the victims of the Shoah were Orthodox. They were the most faithful of us, but their faith did not save us. Even if the soldiers do not learn Torah the entire two years of their service, they will be defending other Jews studying while they serve. But they will have time to learn and daven, the IDF is a Jewish army. The rabbi should see this service as the highest expression of ahavas yisroel, the love of our people. Our forefathers fought under Moshe, Joshua, Devorah, David, Gideon and more. I am willing to die and send my sons to die for this rabbi and his family; he has to reciprocate or he is no better than any other pagan or enemy of our people.
5. Satmar and the IDF draft
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (04.12.13)
Why Teitelbaum is so nervous? In his eyes the state of Israel is a not a real Jewish state. Zionism and Zionists are devilish. It's even forbidden to live here, to talk Ivriet,… Teitelbaum has to be happy that the government act like that. It proves that he's right. Because of his thoughts, his argumentation,… we can suppose that he and his group will be in the future or maybe are already a potential dangerous factor for the State of Israel and his citizens.. The government can find out if there are Satmar adepts in Israel with an Israeli passport. It's against their religion to live here and carrying a passport of that Zionist entity and… it's is not permitted. Let them the freedom to renounce their Israeli nationality! But, from my point of view, they have always the right to come to visit the holy places, to pray there while carrying foreign passports with Israeli visa. Bet, that a lot of Satmar members will choose for the profits of the Israeli state: social and medical benefits and such more… Sorry, for my cynical talks. I have a relative in Satmar.
6. who use to go into the front lines of Am Israel
zuchut avot ,   bat yam, israel   (04.12.13)
I believe we have missed the point here there was a time in the Tanach when the biggest chachamim went to the front line to protect am Israel even the Kohen gadol! There are many ways to provide service in the military.... it is a kiddush hashem think of the influence that a yeshiva bocca may have on a secular may even be kiruv!! After all we are one people Am Israel Chai we have enough with our nieghours let alone behave like this among ourselves.
7. Exactly where in the Torah does it say?
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.12.13)
'IDF draft worse than annihilation' In need of some illuminating elucidation
8. What a bunch of traitors to the Jewish people.
Jake   (04.12.13)
9. 2000 years of Rabbinical treason
Jake   (04.12.13)
Ever since 70 CE, when the Pharisaic Rabbi ben Zakkai, an opponent of the Jewish Revolt, had himself smuggled out of Jerusalem in a coffin, and cut a deal with Vespasian to establish a rabbinical academy in Yavne while he let Jerusalem burn.
10. Jew-Bu
Gady ,   Mexico City   (04.12.13)
I think I am going to become a zionist buddist.
11. You don't like the draft...
Alan F ,   New York   (04.12.13)
....maybe you would prefer to live back in Romania.
Jewish Doctor ,   AMERICA THE BEAUTIUL   (04.12.13)
13. Satmar: IDF draft worse than annihilation
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (04.12.13)
If going into the army could make the Satmar lose their religion, then they are not very committed to their belirfs at all. I can not believe how foolish these people are.
PAUL NATHAN ,   LONDON UK   (04.12.13)
15. Maybe they should move to Monroe, N.Y.
Susie ,   Beer Ganim, Israel   (04.12.13)
If the Zionists are worse than Nazis, maybe the "true jews" should all leave Israel. Monroe, N.Y. isjust as holy as Mea Shearim. In fact, it is probably holier because of the presence of this very "holy rabbi".
16. Satmar 'Rebbe'
JJ Gross ,   Jerusalem, israel   (04.12.13)
The only thing this bloated SOB did to earn his title was be born to the nephew of the first Satmar Rebbe who died childless and was , in turn,inherited by his useless nephew only after he had beaten his own brother to a political pulp and divided this violent community even further. Feh!
17. "Rabbi" Teitelbaum is a renowned anti-Zionist traitor
Jake ,   USA   (04.12.13)
The man would be denounced by the entire world, as a vicious anti-semite if it weren't for him being Jewish himself.
18. The best thing to do is to send them back home...
Zyx ,   USA   (04.12.13) Romania, Moldova or wherever they belong...
19. This man's words are evil
Jay Abouaf ,   Jaffa Israel   (04.12.13)
Given his position as a Rabbi, he should be excommunicated for this terrible sin.
20. WTF?? Did Neturi Kartai take over the Haredis??
John S ,   New York   (04.12.13)
That the heck is going on here? Since when did the Haredi become haters of Israel? . . . the only country that will fight for a Jews right to exist!
21. Please note:
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.12.13)
The photo - in the Satmar sect there are only males... What can you expect from such people?
22. I agree with the Rabbi
ky   (04.12.13)
it would worse than annihilation for the IDF to have such useless soldiers serving in their ranks. However they should be made to serve the community in which they live in some shape or form in the same way as other citizens have to give up their time to do national service.
23. he is condeming his flock to poverty
alan ash ,   nyc ny   (04.12.13)
how can the rabbi condemn all his followers to a lifelong of stupidity, lack of knowledge . education , and go against word to master everything.
24. Nobody is forcing the Haredi hypocrites to live in Israel
Scottwill ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (04.12.13)
Just like nobody force Haredim to join the army. But they can't force the normal, working people of Israel to support them. Satmar - stay in NY!
25. Exodus 15:3 says The Lord is a Man of war.
Rivkah   (04.12.13)
Yahweh is his name. Anciently, the Levite Priests were also keepers of Goliath's sword that was given to David when he needed it most. King Saul killed the Priests who helped David, so the Priests should have learned how to fight to protect themselves. That does not mean they should defend the nation but at least they could have defended themselves. The religious can take positions in the IDF that are not combat or they can serve in National Service positions. But learning how to use weapons to defend themselves is necessary now and anciently.
26. What he really meant
Deborah ,   Miami   (04.12.13)
" As Satmar Haredim, higher Jewish than others, we are not entitled to serve any country, do the army and less loose our lives to defend it. Let those peasants Lower Jewish die. Our duty is only to pray, and we pray better than secular or other religious entities, and that is the only thing we give for our people."
27. But if you know kaballah, like Madonna and Britney,
A ,   Belgium   (04.12.13)
than you will understand what they really mean is...IDF draft worse than working for a living.
ZIMBI ,   NJUSA   (04.13.13)
29. Hey, stop trying to give them to us!
Miriam ,   Fairfield, USA   (04.13.13)
What makes you think we want them?
30. All missing the point
Eliezer Eisenberg ,   Chicago, IL   (04.13.13)
I'm tired of hearing about how if they don't support the state they should leave. Here's a telegram, people- their entitlement to live there is not based on the existence of a Jewish state. Their forebears arrived long before Herzl was born. Their concern is dual- they believe the existence of a Jewish state is theologically wrong and dangerous, and they know that putting a young man in an environment that is hostile to his upbringing is likely to turn his head. Whether or not you agree, if you can't understand the theoretical validity of at least one of these issues, then you are not being intellectually honest, and your arguments are nothing more than acting out.
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